PACE Event – Across the UK

Razor brand Dorco is inviting people to enjoy a free shave at pop-up events across the UK this week.  The one-day events in London, Manchester and Birmingham will offer people the chance to receive a spot of grooming from Dorco’s team of professional barbers. Over the course of three days, the Dorco Campervan will be touring Westfield London (12th May), Manchester Trafford Centre (13th May) and Birmingham Bullring (14th May) – giving people all over the country a chance to achieve their smoothest shave yet!

During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to receive a shave with the new Dorco Pace 6 Plus, the ultra-sharp 6-blade razor. As well as feeling perfectly groomed, those having a shave will be gifted with a FREE Dorco PACE 6 Plus razor to ensure they can maintain their premium shaving routine for weeks to come!

Don’t have time for a shave?  Then stop by to talk to our friendly ambassadors about an exclusive deal available for the first 500 customers only who subscribe online. The deal will offer you a chance to receive a free PACE 6 Plus and one set of blades, to enter you will need to sign up at and insert the code ‘DOSUBSCRIBE1606’.

Make sure you visit the Dorco Campervan at one of the following locations:

Westfield London:

·          Thurs 12 May: 11:30 – 19:30

Trafford Centre, Manchester:

·          Fri 13 May : 11:30 – 19:30

Bullring, Birmingham:

·          Sat 14 May: 11:30 – 19:30


For more information about Dorco razors visit


Ape to Gentleman

“I’m normally not sold on the more is best blade marketing but the closeness of the blades almost negated any danger of tug and pull. The trimmer was adept at and well positioned for taking off awkwardly located hair such as beneath the nose.”

James Vincent

“a shaver that actually works. No added attachments with it, no shaving cream and moisturiser and after balm. If your razor works properly you do not need the extras.”


“Guys this Razor is a great find , it has six blades and a trimmer. The bonus for me was that it didn’t drag or pull due to its moisturising strip which contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender. After use I had no redness […].”