How to Deal with Patchy Facial Hair

According to an article from the Oxford University Press, beards were once a sign of dominance and power amongst the earliest male humans. Darwin theorised that beards evolved amongst our human ancestors as a way of impressing women; a sign of masculinity and virility. Additionally, there is evidence that people judge bearded men to be older and of a higher social status.

The longer and bushier the beard, the more virile and impressive the male — or at least that’s how it used to be. Now, however, beards are largely cosmetic features, and they come in many different shapes and sizes.

. Unfortunately, not every man can achieve thick, consistent beard growth.  There’s no need to worry if your patchy beard is hampering your efforts at grooming, as here we provide some tackle the problem.

1. Create a flattering jawline with careful grooming


You can take the emphasis away from the patchiness in your beard by giving real definition to your jawline. Taper your beard from short at the top of your neck to long at the chin. However, it’s important to make sure the edge of your beard sits just below your actual jawbone. Also, shave a curve around your Adam’s apple, which should help to narrow your face.

2. Create a contrast with your head hair


If you suffer from patchiness in your beard, the worst thing you can do is try to blend it with your hair. If you have a full head of hair, this will simply draw more attention to the gaps in your beard. Instead, create a hairstyle that is in complete contrast to your beard. A thick and voluminous head of hair along with a short, well maintained beard should provide balance — and detract from patchiness of your facial hair.

3. Create highly defined lines


Invest in a pair of clippers, and trim your beard at the sideburns and around the neck first, as these areas usually have the longest growth. Once you’re happy that your beard is as consistent as it can be, use a quality razor to create a defined shape with clean lines. Keeping your beard perfectly groomed with stark lines will distract the eye from any patchiness you have.

4. Keep everything short


Going for an unkempt look means you don’t have to worry too much about patchiness — so long as you keep all of your beard short. Something just a little longer than stubble should be perfect. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some recent photos of Keanu Reeves.

5. Keep it long and well groomed


The longer your beard is, the more scope there is to cover up gaps in growth. However, in order to pull this off, you will need to keep your beard well groomed. Why not fluff your beard up…  this could be several times a day, depending on how bushy you want it to look!

6. Look after the health of your beard


Brittle and wiry hair will only exacerbate any patchiness you have, so keeping your beard hair in great condition is essential. To improve and maintain the health of your facial hair, apply an alcohol-free beard oil to keep it moisturised. There are some excellent beard balms on the market that can make longer beards more manageable.

We’d also suggest regularly washing your beard to keep it as clean and fresh as possible!

7. Just go with it


You might need to face the fact that you will never be able to grow the beard you want. And that’s fine! After all, there’s nothing wrong with being clean shaven. But before you shave the lot off, have some fun with goatees, stubble and various shorter styles of beard — you might be surprised at what you can achieve with a quality razor.

Find the look that works for you, and maintain it every day with a good razor, clippers and the hair products that work for you.

You Are What You Eat? : How people are perceived by what they eat

When you meet someone for the first time, you know you need to make a good impression. After all, you’re expecting to be judged. Did you know that people make a new set of judgements based on your diet? What you eat and how you eat can and often does lead people to form opinions about your personality.


Stereotypes for the Modern Foodie

Consider the “hipster” stereotype and natural food products. Does every person that likes to buy local produce wear glasses and bike to work? Of course not, but the stereotypes persist. If you bring in homemade granola for a snack, be prepared for some silently raised eyebrows.


Science Says Food Really Does Predict Personality

Food studies have shown that some of the judgements people rush to make about food choices might even have a basis in science. A love of spicy foods might indicate that you are a bit of a risk taker, according to a recent study published in Food Quality and Preference.

Do/Don’t Eat That!

Consider the obesity epidemic and you can make an obvious correlation to food shaming. With 25 percent of the adult population hitting the obesity mark, perceived diets get more than their fair share of attention. Ever ordered the salad on a menu only to hear, “Well, you’re no fun”?

The reverse is also true. You were the only one ordering dessert, only to have everyone else exclaim about how oversized it was. In either case, the people you’re eating with tend to make judgements about you, based on what you eat.


Packing Lunch and Funding Your Holiday

If you bring in your lunch, you must be frugal. Brown bagging for lunch could leave you with considerable savings at the end of the year. Enough to go on holiday in a lot of cases. As an added benefit, when you pack a lunch, you typically eat healthier.

Not Just What, But How

People also judge based on how you eat. If you eat slow, it might indicate confidence. If you eat quickly, it might mean you’re ambitious. If you eat each item on the plate separately, you could be detail-oriented. How you eat can lead to just as many assumptions as what you eat.


Eat, Drink and Be Merry

With all of the judgements about food out there, it is impossible to find something that will satisfy everyone. So, why not just satisfy yourself? Eat at your own pace and prepare or buy meals you find satisfying. Yes, keep your health in mind, but don’t let other people push food insecurities your way.

Fashion and Technology: An Innovative Blend

For years people considered technology to be the stuff of the workplace. However, as we’ve entered into the digital age, we’ve seen how technology has expanded far beyond simple devices that help us communicate and get our work done. Instead, technology has become an integral part of nearly every aspect of our lives.

One important realm that technology has begun to revolutionise is fashion. Today, fashion designers are incorporating wearable technology into their creations to make fashion simultaneously aesthetically-pleasing and utilitarian. The following four wearable items include technological devices that make them both fashionable -– and convenient – to wear.

Lyle & Scott Contactless Jacket

Lyle & Scott and Barclaycard recently partnered to create a contactless payment jacket. In the arm of the jacket is a contactless payment chip, which is similar to those chips found in many credit or debit cards. The jacket allows wearers to simply swipe their arms over payment machines to pay for goods, and the chip can pay for any amount up to £30. The Lyle & Scott jacket makes the checkout process faster and easier – saving wearers both time and energy for more important daily responsibilities.


Wisewear Bracelets

Jewelry designer Wisewear invented a line of fashionable bracelets that are intended to help wearers in emergency situations. These bracelets also have smart technology built-in: The bracelets have a built-in panic button, which people can push in the event of an emergency. The button notifies programmed emergency contacts, and it drops a pin to your GPS location. The bracelet can also notify wearers if they receive a message or call on their smartphone, and it can serve as an activity tracker. Wisewear bracelets can measure things like step count, distance moved, calories burned and more.


Aero Sports Bra

Fashion company Chromat recently created the Aeros sports bra: a bra that happens to be built with the Curie microchip by Intel. The Aeros bra can detect factors such as body temperature, respiration changes and sweat levels, and then it adjusts airflow via vents in the bra to ensure that the wearer is as comfortable as possible. The Aeros bra ensures comfortable movement, and it is made of lycra, mesh and neoprene.

Welt Belt

The Welt is a smart belt that can inform wearers if they are gaining weight. Designed for health tracking, the Welt sends an exact waist measurement to a smartphone app – and it uses algorithms to detect if an expansion in waist size is due to fat gain, bloating or simple overeating. Fashionable and sleek, the Welt can be worn with nearly any outfit. It is also a more accurate way to track activity that a wrist-worn smart device, since it won’t add on activity or steps when you’re simply moving your hands vigorously (which could happen you’re cooking, typing and more.)

Sensoria T-Shirt

The Sensoria T-shirt is a smart shirt designed to help wearers optimise their work outs. The shirt has a built-in Bluetooth heart monitor, which connects to a mobile app and gives you useful information, like how high your rate was during a workout, and how many calories you’ve burned. The shirt is compatible with other fitness tracking devices and apps, and it is made out of antimicrobial and moisture-wicking material for optimal comfort.

Shaving Tips When You Travel For Work

Travelling for work can be a chore. Frequent airportdelays, cramped flights and overcrowded hotels are just a few of the challenges that stand between you and a successful trip. With all those troubles, many men could be forgiven for not looking their best, but not you. Here are a few tips to make sure you look clean, crisp and professional when you land.

1. Never Use Low Quality Razors

A good travel kit should contain all the things you need to look your best. You don’t need to pack your entire medicine cabinet, but you will need shaving cream, a good razor, aftershave and maybe a trimmer (if you don’t plan to be completely clean shaven). Resist the urge to purchase a flimsy travel razor; most are only two blades and will give you an uneven shave. Instead, try a six-blade Dorco disposable razor. You’ll get the same smooth skin you get back home, and if you lose it, there are two more in the pack!

2. Shave the Night Before (Play It Safe)


You want to look your best at that big meeting you flew halfway around the world to attend. Common sense would dictate shaving in the morning, right? Think again. You’re groggy, sleep deprived and not paying attention, and that can mean razor burn or even cuts if you’re not careful. Play it safe and shave right before you go to bed; if you need to shave again in the morning, your skin will still be smoother and less prone to irritation.

3. Be Resourceful


Everyone wakes up in a hotel room after a long flight and realises they forgot to pack something. More often than not, it’s shaving cream (or if you didn’t read the travel restrictions, it was taken from you at the airport). Fortunately, shaving cream is pretty easy to make in your bathroom. Take a bar of soap and lather it in the sink until it’s good and frothy, then cake it across your face. If you can’t get the right consistency, add a bit of shampoo for thickness. Voila! A nice clean shave, and clean skin to go with it.

These are just a few tips to make sure you start and end a business trip with buttery smooth skin. We’re not saying that a little stubble will mean the difference between success and disaster, but it can’t hurt to sport a perfect shave either. Pack smart, play it safe and be resourceful on the go, and pretty soon you might see a fancier title on your business card.

6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Passionate About Grooming

Thinking of original Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life can become increasingly difficult as the years go by. But for men who take great pride in their appearance, there are countless grooming products on the market that will put a smile on their face this festive season.

Staying well groomed and looking healthy involves a continual process of treatments and maintenance, which requires a constant supply of men’s grooming products. And it doesn’t matter how many of those products a man has in stock right now, he will always need more, sooner or later.

There is an enormous selection of creams, treatments and grooming tools on the market right now. Here are 10 of the best.


1. Body Wash 

Show you care this Christmas by giving the gift of cleanliness. A fragranced body wash can invigorate, moisturise and energise. Look for a body wash with the active ingredients needed for ‘energising’ the skin.
2. A Hand-Care Set

A quality hand-care set gives a guy everything he needs to keep his hands clean, hydrated and soft. This could be invaluable during the winter months. There are some excellent organic creams on the market, as well as men’s hand-care products made with honey.


3. A Skincare Set

A men’s skincare set should include all of the basic creams and lotions needed to keep a man’s face moisturised, soft and blemish-free. Look for sets that contain a face wash, a separate moisturiser and a face scrub.

For everyday cleaning, a nutrient-rich face cleanser with moisturising properties is perfect. Look for products that are rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as soothing botanical extracts.

A good face scrub can unclog pores by removing dead skin cells. A lot of men will use a face scrub before shaving to achieve the closest shave possible. And the menthol, caffeine and citrus extracts used in many scrubs can reinvigorate the man in your life after a night of Christmas celebrations.


4. The Smooth Shaver Combo Pack from Dorco

Give the gift of the smoothest possible shave this Christmas with Dorco’s Smooth Shaver Combo Pack. The set includes  ultra-sharp Pace 6 Plus razor, eight replacement blades and three Pace 6 disposable razors. These quality products are made to last, so expect the lucky recipient to be close shaven throughout the year. Dorco Pace 6 razors are designed to effortlessly glide across the skin, delivering the closest possible shave without causing irritation.


5. A Rechargeable Toothbrush

Using a standard toothbrush leaves the hard work of cleaning every surface of every tooth to the user. This inevitably leads to areas of plaque and food being missed. But with a rechargeable toothbrush featuring multi-directional brushes, nothing is left to chance. Capable of reaching every area of the tooth with ease, the latest ‘flossing’ toothbrushes create healthier gums and a fresher mouthfeel.  And if all that’s not mind-blowing enough, there is a brush that has an internal memory tracking brushing statistics. The user can access their stats via a mobile app.

6. Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

The over-indulgences many of us enjoy at Christmas can leave our eyes looking tired, grey and sunken. If the man in your life is concerned about dark circles around his eyes, give him the gift of rejuvenation with an anti-fatigue eye gel. Applied with a rollerball, a specially formulated serum works to refresh skin and reduce darkness around the eyes.

Any man who is passionate about grooming will be overjoyed to get one of these 10 gifts in his Christmas stocking this year.

7. Facial Cleaning Brush

An exfoliating facial cleansing brush for men cleans and removes impurities for the skin. Used daily along with a face wash, this product gently exfoliates and keeps the face looking fresh. Using the brush daily is also an effective way to combat ingrown hairs.

8. Pore-Refining Self-Heating Products

These ingenious products heat up automatically when they come into contact with the skin. Their pore-cleansing abilities smooth the texture of the skin and draw out debris that can clog pores and cause breakouts. They work by creating a chemical reaction, created when the chemicals used come into contact with water — causing an exothermic reaction.

These easy-to-apply products perform a function similar to the use of steam treatments, and they are available as masks and scrubs.

Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips : 7 Products Every Man Needs in His Bathroom

Looking your very best takes work — usually performed in the bathroom at the very start of the day. To ensure that your beard, skin, teeth, hair and overall appearance are always as presentable as they possibly can be, make sure your bathroom is stocked with these seven important items.

1. A nasal hair trimmer

Nasal hairs can make your nostrils look like two overgrown forests. However, before you start plucking, it’s important to remember exactly why these hairs are there. Nasal hairs trap foreign objects in your nose before they find their way into your lungs. It is therefore essential that you always trim, and never pluck.

Nasal hair trimmers shorten the hairs in your nose effortlessly and, more importantly, painlessly. There are rechargeable and battery-operated models on the market that are exceptionally easy to use — making nasal hair trimming a one-minute job, once a week.


2. A dark spot corrector

No amount of skincare product or soap will remove dark pigments from your skin. But you can mask the problem very effectively with a dark spot corrector. Formulated specifically for men’s skin, these products brighten dark patches and break up melanin clusters.

And a special mention should be reserved for gels designed to remove dark circles from around the eyes. These products are often applied with a rollerball in seconds, and they work by rejuvenating the skin around eyes and changing the way light is reflected.


3. A wet shaving kit

Every man passionate about grooming needs a clean and effective wet shaving kit in their bathroom. Although electric shavers do a great job, nothing matches the closeness of a wet shave.

A great way to show you care is to make your own shaving set from scratch. Of course, the most important item will be a quality blade, so choose something from a respected manufacturer with a proven track record of creating quality products. Check out customer reviews, and do a little research into what constitutes a high quality razor blade. Look for products with multiple steel blades, anti-corrosion qualities, a lubricating strip and a pivot head.


4. Cologne

Wearing the right cologne can be the difference between getting noticed and blending into the crowd. Just a quick splash of a great cologne in the morning will keep you smelling fresh and approachable for the rest of the day. But don’t go overboard. Dab a little on each cheek, on the base of your throat and on each wrist for maximum effect.


5. An electric toothbrush

Take the guesswork out of brushing your teeth by letting an electric toothbrush do the hard work for you. The latest models move quickly and oscillate for maximum coverage — which is perfect for cleaning between individual teeth and the base of the gums. And while you’re thinking about your teeth, make sure you have a plentiful supply of mouthwash, toothpaste and dental floss.


6. A hair thickening product

There is still no cure for baldness, but you can give your thinning hair a helping hand by using a hair thickening shampoo. Although this won’t regrow hairs, it will increase volume by coating each hair with invisible polymers. This increased volume could be enough to hide bald patches and create a ‘fuller’ head of hair.


7. Moisturiser

One of the inevitable results of the ageing process is older-looking skin that takes much longer to repair itself. But you can give Mother Nature a helping hand by applying a moisturising agent daily. This will top up natural moisture levels, making your skin softer and more pliable.

As well as moisturising every morning, do it with a night cream just before bed too. This will hydrate and replenish your skin while you sleep.

By making sure these seven items are always available in your bathroom cabinet, you should be able to look your very best at all times.

best sideburns styles

What Are the Best Sideburns for the Shape of Your Face?

The shape of your face should dictate several image choices you make, including the size and shape of your sideburns.

Of course, you obviously want your facial hair to reflect your personality and style preferences. But by choosing specific styles of sideburn, you can enhance the facial features that make you stand out from the crowd. All you need to get started are sideburns, a razor and a little know-how.

The sideburn tends to come and go as fashions change. During the 1950s, the sideburn was an integral part of mainstream culture. By the early 1960s, however, it had been replaced by a clean-cut, mop-haired image made popular by The Beatles. After making a major comeback in the 1970s, this iconic facial hairstyle once again disappeared from popular culture.

But the sideburn is back, and it looks like it’s now here to stay. And as long as it is consistent with your hairstyle, you can pretty much get away with any style of burn right now.

There are issues other than hairstyle to consider when choosing the size and shape of your sideburns, however. Your natural facial features and the thickness of your hair should be taken into consideration too. And the density of your facial hair should also play a part in your decisions, as gaps in growth can make some designs practically impossible.

But the single most important factor to consider is the shape of your face. The creation of the perfect sideburns can enhance the facial features you love, and turn attention away from those you hate.

Work out which of the following face shapes you have, and shape your sideburns accordingly:

Square face

By creating longer sideburns that reach the bottom of your ear, you can offset a square jaw line and create something that complements your natural face shape. By doing this, you will also narrow your face, giving it a new dimension.


Oval face

If you have an oval-shaped face, opt for sideburns that end halfway down the ear. Avoid the temptation to grow longer sideburns, as they could create the impression of a pointed chin — making your face appear longer than it actually is.


Triangular face

You can give balance to a relatively wide lower face by growing burns of short to medium length. But if you have this shape of face, you’re in luck. You can also grow long sideburns to help narrow the width of your jaw. Either style will create an eye-catching, balanced look.’


Rectangular face

To give your relatively long face a little more balance, create short sideburns. And by cultivating relatively thick burns, you should be able to add a little extra width to your face — thus giving it balance.

Round face

If you have a round face, you can slim it down by growing long sideburns to the bottom of your ears. But avoid short sideburns at all costs, as they can make a round face appear even rounder. It’s also important to keep your sideburns trimmed, as they might add even more volume to your face if they become bushy.

Diamond face

Try to avoid bushy sides if you have a diamond-shaped face, as it will emphasise your cheekbones. Go as far as the bottom of your ear if you want to add width to your narrow chin and create balance.


A few final tips…

A good rule of thumb to use is to create short sideburns for a long face and long sideburns for a short, rounded face. Of course, every face is different, so try a few styles out before you decide which is best for you.

A common mistake many men make when sculpting sideburns is the use of earlobes as a point of reference. This is a mistake because they are often uneven. To ensure each of your sideburns is exactly the same length, place an index finger along the bottom of each burn. Then, visualise an imaginary line running right across your face to ensure your sideburns are evenly cut.

Asking a barber to trim and maintain your sideburns is the easiest way to keep them looking their best. But if you’d prefer to do the job yourself, always use a trimmer with a guard.

The importance of your sideburns in relation to your overall look cannot be underestimated. While following these tips will get you started, you need to choose a style that you’re going to feel comfortable with. And if that means not having any sideburns at all, that’s the way to go.

But if you’re not sure what style is best for you, don’t be afraid to experiment. If things go wrong, so what? That’s the great thing about facial hair, you can shave it off if you’re not happy with it… and simply wait for it to grow back before you start again.

The Healthiest Way to Eat on the Road

Whether you’re travelling for holidays, or you’re a regular road warrior for work, it can be tough to eat well on the road. When your mates or coworkers are choosing takeaways and fast food, you may be tempted to join them. Too many indulgences while travelling can really take a toll on your appearance and performance, but improving your diet can fight a lot of those effects. Here’s why and how to make better choices instead.


1.Come prepared with your own healthy food choices, and snack every few hours. A lot of nutritious snacks are easily portable, such as nuts, beef jerky and fruit. If you keep your blood sugar up, you’ll be less likely to choose greasy or sugary foods in desperation.


2.Look for healthy options at corner shops. Even though crisps and biscuits are tasty and easy, the sugar and fat will make you feel more tired and run-down. Many convenience stores sell healthier foods such as yoghurt, fresh or dried fruit and precut vegetables like carrot sticks.


3.Drink lots of water. It’s easy to become dehydrated when you’re on the road, especially if you rely on coffee and energy drinks to stay alert. Drinking more water will improve your health in many ways, including reducing cravings for unhealthy food, helping to prevent jet lag after air travel and making your skin look better.


4.Don’t abandon your effort to eat healthy just because you have to go to a fast food restaurant. Let’s face it: Sometimes you don’t have a lot of control over where you eat when you’re travelling with other people. If you find yourself in a fast food restaurant, you can still choose the healthier items on the menu. Here are some of the best choices at common restaurants:

  • McDonald’s: hamburger (250 kcal, 8g fat); grilled chicken salad (133 kcal, 4g fat)
  • Burger King: chicken strips (410 kcal, 19g fat); BLT chicken wrap (380 kcal, 17g fat)
  • KFC: regular size popcorn chicken (285 kcal, 16g fat); original recipe salad (345 kcal, 10g fat without dressing)
  • Nando’s: super-grain salad (338 kcal, 19g fat); char-grilled veg (98 kcal, 5g fat)
  • Taco Bell: fresco beef soft taco (180 kcal, 8g fat); fresco southwest chicken crunchy taco (120 kcal, 4g fat)


5.When eating in restaurants, be aware that sauces are often very high in fat and sodium. Many also contain hidden sugar. Use them sparingly or not at all.
Eating on the road can be a challenge. Allow yourself one treat a day, and try to stick to a healthy diet at the other meals. With a little bit of planning and attention, you can stay on track with your nutrition goals.

Top 4 Home Remedies to Fight a Cold This Season

Most of us experienced a pesky cough, a full-on cold or the dreaded flu at some point. Once influenza hits, all you want to do is feel better — but how do you accomplish that goal?

There are plenty of over-the-counter medications, but we explored some home remedies that may help you feel better along the way.


1.Echinacea Tea

Who doesn’t like a good cuppa, especially when it helps you feel better? Used throughout history to treat colds, infections and wounds, the use of Echinacea declined in popularity after the introduction of antibiotics — now leading to antibiotic resistance.

Making a comeback, this immune-booster is able to reduce the duration of the common cold. In a recent study, published in Current Therapeutic Research, Echinacea root was equally effective when compared to Tamiflu, a common over-the-counter drug used to treat flu-like symptoms


2. Elderberry

Active compounds, found in the flower and berries of this plant, are believed to help reduce swelling in the mucous membranes, all while offering anti-inflammatory, anti-influenza and antiviral properties. In one key study, published in the Journal of International Medical Research, researchers studied 60 patients who exhibited influenza symptoms for less than 48 hours.

Patient receiving 15 ml of elderberry syrup or a placebo, four times a day for 5 days, were relieved of their symptoms four days earlier on average. The researchers concluded that this natural remedy is an efficient, safe and cost-effective influenza treatment.


3. Drink Plenty of Liquid

You must drink plenty of water while you’re ill, especially if you’ve developed a respiratory infection. Fluids not only ensure proper hydration and bodily function, but they also help thin mucous so it’s easier to expel. More specifically, experts recommend that you drink hot water — and add immune-boosting additions, such as fresh ginger, honey, cinnamon and lemon.


4. Gargle with Salt Water

Speaking of water, gargling with salt lets you loosen mucous and remove harmful bacteria. This remedy is especially beneficial when you have a sore, scratchy throat. In one study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, gargling with salt water actually prevented upper respiratory tract infections. Combine ½ tsp of sea salt with 8-ounces of warm water — repeat as needed.

The next time influenza surfaces, be ready with natural remedies that promote the healing process. Focus on your symptoms and treat them accordingly. If you have achy muscles, for instance, soak in an Epsom bath with lemongrass and rosemary essential oil. Make sure you work with your body, which will encourage quicker recovery and more positive health overall.

6 In-Flight Beauty Hacks

Whether they’re checking in for a short-haul trip or prepping for a long-haul flight, Flight Attendants are ready for every eventuality. Have you ever wondered how they manage to maintain a polished image no matter how turbulent the flight or passengers may be?

Read on to discover five in-flight beauty hacks that will take you from departure to arrival looking perfectly polished, relaxed and composed.

1. Lock Moisture With Floral Beauty Oil

Rose essential oil packs a powerful punch for taking care of all your in-flight beauty needs. A natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral, rose is a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamin C, and it has the amazing ability to rehydrate your skin on every flight.

Apply 1-2 drops over moisturizer every few hours during a flight to provide a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss from the dry cabin air.

2. Refresh with Energising Plant Extracts

Mid-way through a long-haul flight, have you ever detected the refreshing aroma of energising Lemon Verbena? You can spray lemon verbena fragrance or facial mist for a much needed spur of energy.

Better still, extracts of this South American plant may be made into a tea. The naturally soothing drink also relieves stomach issues and indigestion brought on from long periods sitting in a cramped environment.


3. Cool Your Feet With A Pinch of Peppermint

After many hours working hard, Flight Attendants pay particular attention to their feet. Spray a peppermint cooling foot spray, and revel in the fact that naturally occurring menthol creates a cooling sensation. If you don’t have a bottle packed away in your cosmetics bag, use one of those wet hand tissues you get with your meal. They may not be infused with peppermint, but they will go some way to relieving that heavy feeling in your feet.


4. Clean Hands, Healthy Hands

On an aeroplane packed full of passengers, the chance of contracting a cold or flu virus is extremely high. To combat this threat to their health, Flight Attendants stay proactive by using hand sanitizer all through the flight.


5. Sparkling Eyes

Banish tired eyes with eye drops. This Flight Attendant beauty secret ensures that you need not arrive at your destination looking like you haven’t slept in days. Simply apply prior to landing.

6. Degrease With Dry Shampoo

Traveling can cause your hair to look greasy. Having dry shampoo on hand will ensure luscious clean locks. It soaks up the oils in your hair and leaves it smelling like you just washed it.