For the ultimate wow factor this Valentine’s Day trust Dorco razors

Whether it’s a hot Tinder date, girls night out or cosy night in with that special someone, make sure you’re not caught out. This 14th February, with your most treasured accomplice to hand, Dorco EVE 6 will get you looking and feeling your best in a matter of minutes.

With its innovative six blade design, EVE 6 will glide effortlessly over your skin delivering a close, conditioning shave and comfortable hold all at the same time. So if you want to spend less time indoors grooming and more arm in arm with your beau, grab your EVE 6 and go!

Preparing you for even the most impromptu of steamy moments, Dorco promises silky smooth pins so all you have left to do is throw on your favourite LBD and own it. With a whole host of other key features and a handy subscription service, Dorco EVE 6 truly is a match made in heaven:

  • Vitamin E: Anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits Moisturizes for more vibrant skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Moisturises and soothes sensitive skin, calms allergies and skin irritation
  • Lavender Extract: Rejuvenates collagen to reveal younger looking skin, relieves any possible skin irritation


Tricky hard to reach areas? Say hello to the multi-flex pivoting head perfect for every contour of your body. Cuts and nicks? Leave them in 2016 with a non-slip ergonomic rubber handle! Dry winter skin? The brush finger will sort you out quicker than you can say ‘be mine’ as it massages your skin and raises hair follicles for an even closer shave.

Dorco truly is the gift that keeps on giving with a range of subscription packages to suit you. Perhaps you’re a once a week-er or maybe you prefer to indulge in a more regular shave, either way Dorco have got you covered.

Sit back, relax and let Dorco do the hard work for you this year. Delivering razors to your door in style with a flexible online subscription service, check out their shop at Your new grooming journey is only a click away #you’rewelcome

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About Dorco EVE 6

  • Double 3 blades with bendable cartridge follows body contours for the perfect shave
  • Innovative brush finger for body massage and raising hair for a closer shave
  • Moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender calms and protects even the most
    sensitive skin
  • Multi-flex pivoting head for every contour of your body
  • Non-slip ergonomic rubber handle to provide excellent control



DORCO is an expert in razor innovation, providing millions of customers in over 130 countries worldwide with premium shaving products.

Razors by DORCO is proud to introduce its shaving innovation to the UK market, including an ultra-sharp six-blade shaving system, as well as DORCO’s innovative and patented common docking system.

With over 60 years of expertise in offering advanced blade technology, DORCO offers a flexible subscription service on their superior quality razors and replacement blades.


Dorco Disposable Razors

Can You Sharpen Disposable Razors? Yes! Here’s a Different Kind of Shaving Hack!

Just because a razor blade is disposable doesn’t mean it can’t deliver many close and painless shaves. A sharp razor is usually a cleaner, more effective razor… and there’s a very simple way to ensure your blades are always sharp. If you’ve ever had a ‘cutthroat razor’ shave at a barber’s shop, you will probably have seen the blade being sharpened on something that closely resembles a small belt. You can recreate this simple maintenance task at home.  In this post, we’re going to discuss a few different tips and tricks about sharpening disposable razors so that you can get more life out of them and, of course, save yourself some money!

Sharpening Shaving Blades: It’s Nothing New

Before disposable razors were a thing, men used to regularly get their straight-edge razor sharpened, much in the same way they would get their knives sharpened. Back then, all it took was a sturdy piece of leather to sharpen a razor blade.

Denim: A Quick and Easy Sharpening Hack


This method of sharpening your disposable razor is a nod to the “old fashioned” way of sharpening a straight edge. One of the easiest ways to sharpen your disposable razor is by using denim. Because the metal in a disposable razor isn’t as sturdy as the metal in the straight-edge razor, you don’t need a fabric stronger than denim to sharpen it. You can either get yourself a piece of denim from a fabric or crafts store or tear up an old pair of jeans that you don’t wear anymore. Either way, put the denim piece on a flat surface (like an ironing board) and, pointing the razor away from you, run the razor down the denim about 15 times. Then, do the same thing on a different part of the denim. This process will remove the excess hair from the blades, keep them clean and sharpen them.

Stropping: Not Just for Hipsters


Stropping” sounds like the name of a beer that a hipster would put out from his microbrewery; however, it’s actually a method for sharpening your razor blades. The process is said to be just as effective as sharpening the straight edge of the razor blade on leather or denim. In this case, the material used to sharpen the blades is suede If you’re not sure if you’re dealing with actual suede, get a leather belt, and turn it over so that the “soft” side of the belt is facing you (you can also do this with a purse strap). That soft side is the suede. Then, hang the belt (or purse strap) up and run the razor up and down the suede several times, until all of the hair and debris is off.

The Razor Pit

This is the most expensive option for sharpening your disposable razors — at ?20, it does require a bit of an investment on your part. However, it’s well worth it; even
Esquire Magazine gave it rave reviews. Using a material called a thermo-plastic elastomer (which is a type of silicon), the Razor Pit cleans and restores the blades after every use.