6 Things You’ll Miss if you Shave Your Beard

There comes a time in every bearded man’s life when he contemplates the unthinkable: shaving off the beard. It’s a drastic measure, one that can alter your look and the way people perceive you in a matter of minutes. Of course, a smooth shave might work better for the office, and a change of image might put a little pep in your step. But if you decide to ditch the face rug, what will you miss?

1. Your manly edge

This is the number one concern for any gent thinking of shaving his beard – and it’s a legitimate one. No longer will you be looked upon like a man that can chop down a tree. Once you’re beard free, people might think you’re the type of man who pays someone else to do it instead. A beard is the epitome of ruggedness, and quite possibly, the source of all your strength.

2. Being able to stroke it like a pet

Every man with a beard will stroke it when he thinks no one’s looking – especially during a cold and lonely winter’s evening. A beard is like your very own built-in face pet, but one that won’t cost you a fortune in vet bills or destroy your furniture when it’s bored.

3. Beard grooming gear

The modern day man likes to be pampered, and here at Dorco we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But if you shave your beard, your trips to the barbers for a trim will be no more, and you’ll have to stop using your fancy beard brush and beard oils.

4. Built-in protection from the elements

Every man with a beard laughs in the face of cold weather. Scarves? Don’t need them – not with that glorious mane growing out of your face. When you have a beard you can stride into a blizzard knowing that you’re appropriately built for harsh weather conditions, leaving your smooth faced friends shivering in your wake.

5. The freedom to creatively adorn

For the man that’s not afraid to be a little flamboyant, beards offer endless possibilities. You can get in touch with your inner Viking and adorn it with braids and beads; you can cover it in fake blood for Halloween, werewolf style; or you can throw a little glitter on it and show the world you’re never too manly to sparkle.

6. Being able to wrestle bears, wolves, and other wild animals

It’s a scientific fact that when a man grows a beard, he develops a primal ability to wrestle dangerous wild animals. While we don’t recommend picking a fight with a grizzly bear, just be aware that if you ever do encounter one, the odds are stacked in your favour. Possibly.

But if you’ve made up your mind you’re going to shave your beard off, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got all the shaving gear to take you from wild and rugged to smooth and respectable in moments. Browse our shaving range for men right here.


Going Hairy for Movember?: How Having Facial Hair Will Change Your Life

What’s your look? Are you rugged and stubbly? Butch and bearded? Or clean-cut and clean-shaven? If it’s the latter, then you might be hopping on the Movember bandwagon this month, and growing some face fuzz to raise money for charity. But what can you expect from a life with facial hair? More attention from the fairer sex? A greater proficiency with rudimentary tools? We’ve got the lowdown.

Women quite like it

Numerous studies and surveys have concluded that some women actually favour a bit of scruff. This is probably because it’s perceived as more masculine. But, of course, facial hair tends to be a bit of a love/hate thing. While the studies revealed that women preferred a bit of stubble over a clean-shaven look, full on beards weren’t quite as desirable.

People will think you’re wiser

But if you go all out for a full face of fuzz, there’s a good chance you’ll be perceived as a wiser person – well, so long as you don’t say anything too daft. From wizards to Jedi masters to enlightened hippies: popular culture is brimming with beardy men who have all the answers. So don’t be surprised if you become the new sage in your friendship circle – a beard makes it look like you know how to handle things.

It can age you – if you need aging

If you’re fresh-faced and ‘blessed’ with age-defying boyish good looks, then you probably spend a lot of time getting ID’d in pubs and supermarkets. Many people would revel in this. But it’s slightly less appealing when you’re in your mid-twenties. Or even thirties. A sprinkling of facial hair, however, can be the perfect antidote, bumping up your age by a few years, and perhaps making people take you a bit more seriously in the process.

Endless possibilities

Rugged stubble, heavy stubble, or designer stubble? A trimmed beard, or a glorious Viking beard? Or how about a handlebar moustache? There are a variety of styles out there that can really sharpen up your look, and half the fun of having facial hair is discovering the one that works for you. Just be prepared for a bit of banter before you find it…

Facial hair is empowering

Sporting some facial hair might very well empower you. As well as getting you more in touch with your primal masculinity, you might find yourself the envy of all your man-peers – some of whom might not be as adept as you at growing their own. It’s likely that you’ll be following in the furry footsteps of your forefathers, all the way back to the cavemen. So grow out that facial hair, grunt, growl, and chop some firewood. This is your birth right!

And when Movember ends don’t forget to stock up on all your favourite Dorco men’s razors to smooth things over.