Keep Your Skin Glowing This Party Season
Bright warm summer days ensure our skin gets a healthy dose of vitamin D and keeps it looking healthy. But winter isn’t quite so kind. Biting cold weather and being cooped up indoors can be pretty harsh on our complexions, which isn’t ideal when you’ve got all those Christmas parties to go to. So how can you restore that summery glow in the midst of winter? We’ve got the answers.


Keep skin hydrated
Late nights, cold weather, and central heating are the enemies of glowing skin, so you need to give it some extra love. If it’s formulated for your skin type, a rich moisturiser with vitamin E should do the trick, as it’s packed with antioxidants that can help protect your skin from the outside world. Moisturising at night is also important, because it’ll give your skin a boost while its restores itself naturally – so look for one that’s specially formulated for night time use too. And remember to moisturise your whole body not just your face.


Restore moisture when cleansing
Harsh cleansing products such as face wipes can rob your skin of its natural oils, which can be even more damaging come winter. For something that hydrates as well as cleanse, we recommend using micellar water instead. If you find it’s not quite powerful enough to remove all your make-up, you can always use your regular method, and use the micellar water to finish up with. The aim is to cleanse your skin of impurities, but not remove essential moisture.


Exfoliate the dullness away
Despite every effort, winter can still dull the most beautiful of complexions, and that’s mostly down to dead skin cells and dryness. Gentle exfoliation each day will keep your skin looking radiant, while allowing your moisturiser to penetrate through the skin layers better without being inhibited by flakes. If you’re using a night cream, then it’s best to exfoliate before bed, as this will help it absorb into the skin better too.


Keep moving
Beauty begins from within, so it goes without saying that a healthy diet and regular exercise is going to benefit your skin. One of the reasons we look more radiant in the summertime is because we’re leading a more active lifestyle, and increasing our circulation. Getting your heart rate up with a little exercise several times a week should have a similar effect. Whether that’s light cardio or a brisk walk to work is entirely up to you.


Stay silky smooth
As it’s winter, it’s tempting to wrap your legs in the thickest tights you can find and not get them out again until April. But that little black dress you’ve bought for the Christmas party is an opportunity to show off your pins. So for super smooth skin that looks flawless all night long, use your Dorco Eve razors, then finish off with your favourite shimmering body moisturiser for a gorgeous glow.


Change your make-up
When you’re cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated, you should pay extra attention to what’s in your make-up bag. Foundations can work with or against your skin, and what worked for you in the summer might not be appropriate for winter. If you’re prone to dryness then you might want to ditch the powder or matte finish foundations, and opt for a more hydrating formula instead – or a hydrating primer at the very least. And when you’ve got your complexion flawlessly made-up, don’t forget to give that natural glow a little oomph with a little bronzer and highlighter. ‘Tis the season to party after all! Enjoy!