5 Valentine’s Gifts She’ll Love

5 Valentine’s Gifts She’ll Love

Valentine’s day is upon us, and for loved-up ladies and gents that means the simple task of picking up some chocolates and flowers, making a restaurant reservation, and trying not to annoy your lady friend for a full 24 hours. Easy enough, right? Well, not if you really want to impress her. While chocolates and flowers are the traditional go-to gifts for women, they’re not the most original ideas (not to mention one equals calories and the other eventually dies). So why not deviate from the norm?

If there’s one thing you want a Valentine’s gift to do, it’s to make the recipient feel special, and nothing does that quite like pampering-related paraphernalia. So here are our ideas for feel-good Valentine’s gifts we think she’ll love.


Women are more into make-up than ever these days, especially the fancy, expensive, designer kind that all the celebrities use. Obviously if you’re a man we don’t recommend diving headfirst into a make-up department and trying to figure it out for yourself. Instead, ask the assistants to show you the most popular eye-shadow palettes. If it’s close to £40 and the colours aren’t garish and glittery, chances are she’ll like it.

An Illuminated make-up mirror

If your lady usually puts her face on in the streaky bathroom mirror while you watch on from the shower, an illuminated make-up mirror might be a game changer. They’re all over the internet these days, from fancy models by luxury brands, to more affordable versions from high street shops. Either way, they’ll help her apply her make-up much more easily, while making her feel a little bit like a Hollywood star.

A glamorous bathrobe

What’s something you wear every single day and feel 100% comfortable in? Yep, you read it in the headline. Perhaps the most underrated garment in the existence of the universe – besides the poncho of course – the bathrobe is something we wear every day and would probably wear throughout the day if it was considered socially acceptable (and didn’t carry such a risk of accidently flashing people). So a nice posh fluffy bathrobe can make an excellent gift for the lady in your life, especially if she’s a fan of duvet days and Netfix binges. Brownie points if you buy yourself a matching one.

Anything rose scented

Smell is evocative, and there’s no scent associated with romance quite like the sweet heady aroma of roses. While a bouquet is all well and good, a bundle of rose-scented pampering products will last longer and make her feel that bit more special. So be on the lookout for scrubs, body butters, bath oils, bath bombs and scented candles – basically anything that’ll keep her in the bathroom for hours.

The Dorco Eve Razors

We couldn’t go without mentioning our Dorco Eve Razors. Nothing makes a lady feel more fabulous than being preened to perfection, and for all her hair removal needs, this nifty little razor does a beautiful job. A pivoting head and bendable cartridge make it easy to achieve a silky smooth shave, while the calendula and argan oil infused strips leave her skin nourished and moisturised. Just make sure you accompany this gift with a few other pampering bits and pieces – lest she think you’re trying to tell her something.

Note: If you’re really clueless as to what to get your lady this Valentine’s day, there’s always plan B: Ask her.