Women with smooth armpits demonstrates why some women shave armpits

Why women shave their armpits

“Whether you shave your armpits or not, just do what feels right and
natural for you,” writes Joy D’Souza in the

Huffington Post


This view is reflective of changing social attitudes towards women and body
hair, particularly amongst younger people. According to


, between 2013 and 2016, 18% of women aged 16-24 stopped removing their
armpit hair.

There are various reasons why less women are shaving their armpits. Roshida
Khanom, Mintel’s associate director in beauty and personal care,


in some cases young women are “worried about causing irritation from their
skin” as a result of the products they use.

The decrease in the number of women shaving their armpits may also be a
positive response to campaigns encouraging women not to shave if they don’t
want to. Many celebrities have shown public support, including Julia
Roberts, Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne.

Of course, this trend is about more than the armpit hair itself; many women
are seeking to challenge attitudes towards beauty that put unfair pressure
on women and young girls.

There is still a long way to go, sadly, we don’t yet live in a society
where women are able to feel in full control of their body choices.


found 83% of women aged 16-24 still feel under too much pressure to remove
or groom their body hair.

But scientifically, are there benefits to shaving your armpits or is it
best to leave them be?

Pros and cons

There are benefits to either choice. Having armpit hair reduces friction
between the upper and lower arm during exercise, and

facilitates the release of pheromones

, allowing your natural scent to spread to prospective mates – excellent

By not shaving, you will also forgo any risk of skin irritation and razor
bumps. And think of all that time you will save by allowing your body to
exist in its natural state.

On the flipside, shaving armpit hair can help reduce body odour, as armpit
hair traps sweat and allows bacteria to breed. Having less body hair will
also make it easier to cool down, particularly in the hot summer months.

On top of this, your deodorant will be more effective which seems obvious
when you think about it, as it can be applied directly to the skin.

Embracing the power of choice


Speaking to ABC News,

Alex Andrews

, Founder of the ‘Get Hairy February’ campaign, said: “We
hope women feel empowered to let themselves grow, embrace their natural
bodies and be proud to be involved in a community that demands equality and
safety for all women.”

At Dorco, we’re all about choice and being able to do what makes you feel
at your best.

If you do decide to shave your armpit hair, it’s important to do so in way
that doesn’t cause irritation your skin. That’s why Dorco products
are a great place to start.

Crafted for curves, the

Dorco EVE 6

provides a smooth shave, boosted by patented technology, helping to reduce
shaving irritation. The six blades are split into a unique ‘double 3’ blade
format which, alongside a bendable cartridge, encourages smooth shaving.
Meanwhile, the open design means your razor and refill cartridges are easy
to clean and rinse.

Should men shave their armpits?

In days of yore, armpit grooming would have been unheard of among men.

But in more modern times, men who don’t shave their armpits are in the
minority. A recent survey by

Men’s Health

magazine found that 68% do it regularly, while only 10% never trim.

Does that mean men have become more image conscious over time? Possibly
not. Perhaps a better explanation for this shift in grooming habits is that
modern males are more clued-up scientifically than their forebears.

What are the benefits?

One recent


found that although removing armpit hair won’t stop you sweating, trimming
it to skin level substantially enhances the odour-reducing effect of
washing with soap.

Another possible reason why men of old didn’t shave their armpits could be
that they simply didn’t have the right tools. For example, medieval men –
they may have mastered weaponry, but they were a long way off engineering
the kind of precision blades necessary for a clean, close shave. In fact,
most historical accounts shaving in this era sound quite harrowing.

Thankfully, several-dozen generations on, that is no longer the case, and
with a

high quality razor

in your bathroom cabinet, you are sufficiently armed to shave your armpits
safely and smoothly.

Take care to do it right

As with anything, trimming your armpits to excess isn’t recommended.

Warns Hibba Kapil

, founder of the Hibba Beauty Salon in New York City: “Underarms go through
constant friction and shaving them every day can escalate [problems].

“Because the area never catches a break from shaving, it’s always going to
have bumps or ingrown hairs.”

Ultimately, the question of should men shave their armpits has no right or
wrong answer; it all boils down to personal choice. Just be sure that if
you do decide to shave your armpits, you use

shaving products

that help you do it safely and smoothly.

A premium shave without the premium price

At Dorco, our

patented shaving technology

helps to provide a close shave with no irritation, perfect if you do choose
to shave your armpit hair. Three to four blade razors such as the PACE 4
and PACE 3 Plus are perfect for ensuring a smooth shave.

Some male customers have even found that the Dorco EVE 6 has proved
successful when shaving parts of the body such as the armpit and jawline
due to its bendable ‘double 3’ blade cartridge, designed to follow the
bodies curves.

A selection of Korean beauty and skincare products

K-beauty: Why Korean beauty and skincare products have gone global

‘K-Beauty’ (beauty and skincare products originating from Korea) covers
anything from razors to bubble tea sleeping packs.

The ethos of K-beauty is to nourish your skin so that it looks naturally
beautiful. And it’s not an overnight sensation; the Korean beauty market is
among the top 10 in the world, with an estimated worth of more than $13
billion in 2018, according to intelligence agency



According to

Marie Claire

, where once Western brands led the way, ‘now the axis of influence has
shifted and due to a combination of factors South Korea has become the
global leader in beauty innovation’.

Global demand for Korean beauty and skincare products

Korean skincare and beauty products are popular because of their reputation
for ingredients that have a truly positive impact on your skin.

“There is a rock-solid security in K beauty’s commitment to science,”

Kate Branch in Vogue


The overarching theme of K-Beauty encourages people to nurture the skin,
slowly and consistently with various small but regular steps, such as the

’10 steps’


A huge industry in Korea

Beauty blogger

Bethany Tyndall

says: “Seoul, Korea’s thriving beauty metropolis, is well ahead of the
curve when it comes to creating the biggest and best beauty trends of the

South Korean men

spend more on skincare

than men anywhere else in the world, while South Korean women spend twice
as much money on beauty products and make-up than American women.

For this reason, South Korean beauty and skincare companies must constantly
improve products in order to stay on top, leading to a wealth of
innovation. This level of innovation helps explain why the demand for
K-Beauty products in Europe is on the



Embracing our heritage

As Korea’s leading shaving brand, we have embraced the K-beauty ethos for
more than 60 years, in every piece of pioneering shaving kit that we have

We share the overarching commitment to science. In order to keep driving
innovation, we devote considerable resource to research and development so
that we can produce quality razors to suit all skin types and

This is demonstrated by the

Dorco EVE 6

, with its six blades that contour to your body shape.

The K-beauty revolution isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and Dorco
are proud to be a part of it.

Man wondering how to shave head with a razor

How to shave your head with a razor

Shaving your head with a razor really isn’t as daunting as it sounds. With
the right preparation and technique, you’ll be achieving a
professional-quality shave in no time, whilst minimising the chance of
unsightly razor bumps popping up on your freshly bald head.

Whether you’re looking for something easier to maintain, want to combat
thinning hair or just simply try out a new style, our five easy steps will
show you how to shave your head with a razor.

1 – What you’ll need

  • A quality razor

    – be sure to check that your blades are sharp, clean and not

    in need of replacing

  • Shave Gel
  • A second mirror to see the back of your head – we recommend investing in
    one with an adjustable arm
  • Electric clippers or a friendly neighbourhood barber!

2 – Trimming down

Razors aren’t effective when cutting through long hair, so you’ll first
need to trim as close to the scalp as possible.

If you have a set of hair clippers at home, that’s great; if not, pop down
to your local barber or hairdresser and ask for a grade 1 all over. A
single grade typically costs less than a normal haircut.

3 – Prepping for best results

A hot shower helps to soften hair and open your pores. Dry your hair with a
towel going back to front, against the direction of growth.

Then, apply your

Shave Gel

to your hair and neck. For best results, wait a few minutes for it to soak

4 – Time to shave

Start with the front of your head and other visible areas, leaving the back
until last. Make sure you shave in an orderly pattern to avoid going over
the same areas more than once. Shave with the grain and apply very little
pressure – let the blades do the work.

Don’t stretch your skin across your scalp as this can encourage ingrown
hairs and razor bumps. Be sure to rinse the blades between each stroke.

We recommend getting a friend or partner to help with difficult-to-reach
areas if you are struggling. Ideally, wait a few days before you next shave
your head to give your skin some time to recover.

5 – Aftercare

It is important to give your bald head the same care and attention that you
would your face.

Splash cold water on your head and neck, then gently pat dry with a towel.
Use an alcohol-free shaving aftercare product to gently sooth your scalp.

The newly exposed skin will need some extra care. Aim to moisturise it
daily and apply sun protection when going outdoors.

Using a gentle exfoliant on a day between shaves will help to prevent
ingrown hairs by increasing skin cell turnover. Those containing glycolic
or salicylic acid tend to work best.

There you have it,
five simple steps to a bald head, free from those pesky razor bumps. Good
luck and happy shaving!

The pink tax: what impact is it having on women?

What is the Pink Tax?

The Pink Tax is the term used when a company charges more for female
products than the male equivalent, under the belief that women will pay

Research by

the Times newspaper

uncovered what they described as ‘sexist’ prices across many of Britain’s
largest retailers. Women were found to pay on average 37% more for very
similar or identical products – from clothing items such as jeans to
toiletries and razors.

The Pink Tax is one of many economic disadvantages faced by women in their
daily lives, including the gender pay gap,
which is an ongoing issue impacting women around the globe.

“Women are getting ripped off twice,” says Jemima Olchawski
, head of policy at the Fawcett Society. “They are paid less than men and
are also charged more for similar products.”

How this extends to personal care products

Personal care products including female razors are a particular focal point
for campaigners seeking gender equality amongst consumers.

The ‘Tampon Tax’ – the VAT added to female sanitary products – is still
present in the UK. Sanitary products are classed as luxury, non-essential
items and hit with a 5% VAT charge. This is despite several
much-less-essential items being exempt from VAT, for example ‘crocodile
meat’, ‘alcohol jellies’ and ‘edible sugar flowers’.

Laura Croyton, who started a

Change.org petition

to end the Tampon Tax that received more than 300,000 signatures, said:
“Periods are no luxury. You can ‘opt-in’ to extravagance. You cannot choose
to menstruate. Despite this, a whole heap of disadvantages have been
created for those who do.”

Will this change in the future?

Slowly but surely, we are seeing change but there is still a long way to

Until it’s possible to repeal the legislation (it’s currently enshrined in
law by the EU), the Tampon Tax Fund, set up by the Government, allocates
funds generated from the VAT on sanitary products to projects that improve
the lives of disadvantaged women and girls.

Meanwhile, some large retailers, such as




, have taken a step in the right direction by addressing their prices for
personal care items, including female razors.

What is Dorco’s stance on the Pink Tax?

We are 100% against the idea of charging women a premium for our products
and are committed to providing a smooth, close shave at a fair price.

In fact, our female razor, the

Dorco EVE 6

, is cheaper than our 6-blade male razor, as are the refill cartridges.

We also provide the opportunity to escape the razor aisle for good with our

subscription service

, which includes both male and female options and costs a purse-friendly £1
for the first month. Every subscription is customisable to your needs and
you can cancel at any time.

Person demonstrating how to clean a razor effectively

How to clean your razor

Cleaning your razor blades is important to ensure that your shaving experience is effective and safe. Nobody wants a clogged razor blade!

Basic maintenance will help to extend the life of your razor, whilst also minimising the build-up of potentially harmful debris and bacteria.

In five simple steps, we show you how to clean your razor and give it the care and attention it needs.

Step 1 – Rinse as you go

Each stroke of your razor introduces debris, such as shaving foam, hair and skin particles, risking you being left with a clogged and ineffective razor.

Aim to take no more than one or two strokes before giving your blades a quick rinse under the tap, or a vigorous swish around in some water.

Step 2 – A thorough rinse post-shave

Get into the habit of thoroughly cleaning your razor after every use.

Use a tap or shower head to run a powerful stream of water through the back side of your razor blades. This will clear most of the debris that builds up during each shave.

Warm water works better than cold. A few intermittent taps against something solid, such as the edge of your sink, will also help dislodge larger items, such as long or thick hairs.

Dorco razors feature bent blade technology and an open-flow blade cartridge design, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Step 3 – Dry the razor properly before storing

Harmful bacteria thrive in wet, enclosed environments. Therefore, it is important to let your razor dry thoroughly before storing it away.

Step 4 – Take care with stubborn debris

To avoid cutting yourself, avoid the temptation to use your fingers to remove stubborn debris. Instead, use a small brush.

Dedicated razor cleaning brushes can be found in most pharmacies. If you do not own one, then a clean, unused toothbrush offers an easy alternative.

Avoid using items such as cotton buds or tissue paper, as material can easily get stuck between the blades, leading to a further clogged razor.

Rubbing alcohol – also known as isopropyl alcohol – can make this job a lot easier. Alcohol will help to break down stubborn debris, making it much easier to remove.

Simply soak your razor’s head in the alcohol for a few minutes, giving it the occasional swish and stir to work the alcohol in between the blades. Then proceed to cleaning it with your brush.

Alcohol will also help sterilise the blades, minimising the risk of harmful bacteria accumulating.

Step 5 – Timely replacement

Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning or sterilisation can revive a dull razor blade. If your shave is in any way uncomfortable, or it is showing any signs of rust or immovable debris, it is time to change your blades.

For regular shavers, experts recommend changing your razor each week to avoid potential issues, such as shaving rash, cuts and infection.

Hassle-free replacement

To be sure your razors remain both comfortable and safe to use, why not consider the Dorco subscription service.

To start saving money and take the hassle out of changing your blade, simply answer these three quick questions.