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Step into spring with these 5 key hiking tips

With milder weather on its way, you might be considering trying out some new spring activities. A great option is getting out for a hike in the UK’s beautiful landscapes. It’s free, good for your health and, most importantly, fun.

But where do you begin? Get yourself started with our tips below.

STEP ONE – Find a walking buddy

While hiking alone can give you the experience of total freedom outdoors, finding a walking buddy is a great option for hiking novices.

You can offer each other encouragement, work together to avoid getting lost, and help each other if one of you gets an injury.

Hiking clubs and meet-ups are a great way to meet new people and can help to share things like travel costs to particular hiking routes.

STEP TWO – Wear the right clothing

Make sure your attire is durable and protects you from the elements, keeping your body at the right temperature. It should also be light and comfortable enough to move around in.

And, of course, proper footwear is a must. Sarah Bennett and Lee Slater, writing for Lonely Planet, say: ‘There is no substitute for high-quality hiking boots, which provide grip, support the ankles, and take the knocks…Pay particular attention to the sole: there should be a clearly defined heel, and a knobbly tread fashioned from high quality rubber.’

Also make sure you have a reliable bag, a hat appropriate for the conditions, and a waterproof jacket for that famous UK wet weather.

STEP THREE – Choose a destination, but start small

There are so many hiking locations across the UK, ranging from popular introductory walking routes, such as Roseberry Topping in the North York Moors – which is recommended for beginners by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) – right up to Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis.

An introductory hike that’s close to home is a perfect starting point.

Chris Townsend, an expert in long-distance backpacking, says: “Start out with short trips and be prepared to make them even shorter if they seem tough. Aiming for high mileages or lots of summits on your first trip could lead to disillusionment.”

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STEP FOUR – Be prepared

With hiking, it’s important to be prepared for any eventuality.

Every place has its own risks, so try to read up on each location before you go. Even if it’s a beginner’s hike where there are a lot of trail markings to guide people, you should try to plan a route. It’s a good habit to get into and will keep you safe.

Remember to prepare other hiking essentials, such as a first aid kit and a torch. Meanwhile, always pack plenty of water and snacks to keep you going. 

Snacks should be easy to store, hard to damage, and give out a high amount of energy.

Items like fruit, nuts and energy bars are perfect examples.

STEP FIVE – Respect the land

As your relationship with the great outdoors blossoms, it’s important to learn how to respect the landscape, and others around you.

The countryside code, produced by Natural England, is a great place to start and gives advice on how to do just that. It is based around three key principles:

  • Respect other people – including the local community and others enjoying the outdoors, leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available
  • Protect the natural environment – leave no trace of your visit, take your litter home, and keep dogs under control
  • Enjoy the outdoors – plan ahead, be prepared, and follow local signs and advice.

Most important of all, enjoy it! Hiking is a great pastime that has so many health benefits, from being a powerful cardio workout, to improving your balance.

As long as you prepare, respect your surroundings, and don’t overdo it, you are sure to have a wonderful time in the beautiful outdoors.

how to shave neck stubble

How to shave neck stubble with style

With beards back at the height of fashion, those blessed with the ability to grow one are grabbing the opportunity with both hands.But to truly master the art, one must also know the rules around how to shave neck stubble that can make the difference between an epic beard and a big mess.

A neck shave can feel like a pretty daunting prospect, whether it’s to accompany a full beard or a clean-shaven face.

However, when you follow the five simple steps below, it’s actually pretty easy.

STEP ONE – Figure out how far up the neck to shave

How far up your neck to shave will vary from person to person, and will also depend on the style you want.

If you are growing out a beard and want to keep it looking sharp, here is a handy tip. Find your Adam’s apple, and hold two fingers horizontally above it. The top of your fingers should give you a rough position for your neckline – it should end up being roughly half way between the Adam’s apple and your jaw line.

Then follow that line round with a slight upward curve to get the line for the whole neck.

STEP TWO – It’s time to trim down

Now that you’ve established your neckline, you know that everything below that is going to be shaved off. So trim that area down with scissors or clippers, taking added care as the neck is a sensitive area, while following the line you have figured out in step one.

Try to trim it down as much as you can – the shorter the hairs, the easier it will be to wet shave as there is less hair in the way.

STEP THREE – Wet shave the neck area

Treat a neck shave the same as shaving your face.

Soften the hairs by using hot water and apply a generous helping of your Dorco Shave Gel to soothe the neck, which will be ideal as it’s designed for sensitive skin with natural ingredients such as hydrating aloe vera, glycerin and betaine. This will aid the gliding of the razor and protect against irritation.

STEP FOUR – Go slow and use a razor you can trust

It’s more awkward to shave neck stubble than the equivalent on your face and chin. The neck area is more curved and the skin is looser.

With that in mind, it’s vital to go slow, keep lathering up to avoid shaving over dry areas, and stay focused. Try not to tilt your head too far back when reaching the more difficult hairs. This can expose more sensitive parts of the skin, leading to cuts and irritation. Instead, tilt the head only slightly and use slow, short strokes.

A premium razor like those from the Dorco range are packed with technology to help make your task easier, for example a pivoting head and a non-slip handle to give you total control. We combine science and expertise to ensure that our razors deliver a smooth and comfortable neck shave every time.

Narrower spaces between blades due to our Micro Span technology result in less skin penetrating through so you can enjoy a safe shave with less skin irritation.

STEP FIVE – Aftercare 

This is an important stage for everybody, but particularly those with sensitive skin.

Rinse your neck with cold water while applying a moisturising balm, which will help to prevent irritation after shaving.

And that’s it! Now you can proudly show off the lovely neckline that adds the perfect balance to your beard.

To round things up:

  1. Figure out your neckline based on your beard style and shape
  2. Trim down the area you plan to shave, leaving the rest
  3. Lather up below the neckline with hot water and shave gel
  4. Shave slowly with your razor, using short strokes
  5. Rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizing balm to soothe the skin  

Found our shaving tips useful? Get in touch to let us know, or if you need help with anything.

The 6 emotional stages you go through when you haven’t shaved your legs in a while

Let’s be frank ladies: when we’re single and living in our non-leg baring winter wardrobe, we can all slack on the leg shaving. Whether you see it as a disgrace or something you embrace, spring and summer are on their way, and it’s high time we get our pins back to a showy standard. Of course, you have to traverse a bit of an emotional obstacle course first.


Hair styling, make-up, nails, hair removal. The list goes on and on. When you’re a woman it can feel like you’ve got a side-line as your own personal beauty therapist – and the worst part is you’re not even getting paid for all those hours you put in.


We can all procrastinate, and if a task is out of sight, it’s easily out of mind too. Remember that week when you said you’d get back on the shaving wagon? Well that was two hirsute months ago. It’s time to ignore the little devil on your shoulder that’s telling you to rock the au natural look – unless that’s your vibe of course.


So you’ve run a bath, lit some candles, and you’re wielding the Dorco EVE 6 razor like a warrior queen. You’re ready for summer legs, and nothing is going to stop you – not even a Real Housewives reunion show.


You’ve started shaving and instantly regret all those months you neglected your legs. You won’t leave it that long again. Well, not until next year anyway. Thank goodness you’ve picked a Dorco EVE 6 as your weapon of choice. Featuring superior blade technology, a pivoting head, and a lubricating strip packed with calendula extract and argan oil, you’ll be well armed.


Your skin is a battlefield, hair is your enemy, and the Dorco EVE 6 is your sword. Leave none alive! The battle is almost won, and you can see your hair-free future on the horizon. This is an emotional, blockbuster moment. Embrace it.

Silky satisfaction 

You’ve done what you set out to do. You’ve transformed yourself in to a silky-smooth goddess. You no longer walk, you glide. The next chapter of your life can begin, and nothing will stand in the way of you and your beautiful smooth legs. Butter them up with your favourite lotion and get that summer frock on!

Easter Legs – Achieving Perfect Pins for SS19

It’s spring! The sun’s coming back out, fashion stores are stocking leg-bearing arms, and it won’t be long before we’re going on holiday, enjoying BBQs, and basking in the balmy weather with a cocktail or two. If you’ve neglected your leg-shaving this winter, then you’re certainly not the only one.

But with summer rapidly approaching, it’s probably high time we got back into the swing of things. While we all know the importance of regularly replacing your razor blade, here’s some little-known shaving tips for getting your legs on fleek – and they might just surprise you.

Give your legs a drink

It goes without saying that you should never dry shave anything, anywhere. But did you know you shouldn’t start shaving the moment you step in the shower either? Hair reaches its optimum condition for shaving after three minutes of bathing or showering. So it’s good practice to have a bit of a soak before getting to work with your razor. This is because well-soaked hair is around 60% easier to cut, making for a quicker, easier shave.

Smooth things over

If you’ve got sensitive skin, exfoliating in-between shaves (as opposed to immediately before) can really help you achieve a perfect, irritation-free result. Exfoliating removes dead cells, cleans up the follicle and smooths the surface of your skin, helping your razor work more effectively and lessening the chance of razor burn and ingrown hairs. So include it in your weekly pampering sessions.

No pressure

Pressing your razor hard into your skin doesn’t equal a closer shave: it usually equals more irritation instead. For best results, use plenty of lubrication and let your razor glide over your skin. If it snags, then you probably need to replace your razor blade, or use a little more shaving gel. The pressure you use should be equal to stroking a small kitten – gently does it!

Know your knees

There are few places as awkward to shave than the knees (well, for us ladies anyway). How can deal with this tricky bit of your body? By bending your knee. That way the skin becomes taut, allowing you to glide over it nice and slowly.

The right gear

We’re all guilty of substituting other bathroom products for shaving gel: shampoo, soap, and maybe even one or two kitchen products when times are tough. But for a perfect, 5-star shave, you need to use the right gear. A proper razor, such as the Dorco Eve 6, is essential. As is a proper shaving gel. Take a look at our very own Dorco Shave Gel. As well as being the perfect pairing for our blades, it’s packed with hydrating aloe vera, glycerin and betaine, and smells absolutely delightful too.

Post-shave pamper

Many of us are guilty of the ‘rinse and go’ technique, especially if we’re shaving in a rush. For best results though, it’s important to give your legs a bit of a post-shave pampering sesh. Rinse them with cold water to close your pores, then butter them up with your favourite moisturising lotion to replenish the skin and avoid any dryness. If you have particularly sensitive skin, it’s also a good idea to let your legs breathe and settle down for a while, so they’re not irritated by jeans or leggings.

And that’s it. Now’s the time to chuck your tights and get ready to (Easter) parade your legs!