5 Things You Should Probably Get Around to This Bank Holiday

Ahh, bank holidays. There’s nothing like a three-day weekend for a little well-earned R&R. And with two this month, you’ll have plenty of time to crack open a few beers, fire up the BBQ, and enjoy the sunshine. Of course, you could be a little more productive. Need some ideas? From DIY to personal grooming, we’ve got you covered.

Build flatpack furniture

Remember that bookcase you bought four months ago that has been intimidatingly packaged in more than one box? It’s time to take it on. Bank holidays provide the perfect opportunity to fix stuff and build stuff. Remember, you don’t get any extra points for building it without following the instructions, even if it feels like you do.

Dust-off the BBQ

If you want to man the meat this summer, then it’s high time you got that BBQ ready. Chances are it looks a little grimy after months of storage, so it’s time to return it to its former glory and evict the colony of spiders that have taken up residence inside.

Work out

Why we don’t condone leaping into a hardcore workout routine if you’re not used to it, it doesn’t hurt to ease a little exercise into your life with Speedo season on the way. A few press-ups, sit-ups or a run around the block can work wonders for your health, as can lifting a few weights. Children, small dogs and a 6-pack of beer can all work if you don’t own dumbbells.

Garden Work

Is your back garden starting to resemble an turning into a jungle? Then it’s time to reacquaint yourself with the lawnmower, the garden shears, and all those other funny-looking pieces of equipment you have been gifted from your family. Remember your SPF.

Go Manscaping

And finally. A little spring manscaping never goes amiss. So treat yourself to a shiny new face shaver like the Dorco PACE 6 Plus, which features 6 blades, a nifty pivoting head, and a lubricating strip coated in soothing calendula extract and argan oil. Best of all, it works just as well as a body hair razor too if you’re wanting to show off those pecs.

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