6 In-Flight Beauty Hacks

Whether they’re checking in for a short-haul trip or prepping for a long-haul flight, Flight Attendants are ready for every eventuality. Have you ever wondered how they manage to maintain a polished image no matter how turbulent the flight or passengers may be?

Read on to discover five in-flight beauty hacks that will take you from departure to arrival looking perfectly polished, relaxed and composed.

1. Lock Moisture With Floral Beauty Oil

Rose essential oil packs a powerful punch for taking care of all your in-flight beauty needs. A natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral, rose is a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamin C, and it has the amazing ability to rehydrate your skin on every flight.

Apply 1-2 drops over moisturizer every few hours during a flight to provide a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss from the dry cabin air.

2. Refresh with Energising Plant Extracts

Mid-way through a long-haul flight, have you ever detected the refreshing aroma of energising Lemon Verbena? You can spray lemon verbena fragrance or facial mist for a much needed spur of energy.

Better still, extracts of this South American plant may be made into a tea. The naturally soothing drink also relieves stomach issues and indigestion brought on from long periods sitting in a cramped environment.


3. Cool Your Feet With A Pinch of Peppermint

After many hours working hard, Flight Attendants pay particular attention to their feet. Spray a peppermint cooling foot spray, and revel in the fact that naturally occurring menthol creates a cooling sensation. If you don’t have a bottle packed away in your cosmetics bag, use one of those wet hand tissues you get with your meal. They may not be infused with peppermint, but they will go some way to relieving that heavy feeling in your feet.


4. Clean Hands, Healthy Hands

On an aeroplane packed full of passengers, the chance of contracting a cold or flu virus is extremely high. To combat this threat to their health, Flight Attendants stay proactive by using hand sanitizer all through the flight.


5. Sparkling Eyes

Banish tired eyes with eye drops. This Flight Attendant beauty secret ensures that you need not arrive at your destination looking like you haven’t slept in days. Simply apply prior to landing.

6. Degrease With Dry Shampoo

Traveling can cause your hair to look greasy. Having dry shampoo on hand will ensure luscious clean locks. It soaks up the oils in your hair and leaves it smelling like you just washed it.

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