6 Need-to-Know Grooming Hacks for Men

No time for your usual grooming routine? No problem. You don’t have to sacrifice looking good to get where you’re going fast when you know what short-cuts to take. Discover six grooming hacks every man needs to master.

1. Use Coffee Filters to Double as Oil Blotting Sheets


An oily face can make you look too shiny in person and on camera. However, you can take control of your look even without oil-blotting sheets with the help of a coffee filter. Absorb the extra oils from your chin, nose and forehead so that you can look your best when you’re short on time.

2. Use Hand Cream for Frizz-Free Hair

Walking around with unkempt hair may work for the bedroom, and it’s easy to encounter when the elements make the air humid. But when you want to transition to a boardroom look or smooth out your hair while you’re pressed for time, you don’t have to schedule an appointment at the barber. You can hack your way to a professional look in an instant by using hand cream. The ingredients in many hand creams include smoothing agents that help to mat your hair. Just lather up a drop or two in your hands and apply it to the frizzy part of your hair,  adding the right amount of moisture in an instant.

3. Control the Cling with a Dryer Sheet

Rain or humidity can often be the culprits of flyaway hair. If matter rubs against your hair, it can create a negative charge resulting in a static attraction that can make your hairs stand up and out of place. When you’re trying to tackle flyaways on-the-go, take a look at your laundry room for a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets are useful for controlling hair flyaways while making it smell fresh. Just use a sheet to quickly relax your strands by rubbing it over your  hair.

4. Shave with a Conditioner

Running out of your favorite shaving cream doesn’t have to stop you from keeping a clean look. Just reach for your
hair conditioner and use it as a substitute
or your shaving cream while simultaneously
moisturising your skin.
It’s also good for using on sensitive areas so you don’t have to experience any uncomfortable effects of menthol or other cooling agents found in some shaving creams.

5. Keep Your Razors Fresh

Your razor
is the key to keeping your hair groomed. However, moisture can easily reduce your razor blades’ lifespan and make it prone to rust when you leave it exposed in the shower.
Rusty razors
can also dull your blade or infect your face if you use them. Instead of leaving it in the open air after you shower, you can extend the use of your razor by simply storing it in a dry area, such as your cabinet, standing it blade-side up in a container or drying it with a hair dryer to avoid oxidation.

6. Treat Shaving Nicks with Lip Balm or Petroleum Jelly

Next time you nick your skin while shaving in a hurry, you can reach in your pocket for lip balm to stop the bleeding in its tracks. Lip balms have a waxy texture thanks to emollients or ingredients with emollient-like properties, such as lanolin, petroleum jelly and beeswax. You can use the lip balm to seal off the bleeding to form a clot and save time with the healing process.

Keeping up your look doesn’t have to take up too much time. You can follow these six hacks to be groomed in an instant.

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