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Woman running without razor burn on her legs

How to avoid razor burn when working out

Summer is coming, and we’re all starting to think about going outside and getting active – whether that’s joining a sports team, hopping on your bike or kitting-up for a jog.

However, while getting a good sweat on might be good for your quads, it can play havoc with your skin, especially if you’re a regular shaver.

One problem you will have come across at some point in your life is the dreaded razor burn. We have some top tips for how to avoid razor burn when exercising.

What causes razor burn?

Razor burn, or shaving rash, will be familiar to any woman who shaves regularly. It is a red and sore rash that crops up after you’ve shaved, usually on your bikini line or legs.

Healthline cites the causes of razor burn as poor shaving practice – shaving without cream, using dull blades, too aggressively or close, or, worst of all, dry shaving. It’s pretty unsightly and can take a few days to disappear.

You’ll find a razor burn is made much worse by chafing. Tight-fitting clothes when at the gym or running can cause a build-up of friction, heat and sweat, which irritates an already sore spot.

TOP TIP: Try to change the blades regularly – a blunt razor will damage the skin

What are razor bumps?

Another shaving problem made worse by exercise are razor bumps, or ingrown hairs. To give them their full and terrifying medical title, pseudofolliculitis, razor bumps are different to razor burn. They are caused by hairs curling under the skin and growing back in on themselves a few days after shaving. They are super painful and unsightly red or purple bumps that can take weeks to disappear.

According to the Mayo Clinic, they are more likely to afflict the curlier-haired population, but can also be caused by bad shaving technique. Shaving creates sharp edges, especially on your coarser, bikini-line hair, and pulling your skin taut forces the newly cut hair to draw back and re-enter the skin after shaving.

Sweating during a workout can also transform these little bumps into massive mountains of pain, and can lead to skin infections if the pores get clogged with sweat – especially in a hot gym environment.

TOP TIP: Have a hot bath before you shave to soften the hairs and reduce the chances of razor bumps

Also, cyclists should know that bikini-line hair removal has been discouraged by the GB cycling team because of razor bumps. A study they commissioned showed that heat and friction from the saddle damages the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) and increases the risk of ingrowing hairs and hair follicle infections. If you’re a regular cyclist, you might want to forgo shaving before a long ride.

Fool-proof guide for how to avoid razor burn and razor bumps:

  1. Ideally wait until you’ve finished your workout before shaving, especially after swimming, as your pores will be more open and you’re less likely to cause irritation by exercising, or from the chlorine or salt.
  2. Prepare yourself. Taking a post-workout shower and gently exfoliating before a shave means you are removing the top layer of dead skin cells and softening the hairs and hair follicles. This means you will have an easier shave and there is less chance of ingrown hairs afterwards.
  3. Use the right equipment. Razor blades blunt after around five uses, so to avoid razor burn, make sure yours is new, sharp and not rusty. Always use shaving gel and NEVER dry shave. For sensitive areas such as the bikini line you could even use a men’s facial gel, such as the Dorco Shave Gel, as it’s made for sensitive skin and coarse hair.
  4. Shave with the grain. While it gives a closer shave, shaving against the grain of your hair bends the hairs back and causes irritation. Try to use short, light strokes, don’t pull the skin taut and don’t go over a patch too many times. If you have to do this, you may need a new razor.

High-precision to achieve sporting perfection

With 60 years’ experience in shaving innovation, we know we have the perfect shaving tools for your sporting needs – whether you’re a full-time professional, regular amateur enthusiast, or a first-timer.

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Do men shave their legs for sport? This photo of men running demonstrates

Why do men shave their legs to play sport?

It is well known that athletes in a variety of sports shave their body hair before competing. But why do men shave their legs and what benefit do sportsmen get from shaving?

The topic was thrusted into the public eye in September 2017, when Real Madrid footballer Marco Asensio missed a Champions League game due to an injury acquired while shaving his legs.

Asensio’s injury was widely teased across social media. However, it does highlight the very real need to shave properly if you want to avoid a mishap. Nobody wants to let their team down or miss a big race due to a self-inflicted injury.

Why do athletes shave their bodies?

A lot of research has been carried out into the effects of shaving on sport performance, and some of the findings are very impressive.

Shaving for swimmers

It’s a popular misconception that swimmers mainly shave their bodies to be more aerodynamic in the water, which has been described as only partially true by Alex Kostich from ACTIVE.

Shaving also removes dead skin, increasing a swimmer’s sensitivity to the water, and making them feel they are moving faster.

This was proven by the American College of Sports Medicine, which studied two groups of shaved and non-shaved swimmers during a 400-yard swim. The shaved group showed more efficient performance, with significantly reduced blood lactate and VO2 max (the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during exercise). Their stroke length was also increased.

Shaving for cyclists

The aerodynamic benefits of shaving for cyclists are more concrete. In wind-tunnel testing conducted in 2015 that has since been endorsed by British Cycling, cyclists who shaved their legs also shaved an average of 70 seconds from their time over 40km.

Cyclists also shave as a preventive measure. In the event of a crash, the resulting ‘road rash’ is much easier to treat and clean when the body is hairless.

Shaving for runners

The benefits for runners are slightly less obvious, but they do exist. For example, Canadian Running Magazine says these benefits include the easier application of sunscreen, which is particularly useful for long-distance running in a hot climate.

Additionally, a study in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (MSSE) journal has concluded that removal of hair can contribute to time savings, ranging from 0.01 seconds in the 100m to 5.7 seconds over the course of a marathon.
In a sport of photo-finishes, 0.01 seconds could make all the difference.

Shaving for football

Finally, for footballers like poor Marco Asensio, there are performance reasons to shave your legs.

According to St Louis FC player Matt Sheldon, one reason is to aid therapeutic massages. He said: “When you’re getting massages constantly on your legs… it really pulls on your hair.” This is also an established practice for cyclists and runners.

Many soccer players also shave their legs to make the removal of bandages or support tape less painful. These are often worn by many players at all levels of the game.

Tips when shaving for sport

If you do want to shave a few seconds from your personal best, perhaps starting with your legs, here are some quick tips to do it safely:

1)    Trim the hair down first with a beard trimmer or scissors.

2)    Run a hot bath and soak in it for a while. This will soften the hairs and make them much easier to shave.

3)    Use a top-quality razor, paying particular attention to the razor’s ability to ‘clean’ i.e. removing the cut hairs efficiently from between the blades.

4)    Once you are done, pat your legs dry and apply plenty of moisturiser. Your legs will feel strange the next time you put trousers on, but that’s totally normal.

The perfect sports shaving partner

With 60 years’ experience in shaving innovation, we know we have the perfect shaving partner for your sporting needs – whether you’re a full-time professional, regular amateur enthusiast, or a first-timer.

The Dorco PACE 6 Plus Shave Gel Kit will take care of all your needs, with a top-quality razor and Shave Gel to help you Get Closer to your goals.

Spring fashion for bare legs

Try these spring trends straight from the catwalk

Spring has finally sprung and bare legs are back. We’re not in the business of lecturing women on when their bodies should be spring-ready this season – as far as we’re concerned, you can flaunt your legs by simply trading in your 100 denier tights for a pair of on-trend silk shorts.

The catwalks are full of designs that make the most of legs, with micro-length skirts, sophisticated shorts and textured midi skirts making an appearance. We take four of the hottest looks from the catwalk for you to try this spring.

1a. Metallic Mini

Image by Sam Beasor

Metallic leather

Shimmering fabrics are no longer confined to evening-wear and the winter months. Pick out bold separates in metallic leather and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour – green, purple and pink hi-shine metallic skirts were seen in abundance this season. We love this green metallic mini skirt and crop-top co-ord.

Jacquard midi skirts and jacquard dresses

2a. Midi Skirt Jacquered

Image by Sam Beasor

Luxe is best this season, so make sure your spring wardrobe includes some textured jacquard skirts and jacquard dresses to mix and match with your more basic pieces. It’s the perfect fabric to add a luxury edge to your outfit without breaking the bank.

Continuing with the metallic trend, foil crop-tops were spotted on the runways of London Fashion Week, which look great teamed with a longer jacquard skirt in a statement colour, such as punchy red.


3a. Shorts Silk Older

Image by Sam Beasor

Shorts in all lengths

Whether you’re a micro girl or a culotte girl, this season there are shorts for women to suit everyone’s taste. Wearing shorts is guaranteed to turn heads, so make sure your skin is looking healthy, shiny and moisturised.

Touching on the Eastern theme that infiltrated the catwalk this season, these silk high-waisted shorts are a practical way to bare your legs while still being comfortable.

Pleated skirts and pleated dresses

4a. Pleating Skirt Mini

Image by Sam Beasor

If you want to try out some of bold primary colours that dominated the catwalks this season, opt for bold red pleats, like this stunning ra-ra dress in colour-pop scarlet.

Layering works really well with this trend too, check out this elegant pleated mini skirt that pairs perfectly with smooth pins.

A man's face with no shaving irritation

How to prevent shaving irritation

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to freshen up and give yourself a spring clean – and yes, that means de-fuzzing your winter face. What’s the best way to shave without causing shaving irritation?

Our step-by-step plan has everything you need to achieve the perfect spring shave. You’re welcome!

1 – The right preparation

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you treat shaving like a chore or afterthought,
chances are it will turn into one.

If you have a big bushy beard going on, you should start with a quick trim with a pair of scissors. But once you’ve trimmed, it’s still not time to grab your razor. Shaving will always be easier when your skin is moist and warm. So, once your beard is a manageable size, pat your face with a hot, damp towel to help soften your stubble.

Try to carry out general maintenance every day, such as daily exfoliating, to help condition
your skin to be less susceptible to shaving irritation. It’s important to take your time; rush the shave and you will just damage your skin. More on that in step four!

2 – The right timing

It’s amazing how often people overlook this step, even though it can make a massive
difference to the outcome of your shave.

If you haven’t shaved in a while, your skin will be far more sensitive than last time. If you
work weekdays, perhaps shave on Friday night, giving your skin a couple of days to calm
down after that initial shave, before your triumphant, baby-faced return to the office.

Despite being considered a morning task, it can be beneficial to shave in the evening, particularly after a hot shower. That way you’re not in a rush and you can dedicate the time and care to making your shave extra smooth.

3 – The right tools

The tools you use are hugely important. Luckily for you, we’re experts in this and
after 60 years of shaving innovation, we’ve got you covered.

Pick a Dorco razor from our range of pioneering products. We’ve introduced a new
Dorco shave gel to go with it. It’s the perfect partner for you razor; apply it generously over your face, then rub into a lather to soften the hairs, making them easier to cut.

4 – The right technique

‘Slow and steady shaves the face’ – that’s the saying, right?

Take your time and don’t cut corners. Shaving against the grain might save time in the short term, but it leads to shaving irritation, ingrown hairs and bumps in the skin. Professional barbers tend to shave with the grain initially, and then go over it sideways.

Pressing down too much won’ t catch the hairs, pressing too much will cut you. Try
not to shave over the same area again and again, as this is generally the most-recognised cause of razor burn.

Rinse your razor frequently, at least every few strokes, under hot water, to remove any
build-up of shave gel and hair. Rinse the blade thoroughly before you put it away
and give it a shake to dry.

Afterwards, rinse your face with cold water and apply a post-shaving balm or moisturiser to sooth redness. This is particularly important for people with sensitive skin, for whom redness is very difficult to avoid no matter what.

Now you’re all set to get out there in the spring sunshine and show off the new, perfectly groomed you.

5 Valentine’s Gifts She’ll Love

5 Valentine’s Gifts She’ll Love

Valentine’s day is upon us, and for loved-up ladies and gents that means the simple task of picking up some chocolates and flowers, making a restaurant reservation, and trying not to annoy your lady friend for a full 24 hours. Easy enough, right? Well, not if you really want to impress her. While chocolates and flowers are the traditional go-to gifts for women, they’re not the most original ideas (not to mention one equals calories and the other eventually dies). So why not deviate from the norm?

If there’s one thing you want a Valentine’s gift to do, it’s to make the recipient feel special, and nothing does that quite like pampering-related paraphernalia. So here are our ideas for feel-good Valentine’s gifts we think she’ll love.


Women are more into make-up than ever these days, especially the fancy, expensive, designer kind that all the celebrities use. Obviously if you’re a man we don’t recommend diving headfirst into a make-up department and trying to figure it out for yourself. Instead, ask the assistants to show you the most popular eye-shadow palettes. If it’s close to £40 and the colours aren’t garish and glittery, chances are she’ll like it.

An Illuminated make-up mirror

If your lady usually puts her face on in the streaky bathroom mirror while you watch on from the shower, an illuminated make-up mirror might be a game changer. They’re all over the internet these days, from fancy models by luxury brands, to more affordable versions from high street shops. Either way, they’ll help her apply her make-up much more easily, while making her feel a little bit like a Hollywood star.

A glamorous bathrobe

What’s something you wear every single day and feel 100% comfortable in? Yep, you read it in the headline. Perhaps the most underrated garment in the existence of the universe – besides the poncho of course – the bathrobe is something we wear every day and would probably wear throughout the day if it was considered socially acceptable (and didn’t carry such a risk of accidently flashing people). So a nice posh fluffy bathrobe can make an excellent gift for the lady in your life, especially if she’s a fan of duvet days and Netfix binges. Brownie points if you buy yourself a matching one.

Anything rose scented

Smell is evocative, and there’s no scent associated with romance quite like the sweet heady aroma of roses. While a bouquet is all well and good, a bundle of rose-scented pampering products will last longer and make her feel that bit more special. So be on the lookout for scrubs, body butters, bath oils, bath bombs and scented candles – basically anything that’ll keep her in the bathroom for hours.

The Dorco Eve Razors

We couldn’t go without mentioning our Dorco Eve Razors. Nothing makes a lady feel more fabulous than being preened to perfection, and for all her hair removal needs, this nifty little razor does a beautiful job. A pivoting head and bendable cartridge make it easy to achieve a silky smooth shave, while the calendula and argan oil infused strips leave her skin nourished and moisturised. Just make sure you accompany this gift with a few other pampering bits and pieces – lest she think you’re trying to tell her something.

Note: If you’re really clueless as to what to get your lady this Valentine’s day, there’s always plan B: Ask her.


Keep Your Skin Glowing This Party Season
Bright warm summer days ensure our skin gets a healthy dose of vitamin D and keeps it looking healthy. But winter isn’t quite so kind. Biting cold weather and being cooped up indoors can be pretty harsh on our complexions, which isn’t ideal when you’ve got all those Christmas parties to go to. So how can you restore that summery glow in the midst of winter? We’ve got the answers.


Keep skin hydrated
Late nights, cold weather, and central heating are the enemies of glowing skin, so you need to give it some extra love. If it’s formulated for your skin type, a rich moisturiser with vitamin E should do the trick, as it’s packed with antioxidants that can help protect your skin from the outside world. Moisturising at night is also important, because it’ll give your skin a boost while its restores itself naturally – so look for one that’s specially formulated for night time use too. And remember to moisturise your whole body not just your face.


Restore moisture when cleansing
Harsh cleansing products such as face wipes can rob your skin of its natural oils, which can be even more damaging come winter. For something that hydrates as well as cleanse, we recommend using micellar water instead. If you find it’s not quite powerful enough to remove all your make-up, you can always use your regular method, and use the micellar water to finish up with. The aim is to cleanse your skin of impurities, but not remove essential moisture.


Exfoliate the dullness away
Despite every effort, winter can still dull the most beautiful of complexions, and that’s mostly down to dead skin cells and dryness. Gentle exfoliation each day will keep your skin looking radiant, while allowing your moisturiser to penetrate through the skin layers better without being inhibited by flakes. If you’re using a night cream, then it’s best to exfoliate before bed, as this will help it absorb into the skin better too.


Keep moving
Beauty begins from within, so it goes without saying that a healthy diet and regular exercise is going to benefit your skin. One of the reasons we look more radiant in the summertime is because we’re leading a more active lifestyle, and increasing our circulation. Getting your heart rate up with a little exercise several times a week should have a similar effect. Whether that’s light cardio or a brisk walk to work is entirely up to you.


Stay silky smooth
As it’s winter, it’s tempting to wrap your legs in the thickest tights you can find and not get them out again until April. But that little black dress you’ve bought for the Christmas party is an opportunity to show off your pins. So for super smooth skin that looks flawless all night long, use your Dorco Eve razors, then finish off with your favourite shimmering body moisturiser for a gorgeous glow.


Change your make-up
When you’re cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated, you should pay extra attention to what’s in your make-up bag. Foundations can work with or against your skin, and what worked for you in the summer might not be appropriate for winter. If you’re prone to dryness then you might want to ditch the powder or matte finish foundations, and opt for a more hydrating formula instead – or a hydrating primer at the very least. And when you’ve got your complexion flawlessly made-up, don’t forget to give that natural glow a little oomph with a little bronzer and highlighter. ‘Tis the season to party after all! Enjoy!

6 Things You’ll Miss if you Shave Your Beard

There comes a time in every bearded man’s life when he contemplates the unthinkable: shaving off the beard. It’s a drastic measure, one that can alter your look and the way people perceive you in a matter of minutes. Of course, a smooth shave might work better for the office, and a change of image might put a little pep in your step. But if you decide to ditch the face rug, what will you miss?

1. Your manly edge

This is the number one concern for any gent thinking of shaving his beard – and it’s a legitimate one. No longer will you be looked upon like a man that can chop down a tree. Once you’re beard free, people might think you’re the type of man who pays someone else to do it instead. A beard is the epitome of ruggedness, and quite possibly, the source of all your strength.

2. Being able to stroke it like a pet

Every man with a beard will stroke it when he thinks no one’s looking – especially during a cold and lonely winter’s evening. A beard is like your very own built-in face pet, but one that won’t cost you a fortune in vet bills or destroy your furniture when it’s bored.

3. Beard grooming gear

The modern day man likes to be pampered, and here at Dorco we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But if you shave your beard, your trips to the barbers for a trim will be no more, and you’ll have to stop using your fancy beard brush and beard oils.

4. Built-in protection from the elements

Every man with a beard laughs in the face of cold weather. Scarves? Don’t need them – not with that glorious mane growing out of your face. When you have a beard you can stride into a blizzard knowing that you’re appropriately built for harsh weather conditions, leaving your smooth faced friends shivering in your wake.

5. The freedom to creatively adorn

For the man that’s not afraid to be a little flamboyant, beards offer endless possibilities. You can get in touch with your inner Viking and adorn it with braids and beads; you can cover it in fake blood for Halloween, werewolf style; or you can throw a little glitter on it and show the world you’re never too manly to sparkle.

6. Being able to wrestle bears, wolves, and other wild animals

It’s a scientific fact that when a man grows a beard, he develops a primal ability to wrestle dangerous wild animals. While we don’t recommend picking a fight with a grizzly bear, just be aware that if you ever do encounter one, the odds are stacked in your favour. Possibly.

But if you’ve made up your mind you’re going to shave your beard off, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got all the shaving gear to take you from wild and rugged to smooth and respectable in moments. Browse our shaving range for men right here.