“I’ve found Dorco Eve 6 Razor suits my skin really well and is so quick and easy to use without cutting my legs to pieces or irritating under my arms, the bendable razor cartridge literally follows and bends around my body and give me such a smooth, close shave without a cute in sight.”

Shaving Your Hard-to-Reach Spots

Nowadays, both men and women like large sections of their bodies to be clean-shaven. The only problem with that is that some areas are hard to see and even harder to reach, and others are very sensitive. With a little bit of forethought and some great razors, however, you can accomplish the tasks at hand smoothly.

Having the right tools for the job is every bit as important for personal hygiene and grooming as it is for doing construction work. They are just different tools!

Intimate Shaving

For lady or manscaping adventures, there are some different tools you will want to have on hand. Instead of shaving cream, you’ll need some shaving gel. It sticks to your hair well, which is important because this area tends to have lots of thick hair. Shaving gel also helps to reduce irritation and makes shaving quicker. Another tool you will need is a good razor. We suggest the high-quality razors available from Razors by Dorco, which will also make the job easier for you. Another tool that is good to have handy is a pair of small trimming scissors, or you might consider a body shaver that shortens your hair to a manageable length so that you can shave more easily.

You can also remove hair from the ultra-sensitive bikini area with the latest hair removal creams that are less irritating and more effective than those you may have tried in the past. Find one for sensitive skin, likely containing shea and/or cocoa butter, to remove stubborn hair without a lot of irritation or getting a rash in that sensitive area. One of the pluses to using a depilatory like this is that it typically lasts longer than shaving. However, if you have sensitive skin, use a razor as waxing can cause redness and aggravates rashes.


Proper Prep Work


Raising your hair follicles is the way to get the closest possible shave. To do that, take a hot bath or shower, and exfoliate well to get rid of old, dead cells. To do a good exfoliating job, we recommend an exfoliating scrub or exfoliating gloves to help with the process. Once you are cleansed and exfoliated, you can apply the shaving gel and get to work.

Back and Neck Shaving


If you are attempting to shave harder areas to reach – your back or the back of your neck, for example, you have to be a little more creative. For areas like these, installing a pair of mirrors in your shower can help you see the work that needs to be done. Reach as far as you can with your shaver, but if you can’t quite do it, you might need some added help. Perhaps ask a close friend or, alternatively, invest in an all-over body grooming tool to reach your hardest spots.

When shaving with a razor, make sure you always use a good razor and that it is sharp and clean. Never leave them in the shower or anywhere else where they are likely to rust quickly, and keep the blades covered when possible. Try to always shave in the direction that your hair grows. This prevents rashes, bumps and irritation while also giving you a much better shave.

After Care


After you complete your shave, be sure that you apply moisturiser to the newly shaved skin. A good, natural cream that contains few chemicals is best, especially if your skin is sensitive. We recently founda great shea butter baby oil rub that works perfectly for this job and keeps skin soft and supple. Once you have completely de-fuzzed yourself, maintaining the job is easy if you keep up with it regularly. A weekly routine can keep you hair free and with healthy looking skin to boot.

4 Spring Grooming Tips for Your Beard

With a great beard comes great responsibility. The beard-growing trend is all the rage these days. However, though it may be easy (for some) to grow a fantastic beard, it is far harder to keep one maintained and well-groomed. Moreover, did you know that there may be seasonal specific suggestions, tips and tricks for grooming your beard? It’s true!

Daily Cleansing


First and foremost, cleansing your beard should be a daily occurrence, this is especially true during the warmer months. Be sure to wash your face and beard daily, and for best results, use hot flannels to steam the skin underneath. The regular cleansing of your beard promotes healthy looking hair and skin, achieving a well-maintained and more appealing finish.



While it may seem counterintuitive, the spring is an excellent time to either shave or trim your beard. Many men have taken to sporting an untamed look, their beard, but this is far less acceptable during the spring months. Once the weather begins to warm up, those beards need to be kept in check. Whether you opt to do a small trim or shave off your beard, the spring season is an excellent time to make this decision.

Re-think Your Product Choice


There is an increase in using grooming products during winter months, in order to maintain hair of all kinds. In terms of the hair on your face, you may need to use more oil and/or other conditioners to ensure your beard is softer and more manageable and doesn’t become dry or brittle. However, once the weather warms up, you can officially use a little less of these products. Moreover, if you are using heavier scents during the colder months, this might be a great time to select a new, lighter scent.

Get the Grey Out

No, this isn’t some cheeky Fifty Shades of Grey reference. Nor are we  implying that there is something wrong with having a little grey in the beard area — quite the contrary. If you are so inclined to dye your beard, the spring is a great time to re-touch your colour. As we have already mentioned, it is expected for beards to be a bit more bushy and unkempt during the winter months. However, given that people will be paying closer attention during the warmer months, this is a good time to make sure your colour is on point. Moreover, the spring, in general, is a time in which things are lighter and appear brighter. Refresh your colour to ensure it looks well-maintained and natural.

Overall, grooming and maintaining your beard is something that should be taken seriously all year-round. However, depending on the time of year and the climate you live in, among other things, you will need to shift your focus at different times. For instance, during the winter months, you will need to focus on ensuring your beard is well-moisturised in order to avoid breakage and dryness. On the flip side, during the spring and summer months, you may want to trim the length in order to allow the face and skin to breathe. Either way, you should be performing beard-grooming behaviours on a daily basis, all year round.



As the clocks turn back, make the most of the lighter days

With spring just around the corner and lighter days on their way, you can rejoice in some extra time to enjoy the great outdoors. From a blue skied walk by the canal to a spot of yoga in the park, that glimmer of sunshine will help brighten up your weekends. As you ditch the winter layers in favour of your new season wardrobe and head out, you’ll want to keep your legs looking their best. Enter the Dorco EVE 6! With its innovative brush finger that massages the body and raises hair follicles for a smoother shave; your legs will be in tip top condition for even longer. What’s more the top of the range design includes a non-slip ergonomic rubber handle to guarantee control.


With a number of other key features and a handy subscription service, the Dorco EVE 6 is the essential beauty item this year:

  • Double 3 blades with bendable cartridge follows body contours for the perfect shave
  • Innovative brush finger for body massage and raising hair for a closer shave
  • Moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender calms and protects even the most sensitive skin
  • Multi-flex pivoting head for every contour of your body
  • Non-slip ergonomic rubber handle to provide excellent control


Dorco also deliver razors straight to your door with a flexible online subscription service, check out their products at www.razorsbydorco.co.uk. Your new beauty journey is only a click away #YoureWelcome

Natasha Todd

“Dorco Eve the shave was so much closer and left my legs with an amazing smooth shine afterwards too, plus the price is so much better and the monthly subscription means I won’t forget to keep on top of my shaving routine!”


“Dorco Eve work wonders for my sensitive skin! It gives such a clean shave. Also the bendable cartridge is just amazing, saves me for cutting my ankles like a normally do every time!”

Coffee Stains and Lipstick

“The Dorco Eve 6 – it glides effortlessly over the skin, as well as reaching all those annoying places around the ankle without leaving a single scratch, thanks to the multi-flex, pivoting head.”


“[The] Aloe Vera is extremely soothing for sensitive skin [and] Eve caught a lot more hairs as well as gliding across my skin. The result was incredibly smooth.”


How to Choose the Right Shaving Cream for Your Face

First of all: Is it bad to shave without shaving cream? Before deciding on which shaving cream you want, it’s best to understand exactly why men use shaving cream. Many men shave with water or plain soap, but shaving cream allows you to get a closer shave if used correctly. Shaving lubes can also protect your face from irritation, so they’re great at banishing razor burns. There aren’t any negatives to skipping the shaving lube, but you miss the opportunity to moisturise and protect your face when you don’t use one.

Honestly, if you love your current shaving-cream-free routine, there’s no need to change what works. However, if you think you could upgrade your shaving routine, read on.


Shaving Soaps, Creams, Gels and Foams

Before contemporary shaving lubes were developed, men used lathering soaps to protect their skin while shaving. To use them, you had to work up a lather with a shaving brush in a cup. In the 1940s, brushless shaving creams that didn’t lather were developed. Now most men use a cream, gel or foam while shaving.

For sensitive skin and shaving aficionados, shaving creams are the preferred choice. Many brands contain a high level of moisturising fats and glycerin, which protect dry skin. When combined with hot water, shaving creams can deliver the best possible lather and also soften your facial hair. And while most shaving experts recommend using a shaving brush to apply it, it will still lather up in your hand.

Shaving gels add moisture and lubrication to your skin. They’re easier to use than shaving creams and lathering soaps: You can apply them with your hands if you prefer. Because shaving gels are clear, they allow you to see the direction of the hair growth and the underlying skin. This feature allows more precision when using a razor.

Shaving foams don’t have the same lather quality as other shaving products. Cold shaving foam also closes the pores on your face. Often, shaving foams contain ingredients that dry skin, and they don’t provide the moisturising benefits of the other options. However, many men find shaving foam easier to use.


Common Shaving Lube Ingredients

Once you’ve picked the right type of lube, you may want to consider the ingredient list. If you’re lucky enough to have normal skin, most shaving products should work for you. But men who have sensitive, oily or dry skin should take care when selecting a product. Here are some tips on common ingredients:

  • Parfume: Some men have skin that’s sensitive to fragrance, while others prefer a scented product. Let your nose and skin be your guide. If you have sensitive skin or experience skin irritation after using a fragranced product, use a perfume-free shaving lube to protect your skin.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils add fragrance to shaving lubes, but unlike perfume, they can also help skin problems. For example, lemon oil can help tame oily skin, and tea tree oil can help acne. Other popular shaving lube essential oils are bergamot, sandalwood and cedar.
  • Glycerin: This heavy moisturiser helps the razor glide over the skin.
  • Natural oils: A shaving lube may contain a combination of glycerin and natural oils to moisturise skin. Avocado, jojoba, coconut and almond oil are popular choices.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol can irritate and dry your skin. If you already have dry skin, avoid shaving foams, which have high alcohol contents and dry the skin. Shaving gels usually contain the least amount of alcohol, so they’re best if you have sensitive skin.
  • Stearic acid: This powerful cleanser helps other ingredients in your shaving lube lather. It can be derived from plant or animal origins.


Understanding the best products and ingredients for your skin should help you narrow your choices. Just be prepared to try a few different lubes before you find the perfect one for your needs.

Subscription razors for Men

7 Best Subscription Boxes for Men

What do you give to a man who has everything? Or what do you treat yourself to when you’re in need of some TLC?

With tailored preferences and round the clock delivery options, it’s no wonder monthly subscription boxes are a hot trend in the retail industry.  With most subscription boxes also offering excellent deals and discounts when you sign-up.

The types of subscription box range from snacks and socks to grooming tools and gadgets. In fact, it seems there will be an endless choice for subscribers.

Here are some popular subscription boxes that could make a great gift for anyone.

1. The Hawkins & Shepherd shirt subscription

Starting at just £24 per month, Hawkins & Shepherd offer stylish yet classic pieces you’ll love to wear. The luxury London-based company is known for quality, handmade shirts. Look out for the 100-percent cotton collections, or check their new website to set up your subscription.

2. The London Sock Company membership

Of course, to go with those luxury shirts, you’ll need a pair of stylish socks — or four. And we all know the dilemma of missing socks, or socks with holes, or mismatched pairs! So with prices starting at just £10 per month, the London Sock Company will keep you well stocked with the perfect gentleman’s socks for all occasions! (Ladies, if you’re reading this, note that it will take a huge load off your shoulders when your man has a comfortable luxury pair to wear each month!)

3. The Gin Explorer Box

For those who love a nightcap, dabble in the odd gin cocktail, the Gin Explorer Box could be just what you need. Along with a selection of gin,  the box includes gourmet tonics and mixers, surprises (past goodies have included bar spoons, gin infusion kits and cocktail ingredients) and  some interesting facts about the history of gin.

4. The Heritage Meat Box

The Master Butcher and Development Chef at Farmison have got the perfect subscription box for meat lovers! Straight from the butcher’s block, you get a choice of the finest cuts of your favourite meat So if you’re too lazy to head to the super market but fancy some delicious meat for dinner this is your go-to subscription box.  The box also includes bespoke recipes for each of the products you select

5. The Willoughby Book Club

This is a box for all you book worms out there! The Willoughby Book Club provides three, six or 12-month packages sending you a book each month. The club promise to have just the book for you, with over different genres. They also come lovingly hand-wrapped and delivered straight to your doorstep.

6. The Dorco Razors Box


The PACE6 Plus replacement blades x4 subscription is a great choice of razor for those who want to maintain a groomed look, but don’t want  the hassle of changing or upgrading blades all the time. These blades can be used with any PACE razor handle, and the cartridges come with a specially-designed trimmer blade at the back. These are ideal for shaving in hard-to-access areas.

7. The Graze Box

We told you there’s a subscription box for everything! The Graze packs focus on healthy eating, providing you with a selection of four wellness snacks every month for an unbeatable price, with calories counted for you. And because the whole family may get excited about your new healthy deliveries, they also have kiddy snack options, plus tea bags and cereals to kick start your mornings.