Top 5 Must-Have Items for Summer Festival Fun

Festival season is upon us and it’s time to pack your favorite backpack with those essential items for summer festival fun. Whether you are taking a tour of summer festivals or planning a fun weekend holiday, you want to be sure to have our top 5 must have items for maximum summer festival fun. Not sure what your summer festival plans are? Visit The Festival Calendar website for all of the information you need about UK summer festival events, locations, maps, directions and ticket information. There’s a tremendous amount of festivals across the UK throughout the summer and all of them celebrate a variety of music and dance. In addition to a plethora of music festivals, the list of UK summer festivals also includes food festivals, art festivals and religious festivals. Celebration, recreation and artistic expression are at the heart of the UK festival experience, and you’ll always leave with more than you arrived with — renewed energy, creative spirit and memories that last a lifetime.

1. Your Dorco Razor

Don’t forget to put Dorco on your list of Must-Have Items for this year’s summer music festivals! Our Dorco Razor with self-lubricating strip is perfect for summer festival legs that are confident enough to dance the nights and days away. The specially designed blade gives the closest, safest shave, and is perfect for mid-festival touch-ups. Dorco’s lubricating strip with healing moisturizer will leave your legs feeling silky and nourished.


2. Bold Summer Hat

Bring your largest and boldest summer hat and you’ll fit right in at any of this year’s UK summer festivals. You’ll want protection from the sun even on cloudy days, so wide brims and beautiful scarves for securing your hat from the wind are on our must-have list.


3. Faux-fur Accents

This season’s festival style accents include all that is faux fur. From faux fur stoles and shawls, to faux fur hats, and even dazzling light-up faux fur boot covers for that extra dance bling. Faux fur jackets and faux fur blankets are also popular and fun festival items that add some cozy to festival evening celebrations.

4. Your Most Body-Con Maxi Dress

Be bold and bring that body-con maxi dress for dancing! Show off your moves and your curves in a figure-hugging floor-length gown that stretches as you move for Maximum comfort and maximum sexiness. Summer festivals are sensual celebrations, so show your sensual side and your smooth moves in a dress made to impress. This season many of our maxi-length dresses are made of Lycra-based swimwear material — they are perfect for seaside or riverfront festival fun.

5. Sportswear

Both Vogue and Glamour agree that UK festival weather needs to be practical as well as stylish. Trending this year are smart layers of sporty tees and sweatshirts, and comfortable tearaway athletic pants. Making sure you have a sturdy pair of runners and your sharpest looking sunglasses Will help you to maximise your time at outdoor events. Travelling comfortably and even walking long distances between events is all part of the festival season fun. Summer weather across the UK is always variable and unpredictable. While the fog rolling in time to the music can be beautiful and dancing in the rain is a lovely concept, the reality is that having a warm sports outfit to suit the weather is both brilliant and beautiful.



7 Shaving Hacks for Busy Men

Shaving seems simple enough, but the best-groomed men know that perfect results come from using the right tools and techniques and having a good routine down.
There is such a thing as smarter shaving. and knowing a few easy tricks can keep you looking your best in the shortest time possible. Here are seven great shaving hacks that will save time plus do the job well.

1. Use Hair Conditioner Even for Facial Hair

This one is for men who have very coarse hair and need a quicker way to get it soft pre-shave. A good hair conditioner can help soften and prep your hair and surrounding skin. Wet your facial hair, and then apply a small amount of conditioner to your palm, massaging it into your facial hair gently. Let it soak in for a minute before getting on with the shave. This makes the shaving process swift and more effective.

2. Apply Hot Water First, Cold Water After

Before shaving, rinse your face with hot water to push the pores open. To close them back up after you shave, douse with cold water. That said, use cold water only after you’ve shaved, and not before. This is an important step in your shaving routine!

3. Try a Bit of Moisturiser Post-Shave

During the hot summer months, moisturising can help keep your skin supple and less likely to be affected by harsh sun rays or stark temperatures. But in reality, who has time for that? Our PACE4 signature razor is great for men who need extra-special care. It is designed with an upgraded moisturising strip that contains chamomile and olive oil, two of the best natural moisturisers for sensitive skin.

4. Use a Super-Sharp Shaver With a Pivoting Head

If you’ve experienced annoying ingrown hairs or zit-like bumps on your face and skin, it could be that you’re using a shaver that’s too dull. Instead, use the sharpest blade possible for the smartest shave. The Dorco PACE6 Plus razor is ideal because, in addition to six narrow blades, it features a pivoting head, allowing you to get the closest shave possible.

5. Apply Lip Balm for Cuts

Lip balm is not just for the girls! If your partner has a tube of lip balm lying around, you can apply it to accidental cuts or nicks to immediately stop bleeding.

6. Exfoliate

To remove some of the dead skin from your face, take the time to exfoliate once or twice a week. It might seem like a chore, but it saves time and gives you a smoother shave in the long run. Exfoliating helps with eliminating breakouts as well. You can buy made-for-men exfoliating packs online or in most stores, but if you want a quick DIY exfoliation trick, try some brown sugar mixed with a dash of olive oil.

7. Change Your Blade Often

To guarantee a good shaving experience, even the best blades need to be changed on a regular basis. Having a value pack on hand means you can still use your favorite handle and just exchange the razor tips for a perfect shave every time.

For more options and the best value razors, check out the wide range of razors, blades and value pack available from Dorco. Plus, learn more grooming tips and tricks from other Dorco users or share your own hacks and razor reviews on our community pages.


You can nicely decorate the skin bikini.

How To Get Your Skin Bikini-Ready for Summer Holidays

How To Get Your Skin Bikini-Ready for Summer Holidays

Before going on holiday, we all plan the necessities for our trip: what to wear, what sights to see, and what we’ll eat and drink. But for an excellent holiday, there’s something just as important as picking out a great bikini to wear to the beach: making your skin look great with your bikini. There’s no point in having a sexy new bathing suit without smooth, sexy legs to match. Here’s how to get your skin bikini-ready for summer holiday.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin will give you a better, smoother shave and allow moisturiser to sink in more deeply to your skin. There are several ways to exfoliate. One way is to manually exfoliate your skin with a loofah, which uses rough natural fibers to brush away dead skin. Loofahs can be picked up at most drug stores; you can find it located near the body wash and other bath supplies. You can also use a salt or sugar scrub to exfoliate. Salt and sugar scrubs work by scrubbing away dead and tired skin with salt or sugar grains, and they may contain some moisturising properties as well. These are also available at drug stores and beauty shops. Pick the exfoliating method of your choice and, after undressing, use it to scrub away all the rough skin on legs and body. You are now ready to move on to the next step, which is shaving.

2. Shave

Apply a good, moisturising shaving cream to your legs before starting to shave. And most importantly, use a sharp, good-quality razor: Razors that are dull or poor quality will make shaving harder and more painful, and the results will be not be as smooth. Shave in the direction that hair is going to avoid irritation, and keep a firm hand so that you cut the hair away at the skin. Make sure to get those hard-to-reach places like the backs of the legs and bikini area. Take care on the knees and other areas not to nick your skin. When you’ve completed your shaving and all the hair is removed, rinse off in the shower. Make sure to rinse away all the shaving cream from your body.

3. Moisturise

While your skin is still wet and warm from the shower, apply a rich lotion to your skin to lock in moisture and leave the skin feeling fresh and smooth. Coconut oil and similar oils make great moisturisers for beach-ready skin. You can also use a moisturising lotion. Some lotions come infused with scents: Pick one that puts you in the mood to relax and enjoy your holiday. Good scent options for the beach are sandalwood, coconut and vanilla. Rub lotion into the skin to allow it to really penetrate and deliver smooth, lasting moisture.

4. Tan and Shine (optional!)

If you like the sexy, tanned look, apply a self-tanning lotion to the skin or Visit a spray tanning parlour. After a few hours, your skin will be not just smooth, but glowing and bronze.

5. Head to the Beach!

You are now smooth, moisturised and ready for a brilliant day at the beach. Before you head to the sand, throw a Bottle of moisturiser in your beach bag to bring with you so you Can stay moisturised in the sun. And don’t forget sunscreen — all that freshly shaved skin can be slightly sensitive, and you want to avoid getting a sunburn. Add a hat, some sunglasses, a bottle of water and a good book. You are now fully prepared to have a fantastic holiday. Time to hit the sand!