Busting the 5 Most Common Hair Myths

With so many myths floating around, it can be a challenge to figure out which strategies will keep your hair
looking its best. Avoiding these five commonly held misconceptions is a good way to start recreating your beauty
routine for optimal results


Myth #1: Plucking Grey Hairs Will Cause More to Grow

The fastest way to deal with an occasional grey is to pluck, but many people believe that pulling one silver
hair will cause two to grow back in its place. However, this theory is flat-out false. The truth is that one
grey hair is often followed by more — whether or not you pluck — because the cells that form pigment are aging.
This can give frequent pluckers the impression that they are causing colour loss.

While plucking doesn’t cause your hair to grey more quickly, it is wise to reserve this technique for rare
occasions. Plucking damages hair follicles, and they may eventually stop producing altogether. Instead, if you
prefer to avoid the salt-and-pepper look, consider high-quality hair colouring.


Myth #2: Regular Haircuts Make Hair Grow Faster

Because hair grows from the scalp and not from the ends, cutting has no impact on how quickly hair grows.
However, if you have noticed fuller, healthier-looking hair when you have regular trims, you are right. Standard
hair care practices cause the ends of your hair to break, so the bottom section is often thinner than the top.
Cutting off the ends removes older, more damaged areas, improving the appearance of your hair overall.


Myth #3: More Brushing Makes Hair Healthier

Hair-related folklore promises extra bounce and shine if you brush 100 strokes per day. Unfortunately, extensive
brushing actually causes more harm than good. Overuse of hair tools increases the likelihood that damage will
occur, unnecessarily breaking or pulling pieces of hair from your head. Brushing also stimulates oil production
in your scalp. While you might appreciate the shine you see immediately after extensive brushing, excessive oil
makes hair dull and flat in the long term. Instead, limit handling of your hair to the minimum necessary to
achieve the look you want.

Myth #4: Certain Products Repair Split Ends

Once your hair leaves the follicle, the strand is no longer capable of healing or repairing damage. Split ends
won’t grow back together anymore than a broken piece of wood can mend itself. However, there are hair care
products that use bonding agents such as beeswax to temporarily glue split ends back together. These work as a
short-term fix, so you can enjoy a special look for a day or two. However, the only lasting way to destroy split
ends forever is to get regular trims.


Myth #5: Stress Turns Hair Grey

Scary movies illustrate abject terror by showing characters’ hair turning grey or white overnight. Fortunately,
this only happens in fiction. Once hair leaves the follicle, its colour won’t change. The bit of truth in this
myth is that long-term stress causes premature aging in a number of physical areas, including cells that produce
the pigment giving your hair its colour. If you lead a high-stress lifestyle, you could experience greying
before your genetics would indicate.


Are Arachnids Living in Your Eyebrows?

We share our world with millions of organisms and creatures, and some of them live a little closer than you
might think. Believe it or not, you have creepy crawlies on you right now. And when put under the microscope,
some of them are terrifying. One place a certain type of bug loves is the human eyebrow, which offers the
perfect refuge from the world outside.
There are hundreds of different mites and parasites living on all of us, and perhaps one of the most interesting
is the so-called ‘eyebrow bug’. These little mites love nothing more than to set up camp in your eyebrows –
although they also like living in your eyelashes and nose hairs.


What is the ‘eyebrow bug’?

The technical term for these little creatures is demodex. Sometimes referred to as face mites and follicle
demodex will live anywhere with easy access to hair follicles – but they seem to enjoy the face the most.

Of course, you won’t see anything if you look in the mirror, as these little critters are tiny. Measuring
0.3mm and 0.4mm, ‘eyebrow bugs’ are invisible to the naked eye. Their bodies are almost transparent and consist
two different sections. They also have eight legs, which actually makes them arachnids, not insects. So, these
mites that live on your face are part of the same biological class as spiders.

It is believed that one of the reasons the mites prefer the face is the oily nature of the skin cells in this
of the body. Demodex use their pin-like mouths to eat skin, so the face provides a plentiful supply of food.

Mites aren’t living on the human face from birth, however. We pick these tiny arachnids up over time. In fact,
it is
estimated that the average 60-year-old has between one and two thousand on their face. There are several types
this mite, including demodex brevis and demodex folliculorum.

If you have hair, it is very likely that these microscopic mites are living on your face and head right now.
Unfortunately, washing doesn’t removing them, as they grip onto individual strands of hair with their eight
And they don’t come out until nighttime, when they search for fresh hairs to attach themselves to. At full
the average eyebrow bug can cover one centimetre an hour in search of a new home.

Thankfully, there is some good news. These horrible little creatures don’t have anuses, so they don’t leave
droppings all over your face!


Can eyebrow bugs cause any health problems?

The simple fact is that the vast majority of adult humans have these microscopic arachnids living on their
faces. As
far as scientists know, there are no known side-effects of their presence. But it’s not all good news. Large
populations of these arachnids can gather as a result of a suppressed immune system. In such large numbers, the
mites can cause a ‘mite bite’, which can cause inflammation of the skin, itching and, occasionally, eyelashes
fallign out.

How to get rid of demodex bugs

A lot of people live with ‘eyebrow bugs’ without realising it. An infestation only becomes apparent when an
reaction occurs, or when eyelashes and hair from the eyebrows starts to fall out.

If you have a demodex infestation, you should take the following steps to get rid of it – and stop it from

  • Can be used with any PACE replacement cartridges
  • Seamless construction with angled blades
  • Open blade architecture for ultimate “rinse-ability”
  • Classic blue and grey design


Do Women Find Men With Beards More Attractive?

Each and every day, women come face to face with all manner of facial hair showcased on their male counterparts. Exhibiting a variety of styles and lengths, the beard can take on many forms, from the subtle goatee to the trendy lumberjack hipster beard, from the classic refined look to something reminiscent of a wizard’s unkempt mane. While some men are happy to grow a beard that they feel best suits themselves, others do so in order to appear more attractive to women. However, although survey results show that most women find bearded men more attractive, this doesn’t necessarily mean men should let their beards go feral.


Do Women Find Men With Beards More Attractive?

According to a new study, men and women participants consistently rated faces with facial hair more attractive. “When shown men’s faces, men and women study participants consistently rated the faces with beards or stubble as more attractive than clean-shaven faces. But beards were most alluring when facial hair was rare, whereas clean-shaven faces gained in popularity when hairy faces were the norm,” the researchers wrote in the study, detailed April 16,2014 in the journal Biology Letters.

In the study, participants were assigned to one of three groups. The first group saw only clean-shaven faces, the second group only
fully bearded faces
, and the third group all faces.  Across all groups, the participants rated beards and stubble as more attractive than clean-shaven faces, but the preference for facial hair was greatest in the group who saw only clean-shaven men. The findings suggest that facial hair is most desirable when it is rare and why beards go in and out of fashion over the time.


So what type of beard should men grow in order to be more attractive to women?

The answer to the above question is not what you’d expect, because there simply is no single, perfect choice of beard that will have women swooning at your feet. Rather, the answer is: whichever beard makes the best first impression.

Everybody knows that first impressions count, and a woman’s first impression of a man’s facial hair is no exception. A clean-shaven look may look great on some men, because, let’s face it, a beard just doesn’t suit everybody. But for those men who do wear a beard well and proudly, several studies have proven that a light beard on a man appears to be the optimal choice for most women.

Survey results by chataoubtyou.com
show that most women find light stubble to be more attractive than a clean-shaven face. The result is light stubble>clean shaven>less than a beard but more than stubble > the bushier the better.

According to Female First
, another survey by Match.com found out what women really think of a moustache on a man. “73% of ladies find facial hair attractive on a potential date, however only 25% would date someone with a moustache. The findings suggest that if single men want to increase their dating pool they should ditch the larger moustache and go for designer stubble instead.”

So, show up on a first date with some noticeable and obviously well-maintained, stubble, and you’ve already scored a few points. (Hopefully, your personality


When is a beard too much beard?

Lengthier beards appear to be all the rage these days, as men are keen to be channeling channelling their inner Viking. While a longer beard makes a man look more mature, most women involved in the studies were a bit turned off by the more aggressive look.

How to keep that beard in perfect shape

The colder weather and the countdown to the beginning of Movember is the perfect time to start growing that beard. Of course, cultivating the perfect beard means utilising the perfect tool. That’s where razors by Dorco come into play. Combining 60 years of expertise with today’s advanced razor technology, these quality products offer users an unparalleled shaving experience, and are ideal for keeping the perfect beard well-maintained on a daily basis.

Experiment with different lengths and styles to see what type of beard suits you, and you’ll soon be on your way to giving the ladies something to talk about. (Or presenting your current girlfriend or spouse with a new masculine look to help keep the embers burning!)


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5 Steps for Silky Skin

5 Steps for Silky Skin

We all love the feeling of silky soft skin, but have a hard time replicating it on a daily basis. Ingrown hair often fights a constant war on our legs, leaving them red and irritated. You might head to the spa for waxing or use an epilator, but you’re not a big fan of painful beauty routines. When you’re in the mood to give yourself the luxury shaving treatment without the hassle, follow these five steps.


1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation gets rid of the dead cells that hang around on your body, allowing healthy skin to show through. Your legs can stand up to a strong scrub, so break out the products you can’t use on your face. Salt and sugar scrubs give great results, but you can also use exfoliating gloves or chemical-based peels.

2. Take a Warm Shower

There’s nothing better than a steaming hot shower – except when you want silky skin. Turn the temperature down so you have a warm shower. Relax and take your time, as you want to get your pores as open as possible. Use a gentle cleanser to wash off and prepare for shaving.


3. Shave

You can’t shave with any old razor and expect great results. Old razors irritate your skin as you go over the same area repeatedly, trying to cut all the hair. Single blade disposables have a problem getting all the hair in a single pass, resulting in a similar problem to dull razors. Multi-blade models require fewer strokes to get your intended end result, which reduces your chances of creating an irritated surface prone to razor bumps.

4. Prevent Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair can be painful and prevents you from getting the smooth skin that you’re dreaming about. Starting off with exfoliation and giving your pores time to open up during your shower help with this problem, but you should take a few extra steps to avoid this leg hair dilemma.

Do you currently suffer from this issue? The problem may come from your hair removal methods. Waxing takes your leg hair out at an angle, so it’s not growing straight out of the skin. When it grows sideways, you end up with irritated skin that’s uncomfortable and unsightly. Switch to shaving-only if you find yourself full of ingrown hairs post-waxing. The way your hair grows in naturally may be predisposed to ingrown hairs, so shaving lets you manage this more effectively than waxing.

Are you lucky enough to not have a single ingrown hair on your legs? Keep it that way by applying serum designed to prevent ingrown hairs from developing. You should do this before you get out of the shower, right after you shave your legs.


5. Moisturise

You lead a busy lifestyle, so you don’t always remember to moisturise before you leave the bathroom. However, putting lotion on when your skin is dry doesn’t have the same effect as when it goes on a damp skin. The primary benefit to doing this right away is to trap the shower’s moisture, as well as softening your skin. You do have to spend some time waiting in the bathroom while the lotion dries, so make sure to schedule a few extra minutes for this process. It’s well worth it in the long run when you head out the door with silky smooth skin.

Many women have to figure out the best way to shave through trial and error and have the ingrown hairs to prove it. Skip the painful part of this experimentation process and get the best shave of your life with this skin-friendly technique.


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Best Date Night Ideas for Busy Men

When you don’t have time to plan a fancy date, that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special.

Here are six great ideas you can either throw together last minute or plan way in advance. Make your special evening fantastic, romantic and memorable.

1. Hire a Home Chef

When you are running late at work, no need to cancel on your date! Dial up a home chef to come to your place and give you both the special treatment! If you plan this in advance, you can request the chef to prepare her favourite foods for a full-course meal. If you have kids, just plan a sleepover. Send them to your friends and have a cosy night in. Some catering companies or home chefs come complete with fancy dishes and candles to set the mood.


2. Visit a Neighbourhood You’d Both Love to Live in

Whether you’ve been together three months or three years, there’s no harm in making fantasy plans for the future. Go for a drive to a neighbourhood where you could see yourselves living together. Have fun conversations about which types of houses you’d buy, and where. What renovations would you make to which homes? Which gardens inspire? Have fun being creative while getting inspired. If it’s an evening drive, you’ll get specially lit houses for a different effect. Plus, this requires no dressing up so it’s all less hassle.

3. Try to Get Out of An Escape Room Together

If you haven’t tried Escape Rooms yet, you’re missing out! They will test your problem-solving skills as well as teamwork! It’s an adventurous date that’s sure to be fun and exciting. Besides the friendly competition, you get to have lots of conversation and test each other to the limit –literally. Great for both first dates, long-term partners or married couples wanting to up the excitement level.


4. Take an Evening Course Together

Nowadays, there are all kinds of offers: DJ-spinning classes, sushi-making, painting, language learning classes… choose one skill you would both like to learn together and mark one night on your calendar to make it happen! Of course, if it’s something like a cooking lesson, then you’ll both benefit from your new skills.


5. Stay-In Date Night Ideas

Could be simple board games, puzzles or even something kinkier. Having a night in is a great chance to plan a date where you can both relax, sip wine on your favourite couch and enjoy each other. And, there’s no need to get dressed all fancy to go somewhere. Simple, smart grooming and wearing your favourite chilled-out clothes will do. Set up some mood music or plan a movie marathon.

Just remember: whatever type of date you plan, how much cash you spent or how expensive the evening was isn’t a gauge to go by.

The important thing is to leave the daily anxieties behind, take it easy and enjoy each other’s company. We only live once. Cheers to health, life and happiness with your loved one!


7 Best Things About Dating A Man With A Beard

When you read about beards, you’ll often see debates between the beard lovers and the beard haters. Unfortunately for the anti-beard crowd, a

scientific study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior

found that heavy stubble wins out over clean shaven. What do women love most about this alluring facial hair?


1. Masculine Appeal

Beards have been associated with masculinity for hundreds of years. Everything from sharp goatees to cascading waves of facial hair has come in and out of fashion, but one thing stays the same. The perception of a man’s masculinity increases with the amount of facial hair that he has. Whether you want a short, neatly trimmed look or a wild grown facial forest is up to your personal preference.


2. Running Your Fingers Through Beards

Once facial hair accumulates some length, it becomes exceptionally soft. Forget the chamomile tea for relaxation as nothing beats running your fingers through his beard and feeling the texture. You get even more from this experience if he spends some time conditioning it beforehand. Give him some conditioner formulated for facial hair if you want to encourage this behaviour. You get extra points if you select a favourite scent.


3. The Smell of Beard Oil

Beard oil is an excellent creation, and whoever decided to offer a scented version is a genius. Unlike cologne, beard oil doesn’t have an overpowering smell. It’s subtle and provides a light accent to his natural smell. Most products take the same basic scents, often found in fragrances for men, but tone it down significantly so you aren’t choking on it.

4. The Way It Rubs Against Your Face

When a make out session goes well, you will end up with a lot of face-to-face contact. Let’s be honest. No one wants to endure the pain of stubble rash when you have a normally clean shaven guy sporting a five o’clock shadow. Your face feels like you have a cheese grater to it, which is never a pleasant sensation. In contrast, a proper beard is soft and welcoming as it glides along your skin.

5. The Changing Look of Facial Hair

A bearded man can change his style drastically by whipping out the trimmer and trying a brand new look. Heavy stubble, long face locks, and everything in between give you a front seat to the variety show. Some particularly adventurous men experiment with bright colours, beard braids and incorporating flowers or beads into the mix. Where else will you find that?

6. A Bit of a Bad Boy

We don’t know why, but the clean shaven look can often insinuate sticking to the rule book. And that’s just not going to work for all of us. A man who shows off his facial hair, especially when he lets it grow all the way out, has just enough of that bad boy element to really drive his appeal rating through the roof.

7. Beard Scratching

You know that content look cats get on their face when you scratch under their chins? You can get that same expression on bearded men when you scratch their face. Make sure to file your nails down smoothly, so you don’t get caught in his hair or accidentally cut him in the process. If you have the time, put on a clear coat of nail polish so you completely smooth out any rough edges.

Beards are wonderful, versatile and attractive parts of a guy’s look. While there are endless reasons that you love beards, the above seven reasons make the top of the list. The next time you’re out on the town, keep track of how many beard styles you end up spotting. Chances are, you’ll find a few clear favourites in your local area.


How Can You Tell Your Razor Blade Needs Changing?

The closest, most comfortable shave possible relies on razor blades of the very highest quality. A wet shave is only ever as good as the razor being used, so replacing blades regularly is essential.

A quality blade should deliver several close shaves. But while regular replacements are essential, there is very little to be gained from changing a blade while it’s still in great shape. The end of a razor blade’s useful life depends on a range of factors, including how often it is used, the size of the area it is used on and the thickness of the hairs it is shaving.

So when is it time to change a blade? Well, there are some tell-tale signs to watch out for.


Pulling and Tugging

A good razor blade should glide over the skin with ease, particularly if the blade is going with the grain of the hairs. But older, blunted blades have a tendency to tug and pull at the skin — causing irritation. Severely worn blades can cause nicks, cuts and rashes, so it’s imperative that they’re replaced the moment they start to feel uncomfortable against the skin.


Regardless of how well a blade is performing, rust is a sign that a replacement is needed immediately. Not only does rust interfere with the performance of a blade, it can cause serious blood infections if the skin is nicked during shaving.

The Shave Loses Its ‘Closeness’

Nothing delivers a close shave like a quality razor blade. But if that prized ‘closeness’ starts to suffer, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Skin should be soft and completely stubble-free after a shave; if it’s not, the blade simply isn’t doing its job anymore. This loss of performance will often be accompanied by increased irritation during and after a shave.

Prolonging the Life of a Razor Blade

There are ways users can prolong the life of their blades. For instance, repeatedly rinsing the razor after every two or three swipes will stop hair from increasing friction and pressure — both of which can dull a blade. It’s also a good idea to give a blade a thorough rinse after every use, making sure to wash away all remaining hairs.

Water is essential for the cleaning of a blade, but it can also be the enemy. Contact with water can cause steel to rust, so it’s a good idea to use a flannel to dry razor blades after every use.

There are some very effective cleaning solutions for razor blades on the market today. Not only do these solutions sterilise blades, they reduce friction and protect against premature corrosion.


Quality Goes a Long Way

Buying a quality blade is always cost-effective, as it will last significantly longer than a cheaper, inferior blade. The Dorco PACE6 PLUS, for instance, has received exceptional reviews in a survey performed by Contract Test Inc. in July 2016. After 16 uses of the blade, around 90 percent of respondents revealed they intended to continue using the same blade. And 77 percent said they were still completely satisfied with the blade’s performance. Crucially, two-thirds of the men interviewed said they would use their blade at least another three times after the initial 16 uses.

Razor blades need to be clean, free from corrosion and as sharp as possible if they’re going to deliver a close and comfortable shave. Looking after blades and replacing them when the need arises will ensure the best possible shave every time.


Dorco Shaving Tips

Four Reasons to Take up Traditional Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is a one-of-a-kind experience. The sensations of the warm, comforting water and the cool, soothing cream are among life’s simple pleasures.

Certain time-honoured tools are involved in traditional wet shaving, and they include a trusty double-edge razor and some old-fashioned, all-natural cream or soap. It usually incorporates a shaving brush as well, an instrument that can thicken the cream and make it feel even more luxurious. Likewise, aftershave is common with these shaves.

However, in today’s hectic world, many men have never tried a wet shave. Others have given it up in favour of disposable razors or (shudder) electric shaving. But wet shaving offers advantages that perhaps you’ve never stopped to think about. Once you discover or rediscover this method, you might never want to shave any other way again.

1.   Get Smoother Skin

Above all, wet shaving is simply the most effective type of shaving. The hot water softens the hairs, making it easier to dispose of them. Moreover, it triggers your pores to open up, which lets those whiskers fall away more swiftly.

2. Avoid Ingrown Hairs

With wet shaving, you’re less likely to have painful ingrown hairs, which can lead to itchy ingrown hairs. By contrast, electric razors often force hairs back into their follicles, causing them to become ingrown.

3. Reduce Acne

When you use a disposable razor, you probably shave the same spot multiple times. And each time you swipe a patch of skin, you spread your natural oils all over it, which often results in clogged pores and acne.

On the other hand, with a safety razor, you touch each part of your face and neck fewer times. As a consequence, you probably won’t irritate your pores.

4. Pamper Yourself


If someone else wet shaves you ? a barber or your significant other, for instance ? it becomes a form of pampering, and you might feel truly energised afterward. Indeed, many European barber shops, salons and spas now offer wet shaves for their clients’ enjoyment. The only trouble is that some customers tend to fall asleep during the shave!

Many people view shaving with an electric or disposable razor as a chore, one more nuisance to get done before going to work, school or a special event. But wet shaving is something else entirely. It’s a process that demands care and attention to detail; some would even deem it an art form. It feels like a ritual, and it can connect us spiritually to earlier generations. In that way, wet shaving can subtly boost your confidence. With an extremely close shave, you’re ready to take on the world.


Shaving Myths Debunked: Common Hair Regrowth Questions

Does hair really grow back faster,thicker and darker after shaving?

“Should I shave, wax or use an epilator?” “Will the hair grow back thicker and faster if I shave it?” “My mum always said shaving makes it worse!”

Who hasn’t asked these questions before? Every woman wants silky-smooth skin, after all!

However, many women think that shaving their hair will make it grow back thicker, darker and faster. But is this common opinion a fact or myth?

The Truth of the Matter

Thanks to scientific studies. we know now that this is indeed a common shaving myth. In a study, published in 1970, five healthy young male volunteers shaved one leg weekly for several months while leaving the other leg as a control. The study found no significant differences in the hair width, coarseness or rate of growth. According to Amy McMichael, chair of the Department of Dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist Health said, “People are just not very good observers, but there’s just no science behind hair growing back thicker.” Hair regrowth is not affected by razors.What happens is that, when shaved off, the shape of the hair ends become blunt. So when you touch it, it feels coarse — similar to a man’s beard stubble — but returns to its normal tapered shape once it grows out. Again, This is the same reason that slightly longer beards actually feel soft to the touch.

Why Shaving Does Not Cause Thicker Hair


When you cut or shave any part of your hair growing from outside your skin, that hair is already dead. It cannot be affected anymore. It is for this very reason that shaving doesn’t have any effect on the way your hair grows back. The only exception to this is when young men undergo puberty, and the hair that grows back after shaving is slightly thicker. This is due to hormones.

Although women who shave their legs may feel “prickly” the day after, it is just the stubbly ends. After a couple of days, you will notice the hair returning to its naturally smooth feeling.

Keep in mind that genetics have a lot to do with hair growth. If you have a family history of thick, dark hair, then it’s likely that no matter how you choose to remove your hair, it will eventually grow back thick and dark.

“Women shave their legs all the time. They would be like gorillas if the hair was coming back thicker or darker,” dermatologist Amy McMichael tells Dina Fine Maron at Scientific American. “Plus we would never have to think about hair loss on our heads if cutting the hair shaft would make it come back thicker.”  So let us put the myth to rest and Happy grooming!

Sources: link


6 Tips for Maintaining an Epic Beard

Whether you’re a once-bearded man returning to this nostalgic look or it’s your first time growing a beard, you want to know how to maintain it and what razors to use to create your desired shape. Check out these five tips to guide you through the process of maintaining an epic beard.

Grow Well

1.Let It Grow

If you’re just getting back in the beard-growing game, it’s essential to have patience and grow out your beard. Aim to grow at least one inch of a beard over the course of two to three months so you have a decent amount of hair to shape. To help you get through the inevitable itching phase, use a beard oil or a stubble softener to moisturise your new grown hair.

Groom Well

2. Shampoo and Condition Your Beard

The hair on your beard is the same as the hair on your head, so it makes sense to treat it in a similar manner. You don’t skip washing your hair, so you shouldn’t forgo washing your beard. Neglecting your beard can lead to unwanted bacteria and germs making a home in the hairy fuzz underneath your chin. Also, your hair may get knotted and brittle. That’s why you want to make sure you shampoo and condition your beard at least a few times a week.

Rather than simply lathering it with soap, give your beard the star treatment you give the hair on your head. Opt for a shampoo that moisturises your beard to keep it from getting too dry.

You also want a conditioner that gives your beard the hydration it needs. Consider using a leave-in conditioner to keep in moisturised throughout the day.

3. Polish It Up With Oil

Give your beard the ultimate finished look by combing through it and hydrating it with beard oil. This makes your beard soft so that it’s easier to comb and feels smooth against your skin.

Style It

4. Keep the Right Tools on Hand

Keeping up with your epic beard requires an artillery of epic tools. Okay, maybe not epic, but you certainly don’t want to be without your essential hair-trimming accessories. Have a comb and a pair of scissors on hand to shape your beard, especially if your look mirrors the long beards of the mid-19th century.

Electric trimmers are also helpful tools for shaping your facial beard edges. You can use long and small guards to control stray hairs and for neck hair trimming. Your razors also come in handy for shaving the cheeks of your face.

5. Taper Your Beard at the Neckline

When your schedule is busy, but you want to keep your beard tamed, you need to take steps that reduce your maintenance time. Tapering the hair at the neckline makes it easier to keep up with your epic beard. You also reap the benefit of a look that’s natural so you don’t appear like an eccentric Christmas character from the North Pole. You can use a razor to trim the beard hair on your neck. Concentrate on the area between your Adam’s apple and your collar bone.

6. Keep Your Cheeks in Check With a Razor

Maintaining your beard calls for keeping up with the hair growth on your cheeks. You can keep your cheek hair under control and get a closer shave if you use a razor, such as the Dorco Pace razor range. Make sure you use fresh, sharp blades for a better cut. However, be careful and avoid shaving your cheeks too deeply to keep your look natural.

By following these tips, you can make it easy to keep up with your epic beard. Use the right tools, use a sharp razor, and keep your beard combed and oiled for an epic look.