“Dorco Eve work wonders for my sensitive skin! It gives such a clean shave. Also the bendable cartridge is just amazing, saves me for cutting my ankles like a normally do every time!”

Coffee Stains and Lipstick

“The Dorco Eve 6 – it glides effortlessly over the skin, as well as reaching all those annoying places around the ankle without leaving a single scratch, thanks to the multi-flex, pivoting head.”


“[The] Aloe Vera is extremely soothing for sensitive skin [and] Eve caught a lot more hairs as well as gliding across my skin. The result was incredibly smooth.”

In Touch Rugby

“[The] Dorco EVE 6 has an incredible six blades, split into a unique 3 double blade format to contour to your body shape. … Never again will you need to shave with a blunt razor blade.”


“Yes, this razor shaves like a dream. The multi-flex flexible head glides over your legs wonderfully. I love the larger head on the Dorco Eve 6, it seems to shave more in one stroke as opposed to my husband’s razor!”


“The Dorco EVE 6 is designed with a bendable ‘double 3 blade’ and bendable head – this means that the head can bend and move around, contouring to your body shape. This results in a lot fewer cuts and nicks on those hard to shave places like your ankles and knee caps.”

Gracie Francesca

It [is] a razor you can use on the go too as the technology enables you to get a quick but close shave, which is perfect for us girl bosses or busy mums.”

Dolce Vanity

The head is quite big but it covers more of the shaving area for a quick and close shave, with an innovative brush finger, it massages the body and raises hair follicles for a closer, smoother shave.”