Frey de Fleur

“If you have sensitive skin like me you’ll love the moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender which calms and protects skin – et voila perfect legs!”

February Girl

“Not only is the shave so close and precise, I don’t have to angle the blade in order to get the close shave, the position of the six blades has got it covered and cuts hairs at every angle.“

Yasmin Gonzalez

“It … has a moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender to calm and protect sensitive skin with an innovative brush finger for a closer shave. Like seriously, what more could you actually want for your razor?”

Angelina’s Casa

“Smooth, hair-free skin is a must come summer-time. Promising some of the best razor technology around is this new Dorco Eve 6 … (the under-the-radar brand is in fact at the forefront of shaving technology and has been for over 60 years).”

Destination Delicious

“After using the EVE 6, I was left cut free and had some seriously smooth legs. I for one, am definitely converted and can’t wait to get my legs out this weekend!”

The Spa man

You can shape and style beards and sideburns using its trimmer blade, or use the wide guard bar to prepare hair for a deep shave. I have been trialling this for a few weeks now and it does give a nice close shave.”

Ape to Gentleman

“I’m normally not sold on the more is best blade marketing but the closeness of the blades almost negated any danger of tug and pull. The trimmer was adept at and well positioned for taking off awkwardly located hair such as beneath the nose.”

James Vincent

“a shaver that actually works. No added attachments with it, no shaving cream and moisturiser and after balm. If your razor works properly you do not need the extras.”


“Guys this Razor is a great find , it has six blades and a trimmer. The bonus for me was that it didn’t drag or pull due to its moisturising strip which contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender. After use I had no redness […].”