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How to clean your razor

Cleaning your razor blades is important to ensure that your shaving experience is effective and safe. Nobody wants a clogged razor blade!

Basic maintenance will help to extend the life of your razor, whilst also minimising the build-up of potentially harmful debris and bacteria.

In five simple steps, we show you how to clean your razor and give it the care and attention it needs.

Step 1 – Rinse as you go

Each stroke of your razor introduces debris, such as shaving foam, hair and skin particles, risking you being left with a clogged and ineffective razor.

Aim to take no more than one or two strokes before giving your blades a quick rinse under the tap, or a vigorous swish around in some water.

Step 2 – A thorough rinse post-shave

Get into the habit of thoroughly cleaning your razor after every use.

Use a tap or shower head to run a powerful stream of water through the back side of your razor blades. This will clear most of the debris that builds up during each shave.

Warm water works better than cold. A few intermittent taps against something solid, such as the edge of your sink, will also help dislodge larger items, such as long or thick hairs.

Dorco razors feature bent blade technology and an open-flow blade cartridge design, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Step 3 – Dry the razor properly before storing

Harmful bacteria thrive in wet, enclosed environments. Therefore, it is important to let your razor dry thoroughly before storing it away.

Step 4 – Take care with stubborn debris

To avoid cutting yourself, avoid the temptation to use your fingers to remove stubborn debris. Instead, use a small brush.

Dedicated razor cleaning brushes can be found in most pharmacies. If you do not own one, then a clean, unused toothbrush offers an easy alternative.

Avoid using items such as cotton buds or tissue paper, as material can easily get stuck between the blades, leading to a further clogged razor.

Rubbing alcohol – also known as isopropyl alcohol – can make this job a lot easier. Alcohol will help to break down stubborn debris, making it much easier to remove.

Simply soak your razor’s head in the alcohol for a few minutes, giving it the occasional swish and stir to work the alcohol in between the blades. Then proceed to cleaning it with your brush.

Alcohol will also help sterilise the blades, minimising the risk of harmful bacteria accumulating.

Step 5 – Timely replacement

Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning or sterilisation can revive a dull razor blade. If your shave is in any way uncomfortable, or it is showing any signs of rust or immovable debris, it is time to change your blades.

For regular shavers, experts recommend changing your razor each week to avoid potential issues, such as shaving rash, cuts and infection.

Hassle-free replacement

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