how to shave neck stubble

How to shave neck stubble with style

With beards back at the height of fashion, those blessed with the ability to grow one are grabbing the opportunity with both hands.But to truly master the art, one must also know the rules around how to shave neck stubble that can make the difference between an epic beard and a big mess.

A neck shave can feel like a pretty daunting prospect, whether it’s to accompany a full beard or a clean-shaven face.

However, when you follow the five simple steps below, it’s actually pretty easy.

STEP ONE – Figure out how far up the neck to shave

How far up your neck to shave will vary from person to person, and will also depend on the style you want.

If you are growing out a beard and want to keep it looking sharp, here is a handy tip. Find your Adam’s apple, and hold two fingers horizontally above it. The top of your fingers should give you a rough position for your neckline – it should end up being roughly half way between the Adam’s apple and your jaw line.

Then follow that line round with a slight upward curve to get the line for the whole neck.

STEP TWO – It’s time to trim down

Now that you’ve established your neckline, you know that everything below that is going to be shaved off. So trim that area down with scissors or clippers, taking added care as the neck is a sensitive area, while following the line you have figured out in step one.

Try to trim it down as much as you can – the shorter the hairs, the easier it will be to wet shave as there is less hair in the way.

STEP THREE – Wet shave the neck area

Treat a neck shave the same as shaving your face.

Soften the hairs by using hot water and apply a generous helping of your Dorco Shave Gel to soothe the neck, which will be ideal as it’s designed for sensitive skin with natural ingredients such as hydrating aloe vera, glycerin and betaine. This will aid the gliding of the razor and protect against irritation.

STEP FOUR – Go slow and use a razor you can trust

It’s more awkward to shave neck stubble than the equivalent on your face and chin. The neck area is more curved and the skin is looser.

With that in mind, it’s vital to go slow, keep lathering up to avoid shaving over dry areas, and stay focused. Try not to tilt your head too far back when reaching the more difficult hairs. This can expose more sensitive parts of the skin, leading to cuts and irritation. Instead, tilt the head only slightly and use slow, short strokes.

A premium razor like those from the Dorco range are packed with technology to help make your task easier, for example a pivoting head and a non-slip handle to give you total control. We combine science and expertise to ensure that our razors deliver a smooth and comfortable neck shave every time.

Narrower spaces between blades due to our Micro Span technology result in less skin penetrating through so you can enjoy a safe shave with less skin irritation.

STEP FIVE – Aftercare 

This is an important stage for everybody, but particularly those with sensitive skin.

Rinse your neck with cold water while applying a moisturising balm, which will help to prevent irritation after shaving.

And that’s it! Now you can proudly show off the lovely neckline that adds the perfect balance to your beard.

To round things up:

  1. Figure out your neckline based on your beard style and shape
  2. Trim down the area you plan to shave, leaving the rest
  3. Lather up below the neckline with hot water and shave gel
  4. Shave slowly with your razor, using short strokes
  5. Rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizing balm to soothe the skin  

Found our shaving tips useful? Get in touch to let us know, or if you need help with anything.

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