Make Shaving Quick and Easy with These 5 Shower Shaving Hacks

1. Take a Seat or Get a Reinforcement

If you’re lucky enough to have a house or a flat with a bath that has a thick ledge, take advantage of it and have a seat. Otherwise, Keep your shower clean of mildew and soap scum to prevent a slippery surface from forming. Shaving pedstal also known as foot rest may relief you from shaky bending and bring ease in feminine shower shaving.

2. Gear Up

Before you start shaving in the shower, make sure you have all of your gear ready to go and close by, including your razor and shaving cream or gel. If you’re short on cream, use hair conditioner to soften your hair follicles for a smooth and quick shave. Try a shaving brush or a badger brush to apply your shaving cream with ease. You can also keep natural lip balm on hand to help heal any accidental cuts.

3. Shower First

Taking a shower before you attempt shaving gives your skin the chance to soften. Not in the mood for a full shower but still need to get the hair off your legs? Try dampening your face cloth with warm water and apply to your skin before you shave.

4. Go with the Grain in Short Strokes

You may think you’re saving time by shaving against the grains of hair, but what you really might be doing is asking for a bloodbath. Shaving against your natural hair growth makes it easier to get cut, so prevent unwanted nicks by shaving in the direction that your hair grows with short strokes.

5. Pack It Up and Put It Away

Want to know the easiest way to minimise the life of your razor? Leave it in the shower with all that humidity. Water can dull or corrode your blade fast, so make the effort to protect it. Take the much-needed step of packing it up and putting it away in a nice, dry area. If you can’t bother packing up your shaver, make sure you at least cover it with a cap. Keeping your shaver dry after use will prolong its life and make shaving while showering a nick-free event.

Bonus Points

What you don’t want to end up doing is having to call a plumber to unclog your pipes because of all the hair that gets caught in there after multiple shaves. Get bonus points for shower shaving by keeping a hair catcher on deck, so you can stay prepared and keep your money in your pocket.

By applying these shower shaving hacks to your shaving routine, you’ll be able to create a quick and simple gateway to smooth skin.



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