Men’s grooming five moustache styles to try this summer

Men’s grooming: five moustache styles to try this summer

So you’ve decided to try a moustache? Nice choice!

This year, the moustache is back in demand, shaking its reputation from recent years as the preserve of the ‘Movember’ campaign in November.

We’ve listed five popular moustache styles below, which one will you try?

ONE – The handlebar

The handlebar is an iconic style that’s as classic as they come.

It was a feature on the faces of fashionable men as far back as the 17th Century, immortalised by King Charles I, in a portrait by Sir Anthony Van Dyk. The BBC says his moustache was then ‘copied by every man of fashion’ when the portraits went on display.

If you do decide to give this style a try, it will require a little patience. Doug Geiger from Can You Handlebar advises that a handlebar moustache will take about three months to grow, and to avoid trimming it along the way.

TWO – The Chevron

A style that personifies the 80s, the chevron still conjures up images of Tom Selleck in his starring role in Magnum P.I.

The acclaimed recent movie about the rock band Queen and its legendary moustache-sporting frontman Freddie Mercury perhaps gives us one reason why this style has increased in popularity in 2019.

A chevron is a no-brainer; it works well with most face shapes, and it’s easy to grow. Just let the hair grow above your top lip without trimming, and clean shave the rest of your face. Eventually, trim the hairs to stop them from covering your lips and mouth.

THREE – The combo

Combining your moustache with some chin hair or a soul patch can have very effective results. From the goatee to the van dyke, there are plenty of options.

Lee Kynaston from Fashion Beans says the goatee ‘has long been the facial hair choice for rock stars, intellectuals and those with a wayward, rebellious streak’, with famous recent wearers including Idris Elba and Robert Downey Jr.

It’s also an ideal choice for those who may struggle to grow a full beard.

FOUR – The pencil

A sophisticated and subtle style achieved by shaving all but a thin line above the lip. This style has been associated with artists and intellectuals throughout history, from Lord Byron to Little Richard.

It may be a good idea to start with a full moustache and work your way back with trimming scissors to achieve the shape you want. That way, you have full control of the outcome and can factor in any individual quirks in how your facial hair grows.

FIVE – Weighted

Also known as the ‘beardstache’, this is a hybrid of the moustache and the beard. The moustache is grown thick and full, similar to a chevron, with the rest of the face sporting stubble.

There a couple of easy ways to achieve this look. If you are currently sporting a full beard, you can simply leave the hair above the lip as it is and trim the rest down. If, however, you are clean shaven, you’ll need to let the hair on the top lip grow while regularly trimming down the hair on the rest of the face.

It’s a rugged style being worn by a host of big names this year, including Superman star Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy.

Enjoy total control when you shape your moustache

After putting all that effort in to pick the perfect style, you can’t afford to spoil it – that means using the right tools to get the job done.

The Dorco PACE range has something for everybody, featuring a non-slip handle and up to seven precision blades. Also, by utilising the special on-board trimmer, you’ll have the ability to craft any kind of moustache you like with ease.

To help you find the style that’s perfect for your face, read our guide which helps you match your face shape to a facial hair style here.

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