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How to prevent shaving irritation

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to freshen up and give yourself a spring clean – and yes, that means de-fuzzing your winter face. What’s the best way to shave without causing shaving irritation?

Our step-by-step plan has everything you need to achieve the perfect spring shave. You’re welcome!

1 – The right preparation

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you treat shaving like a chore or afterthought,
chances are it will turn into one.

If you have a big bushy beard going on, you should start with a quick trim with a pair of scissors. But once you’ve trimmed, it’s still not time to grab your razor. Shaving will always be easier when your skin is moist and warm. So, once your beard is a manageable size, pat your face with a hot, damp towel to help soften your stubble.

Try to carry out general maintenance every day, such as daily exfoliating, to help condition
your skin to be less susceptible to shaving irritation. It’s important to take your time; rush the shave and you will just damage your skin. More on that in step four!

2 – The right timing

It’s amazing how often people overlook this step, even though it can make a massive
difference to the outcome of your shave.

If you haven’t shaved in a while, your skin will be far more sensitive than last time. If you
work weekdays, perhaps shave on Friday night, giving your skin a couple of days to calm
down after that initial shave, before your triumphant, baby-faced return to the office.

Despite being considered a morning task, it can be beneficial to shave in the evening, particularly after a hot shower. That way you’re not in a rush and you can dedicate the time and care to making your shave extra smooth.

3 – The right tools

The tools you use are hugely important. Luckily for you, we’re experts in this and
after 60 years of shaving innovation, we’ve got you covered.

Pick a Dorco razor from our range of pioneering products. We’ve introduced a new
Dorco shave gel to go with it. It’s the perfect partner for you razor; apply it generously over your face, then rub into a lather to soften the hairs, making them easier to cut.

4 – The right technique

‘Slow and steady shaves the face’ – that’s the saying, right?

Take your time and don’t cut corners. Shaving against the grain might save time in the short term, but it leads to shaving irritation, ingrown hairs and bumps in the skin. Professional barbers tend to shave with the grain initially, and then go over it sideways.

Pressing down too much won’ t catch the hairs, pressing too much will cut you. Try
not to shave over the same area again and again, as this is generally the most-recognised cause of razor burn.

Rinse your razor frequently, at least every few strokes, under hot water, to remove any
build-up of shave gel and hair. Rinse the blade thoroughly before you put it away
and give it a shake to dry.

Afterwards, rinse your face with cold water and apply a post-shaving balm or moisturiser to sooth redness. This is particularly important for people with sensitive skin, for whom redness is very difficult to avoid no matter what.

Now you’re all set to get out there in the spring sunshine and show off the new, perfectly groomed you.

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