Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve received some great reviews from both our customers and bloggers.

Great razors, good prices, delivered to your door!

22nd June, 2019

My wife has very sensitive skin and was dubious about trying this razor; now she’s so glad she did! The blades last for a good amount of time, they give a smooth, irritation free shave and

19th June, 2019

No cuts (as has happened with some brands). Best Value.

14th June, 2019

Really good shave; quick and really close shave.

11th June, 2019

I have never had a better shave than with Dorco. And believe me I have tried everything from throwaway razors to the big brand names. None come close (no pun intended).

11th June, 2019

Some of the best customer service I have experienced – fast, friendly and very efficient! A great product too – the closest shave I’ve ever had and with the least cuts and razor burn.

31st May, 2019

I’m 84 and so have been shaving for many years. I bought both the handle and these cartridges after reading very positive reviews of both. They give a smooth and close shave

24th May, 2019

Can’t tell the difference between this and more expensive makes.

10th May, 2019

This is my first refill for my Dorco razor and I love it! The blades that came with it have lasted until now and I bought the razor in January. I honestly think they are better than the big

3rd May, 2019

If you don’t like shaving, have sensitive skin or just want to have a clean, smooth shave you probably couldn’t find anything on the market that does such a good job. Try the Doro EVE 6 razor and I think you will be impressed and look forward to shaving in future. Even the replacement blades are excellent value for money.

2nd May, 2019

I bought my 1st set a couple of years a go and I have switched to them ever since.

30th April, 2019

Good grip handle very close shave really sattisfied with this razor

25th April, 2019