Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve received some great reviews from both our customers and bloggers.

Not only having the six blades, which mean less friction on the face, would recommend to anyone.

1st September, 2016

Quality feel to the handle, nice shave with no pulling. Give them a try. I’m sure you’ll agree.

31st August, 2016

Received my razor and blades and I have to say the best shave yet. Outstanding bit of kit and would certainly recommend budying one. Happy shaving guys.

30th August, 2016

My husband loves them and says they give a really close shave

16th August, 2016

Brilliant. Just as good if not better than the more expensive brands. Had these since june and its now august, shaved everyday and only on my second blade.

5th August, 2016

Performs just as well as the brand leaders. Feels well made and the handle has a nice grip.

4th August, 2016

They shave very closely and with very little irritation.. Only used them for a couple of weeks so far but are still as sharp as the day I bought them..

29th July, 2016

Very comfortable and long lasting blade, I am now converted!

27th July, 2016

The blades and handles have excellent build quality and give a superb shave all for a fraction of the cost of conventional razor blades.

13th July, 2016

A very good shave, much sharper then usual blades so don’t push as hard! A smooth shave for longer.

13th July, 2016

Light, perfectly balanced and with an easily manoeuvred head it has given me superb, comfortable shaves every time.

8th July, 2016

Way better than main brands as this one can be rinsed under the tap to declog easily, good for several uses, real close shave. Would definitely buy again.

3rd July, 2016