Sun’s out, Legs out

Sun’s out, Legs out


Summer means many things: balmy weather, sizzling BBQs, colourful cocktails, and sun kissed holidays with our nearest and dearest. For girls, it’s also a chance to flaunt those summer fashion trends, which inevitably means showing off our legs.


While the cooler months allow us to hide our peach-fuzzed pins, the summer is all about stripping off, which means it’s a never-ending job to keep them hair free. And unless you want to spend a fortune on waxing, electrolysis, or laser hair removal, it’s up to our trusty razor to do the job.


So what are the best ways to achieve super smooth legs this summer?




Anyone who shaves their legs knows that exfoliating is the key to getting a closer shave. Doing so brings the hair further out of the follicle, and also allows your razor to reach hairs that are usually hiding underneath dead skin. What’s more, exfoliating removes all those built-up oils (sunscreen included!), allowing your razor to get closer still. There are plenty of good exfoliating products out there. But you can also create your own natural nourishing alternative: simply mix a cup of soft sugar with half a cup of olive oil, and then add three teaspoons of honey and a teaspoon of aloe vera. You’re welcome.


Foam, cream, gel?


Because the consistency allows your razor to glide better, gels are generally considered to be the best option for a smoother shave. When it comes to leg shaving in particular, however, hair conditioner provides a fantastic, sometimes cheaper alternative. As well as moisturising your skin, it’ll help your razor glide up your pins like a figure skater, taking every hair in its wake.


Fresh blades


Because we’re shaving our legs so much more in the summer, we sometimes don’t take into account that we need to be changing our blades much more often too. Fresh, sharp razor blades will always do a superior job, so ensure you’re changing them on a regular basis. Take a look at our top quality collection of women’s razor blades and women’s disposable razors.


Summer shine


Want your legs to have that gorgeous summery, silky glow? Coconut oil is your friend. As well as smelling and tasting delicious, cold pressed raw coconut oil works wonders for the skin. It’s especially soothing for freshly shaved legs, keeping them extremely well hydrated, as well as protecting any cuts thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Fake tan


Everyone likes to catch the rays every now and then. But fake tan is the skin-safe alternative for bronzed skin. Whether you’re getting a professional spray tan or reaching for your bottle of fake tan this summer, it’s better to do it after you’ve shaved your legs, rather than before. Exfoliating and shaving can sometimes fade your healthy new hue, so plan your tan accordingly.

Perfect pins


We know that leg shaving can sometimes be a bit of an effort, but you get the smoothest results if you approach it like a beauty treatment rather than a chore. Think of it as some well deserved pampering. And once your legs are smooth and gorgeous, you’ll be more than happy to chuck away the tights and slip into that pair of denim cut-offs. Hello summer!

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