You Are What You Eat? : How people are perceived by what they eat

When you meet someone for the first time, you know you need to make a good impression. After all, you’re expecting to be judged. Did you know that people make a new set of judgements based on your diet? What you eat and how you eat can and often does lead people to form opinions about your personality.


Stereotypes for the Modern Foodie

Consider the “hipster” stereotype and natural food products. Does every person that likes to buy local produce wear glasses and bike to work? Of course not, but the stereotypes persist. If you bring in homemade granola for a snack, be prepared for some silently raised eyebrows.


Science Says Food Really Does Predict Personality

Food studies have shown that some of the judgements people rush to make about food choices might even have a basis in science. A love of spicy foods might indicate that you are a bit of a risk taker, according to a recent study published in Food Quality and Preference.

Do/Don’t Eat That!

Consider the obesity epidemic and you can make an obvious correlation to food shaming. With 25 percent of the adult population hitting the obesity mark, perceived diets get more than their fair share of attention. Ever ordered the salad on a menu only to hear, “Well, you’re no fun”?

The reverse is also true. You were the only one ordering dessert, only to have everyone else exclaim about how oversized it was. In either case, the people you’re eating with tend to make judgements about you, based on what you eat.


Packing Lunch and Funding Your Holiday

If you bring in your lunch, you must be frugal. Brown bagging for lunch could leave you with considerable savings at the end of the year. Enough to go on holiday in a lot of cases. As an added benefit, when you pack a lunch, you typically eat healthier.

Not Just What, But How

People also judge based on how you eat. If you eat slow, it might indicate confidence. If you eat quickly, it might mean you’re ambitious. If you eat each item on the plate separately, you could be detail-oriented. How you eat can lead to just as many assumptions as what you eat.


Eat, Drink and Be Merry

With all of the judgements about food out there, it is impossible to find something that will satisfy everyone. So, why not just satisfy yourself? Eat at your own pace and prepare or buy meals you find satisfying. Yes, keep your health in mind, but don’t let other people push food insecurities your way.