6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Passionate About Grooming

Thinking of original Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life can become increasingly difficult as the years go by. But for men who take great pride in their appearance, there are countless grooming products on the market that will put a smile on their face this festive season.

Staying well groomed and looking healthy involves a continual process of treatments and maintenance, which requires a constant supply of men’s grooming products. And it doesn’t matter how many of those products a man has in stock right now, he will always need more, sooner or later.

There is an enormous selection of creams, treatments and grooming tools on the market right now. Here are 10 of the best.


1. Body Wash 

Show you care this Christmas by giving the gift of cleanliness. A fragranced body wash can invigorate, moisturise and energise. Look for a body wash with the active ingredients needed for ‘energising’ the skin.
2. A Hand-Care Set

A quality hand-care set gives a guy everything he needs to keep his hands clean, hydrated and soft. This could be invaluable during the winter months. There are some excellent organic creams on the market, as well as men’s hand-care products made with honey.


3. A Skincare Set

A men’s skincare set should include all of the basic creams and lotions needed to keep a man’s face moisturised, soft and blemish-free. Look for sets that contain a face wash, a separate moisturiser and a face scrub.

For everyday cleaning, a nutrient-rich face cleanser with moisturising properties is perfect. Look for products that are rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as soothing botanical extracts.

A good face scrub can unclog pores by removing dead skin cells. A lot of men will use a face scrub before shaving to achieve the closest shave possible. And the menthol, caffeine and citrus extracts used in many scrubs can reinvigorate the man in your life after a night of Christmas celebrations.


4. The Smooth Shaver Combo Pack from Dorco

Give the gift of the smoothest possible shave this Christmas with Dorco’s Smooth Shaver Combo Pack. The set includes  ultra-sharp Pace 6 Plus razor, eight replacement blades and three Pace 6 disposable razors. These quality products are made to last, so expect the lucky recipient to be close shaven throughout the year. Dorco Pace 6 razors are designed to effortlessly glide across the skin, delivering the closest possible shave without causing irritation.


5. A Rechargeable Toothbrush

Using a standard toothbrush leaves the hard work of cleaning every surface of every tooth to the user. This inevitably leads to areas of plaque and food being missed. But with a rechargeable toothbrush featuring multi-directional brushes, nothing is left to chance. Capable of reaching every area of the tooth with ease, the latest ‘flossing’ toothbrushes create healthier gums and a fresher mouthfeel.  And if all that’s not mind-blowing enough, there is a brush that has an internal memory tracking brushing statistics. The user can access their stats via a mobile app.

6. Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

The over-indulgences many of us enjoy at Christmas can leave our eyes looking tired, grey and sunken. If the man in your life is concerned about dark circles around his eyes, give him the gift of rejuvenation with an anti-fatigue eye gel. Applied with a rollerball, a specially formulated serum works to refresh skin and reduce darkness around the eyes.

Any man who is passionate about grooming will be overjoyed to get one of these 10 gifts in his Christmas stocking this year.

7. Facial Cleaning Brush

An exfoliating facial cleansing brush for men cleans and removes impurities for the skin. Used daily along with a face wash, this product gently exfoliates and keeps the face looking fresh. Using the brush daily is also an effective way to combat ingrown hairs.

8. Pore-Refining Self-Heating Products

These ingenious products heat up automatically when they come into contact with the skin. Their pore-cleansing abilities smooth the texture of the skin and draw out debris that can clog pores and cause breakouts. They work by creating a chemical reaction, created when the chemicals used come into contact with water — causing an exothermic reaction.

These easy-to-apply products perform a function similar to the use of steam treatments, and they are available as masks and scrubs.

best sideburns styles

What Are the Best Sideburns for the Shape of Your Face?

The shape of your face should dictate several image choices you make, including the size and shape of your sideburns.

Of course, you obviously want your facial hair to reflect your personality and style preferences. But by choosing specific styles of sideburn, you can enhance the facial features that make you stand out from the crowd. All you need to get started are sideburns, a razor and a little know-how.

The sideburn tends to come and go as fashions change. During the 1950s, the sideburn was an integral part of mainstream culture. By the early 1960s, however, it had been replaced by a clean-cut, mop-haired image made popular by The Beatles. After making a major comeback in the 1970s, this iconic facial hairstyle once again disappeared from popular culture.

But the sideburn is back, and it looks like it’s now here to stay. And as long as it is consistent with your hairstyle, you can pretty much get away with any style of burn right now.

There are issues other than hairstyle to consider when choosing the size and shape of your sideburns, however. Your natural facial features and the thickness of your hair should be taken into consideration too. And the density of your facial hair should also play a part in your decisions, as gaps in growth can make some designs practically impossible.

But the single most important factor to consider is the shape of your face. The creation of the perfect sideburns can enhance the facial features you love, and turn attention away from those you hate.

Work out which of the following face shapes you have, and shape your sideburns accordingly:

Square face

By creating longer sideburns that reach the bottom of your ear, you can offset a square jaw line and create something that complements your natural face shape. By doing this, you will also narrow your face, giving it a new dimension.


Oval face

If you have an oval-shaped face, opt for sideburns that end halfway down the ear. Avoid the temptation to grow longer sideburns, as they could create the impression of a pointed chin — making your face appear longer than it actually is.


Triangular face

You can give balance to a relatively wide lower face by growing burns of short to medium length. But if you have this shape of face, you’re in luck. You can also grow long sideburns to help narrow the width of your jaw. Either style will create an eye-catching, balanced look.’


Rectangular face

To give your relatively long face a little more balance, create short sideburns. And by cultivating relatively thick burns, you should be able to add a little extra width to your face — thus giving it balance.

Round face

If you have a round face, you can slim it down by growing long sideburns to the bottom of your ears. But avoid short sideburns at all costs, as they can make a round face appear even rounder. It’s also important to keep your sideburns trimmed, as they might add even more volume to your face if they become bushy.

Diamond face

Try to avoid bushy sides if you have a diamond-shaped face, as it will emphasise your cheekbones. Go as far as the bottom of your ear if you want to add width to your narrow chin and create balance.


A few final tips…

A good rule of thumb to use is to create short sideburns for a long face and long sideburns for a short, rounded face. Of course, every face is different, so try a few styles out before you decide which is best for you.

A common mistake many men make when sculpting sideburns is the use of earlobes as a point of reference. This is a mistake because they are often uneven. To ensure each of your sideburns is exactly the same length, place an index finger along the bottom of each burn. Then, visualise an imaginary line running right across your face to ensure your sideburns are evenly cut.

Asking a barber to trim and maintain your sideburns is the easiest way to keep them looking their best. But if you’d prefer to do the job yourself, always use a trimmer with a guard.

The importance of your sideburns in relation to your overall look cannot be underestimated. While following these tips will get you started, you need to choose a style that you’re going to feel comfortable with. And if that means not having any sideburns at all, that’s the way to go.

But if you’re not sure what style is best for you, don’t be afraid to experiment. If things go wrong, so what? That’s the great thing about facial hair, you can shave it off if you’re not happy with it… and simply wait for it to grow back before you start again.

The Healthiest Way to Eat on the Road

Whether you’re travelling for holidays, or you’re a regular road warrior for work, it can be tough to eat well on the road. When your mates or coworkers are choosing takeaways and fast food, you may be tempted to join them. Too many indulgences while travelling can really take a toll on your appearance and performance, but improving your diet can fight a lot of those effects. Here’s why and how to make better choices instead.


1.Come prepared with your own healthy food choices, and snack every few hours. A lot of nutritious snacks are easily portable, such as nuts, beef jerky and fruit. If you keep your blood sugar up, you’ll be less likely to choose greasy or sugary foods in desperation.


2.Look for healthy options at corner shops. Even though crisps and biscuits are tasty and easy, the sugar and fat will make you feel more tired and run-down. Many convenience stores sell healthier foods such as yoghurt, fresh or dried fruit and precut vegetables like carrot sticks.


3.Drink lots of water. It’s easy to become dehydrated when you’re on the road, especially if you rely on coffee and energy drinks to stay alert. Drinking more water will improve your health in many ways, including reducing cravings for unhealthy food, helping to prevent jet lag after air travel and making your skin look better.


4.Don’t abandon your effort to eat healthy just because you have to go to a fast food restaurant. Let’s face it: Sometimes you don’t have a lot of control over where you eat when you’re travelling with other people. If you find yourself in a fast food restaurant, you can still choose the healthier items on the menu. Here are some of the best choices at common restaurants:

  • McDonald’s: hamburger (250 kcal, 8g fat); grilled chicken salad (133 kcal, 4g fat)
  • Burger King: chicken strips (410 kcal, 19g fat); BLT chicken wrap (380 kcal, 17g fat)
  • KFC: regular size popcorn chicken (285 kcal, 16g fat); original recipe salad (345 kcal, 10g fat without dressing)
  • Nando’s: super-grain salad (338 kcal, 19g fat); char-grilled veg (98 kcal, 5g fat)
  • Taco Bell: fresco beef soft taco (180 kcal, 8g fat); fresco southwest chicken crunchy taco (120 kcal, 4g fat)


5.When eating in restaurants, be aware that sauces are often very high in fat and sodium. Many also contain hidden sugar. Use them sparingly or not at all.
Eating on the road can be a challenge. Allow yourself one treat a day, and try to stick to a healthy diet at the other meals. With a little bit of planning and attention, you can stay on track with your nutrition goals.