7 Best Things About Dating A Man With A Beard

When you read about beards, you’ll often see debates between the beard lovers and the beard haters. Unfortunately for the anti-beard crowd, a

scientific study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior

found that heavy stubble wins out over clean shaven. What do women love most about this alluring facial hair?


1. Masculine Appeal

Beards have been associated with masculinity for hundreds of years. Everything from sharp goatees to cascading waves of facial hair has come in and out of fashion, but one thing stays the same. The perception of a man’s masculinity increases with the amount of facial hair that he has. Whether you want a short, neatly trimmed look or a wild grown facial forest is up to your personal preference.


2. Running Your Fingers Through Beards

Once facial hair accumulates some length, it becomes exceptionally soft. Forget the chamomile tea for relaxation as nothing beats running your fingers through his beard and feeling the texture. You get even more from this experience if he spends some time conditioning it beforehand. Give him some conditioner formulated for facial hair if you want to encourage this behaviour. You get extra points if you select a favourite scent.


3. The Smell of Beard Oil

Beard oil is an excellent creation, and whoever decided to offer a scented version is a genius. Unlike cologne, beard oil doesn’t have an overpowering smell. It’s subtle and provides a light accent to his natural smell. Most products take the same basic scents, often found in fragrances for men, but tone it down significantly so you aren’t choking on it.

4. The Way It Rubs Against Your Face

When a make out session goes well, you will end up with a lot of face-to-face contact. Let’s be honest. No one wants to endure the pain of stubble rash when you have a normally clean shaven guy sporting a five o’clock shadow. Your face feels like you have a cheese grater to it, which is never a pleasant sensation. In contrast, a proper beard is soft and welcoming as it glides along your skin.

5. The Changing Look of Facial Hair

A bearded man can change his style drastically by whipping out the trimmer and trying a brand new look. Heavy stubble, long face locks, and everything in between give you a front seat to the variety show. Some particularly adventurous men experiment with bright colours, beard braids and incorporating flowers or beads into the mix. Where else will you find that?

6. A Bit of a Bad Boy

We don’t know why, but the clean shaven look can often insinuate sticking to the rule book. And that’s just not going to work for all of us. A man who shows off his facial hair, especially when he lets it grow all the way out, has just enough of that bad boy element to really drive his appeal rating through the roof.

7. Beard Scratching

You know that content look cats get on their face when you scratch under their chins? You can get that same expression on bearded men when you scratch their face. Make sure to file your nails down smoothly, so you don’t get caught in his hair or accidentally cut him in the process. If you have the time, put on a clear coat of nail polish so you completely smooth out any rough edges.

Beards are wonderful, versatile and attractive parts of a guy’s look. While there are endless reasons that you love beards, the above seven reasons make the top of the list. The next time you’re out on the town, keep track of how many beard styles you end up spotting. Chances are, you’ll find a few clear favourites in your local area.


6 Tips for Maintaining an Epic Beard

Whether you’re a once-bearded man returning to this nostalgic look or it’s your first time growing a beard, you want to know how to maintain it and what razors to use to create your desired shape. Check out these five tips to guide you through the process of maintaining an epic beard.

Grow Well

1.Let It Grow

If you’re just getting back in the beard-growing game, it’s essential to have patience and grow out your beard. Aim to grow at least one inch of a beard over the course of two to three months so you have a decent amount of hair to shape. To help you get through the inevitable itching phase, use a beard oil or a stubble softener to moisturise your new grown hair.

Groom Well

2. Shampoo and Condition Your Beard

The hair on your beard is the same as the hair on your head, so it makes sense to treat it in a similar manner. You don’t skip washing your hair, so you shouldn’t forgo washing your beard. Neglecting your beard can lead to unwanted bacteria and germs making a home in the hairy fuzz underneath your chin. Also, your hair may get knotted and brittle. That’s why you want to make sure you shampoo and condition your beard at least a few times a week.

Rather than simply lathering it with soap, give your beard the star treatment you give the hair on your head. Opt for a shampoo that moisturises your beard to keep it from getting too dry.

You also want a conditioner that gives your beard the hydration it needs. Consider using a leave-in conditioner to keep in moisturised throughout the day.

3. Polish It Up With Oil

Give your beard the ultimate finished look by combing through it and hydrating it with beard oil. This makes your beard soft so that it’s easier to comb and feels smooth against your skin.

Style It

4. Keep the Right Tools on Hand

Keeping up with your epic beard requires an artillery of epic tools. Okay, maybe not epic, but you certainly don’t want to be without your essential hair-trimming accessories. Have a comb and a pair of scissors on hand to shape your beard, especially if your look mirrors the long beards of the mid-19th century.

Electric trimmers are also helpful tools for shaping your facial beard edges. You can use long and small guards to control stray hairs and for neck hair trimming. Your razors also come in handy for shaving the cheeks of your face.

5. Taper Your Beard at the Neckline

When your schedule is busy, but you want to keep your beard tamed, you need to take steps that reduce your maintenance time. Tapering the hair at the neckline makes it easier to keep up with your epic beard. You also reap the benefit of a look that’s natural so you don’t appear like an eccentric Christmas character from the North Pole. You can use a razor to trim the beard hair on your neck. Concentrate on the area between your Adam’s apple and your collar bone.

6. Keep Your Cheeks in Check With a Razor

Maintaining your beard calls for keeping up with the hair growth on your cheeks. You can keep your cheek hair under control and get a closer shave if you use a razor, such as the Dorco Pace razor range. Make sure you use fresh, sharp blades for a better cut. However, be careful and avoid shaving your cheeks too deeply to keep your look natural.

By following these tips, you can make it easy to keep up with your epic beard. Use the right tools, use a sharp razor, and keep your beard combed and oiled for an epic look.



6 Brilliant Things About Kissing a Man With a Beard

To shave, or not to shave? That is the question men ask when moving in for a kiss.

We turned to the partners who get it for a list of the best things about kissing with a beard, and they gave us no shortage of reasons why kissing men with beards is always better. Here are some of the top rationales.

1. Beards Make a Man … Well, More Manly

Perhaps it caters to our animal instincts, but beards can really get our primeval juices flowing. When our heroes look like manly beasts, it’s just a whole lot sexier. If you are a kisser who likes it more aggressive, beards can give you a touch of roughness. A beard makes you feel like everything this man builds with his own two hands or sets out to do will get done and be epic, period. Here’s a guy who takes action.

2. Your Rebellious Youth Comes to the Fore

You remember the “bad boys” from high school, don’t you? They all either had some stubble or facial hair. Maybe even a tattoo and some cigs in their pocket. And yet, dating one would make you the ultimate bad girl, so you played it safe and kept your fantasies to yourself. Now, your partner — if he has a beard — can help you relive them all.

3. Kissing Is More Mysterious When There’s a Beard Involved

When a man’s facial hair is well-groomed and trimmed, he comes across as truly sophisticated. Think rugged and stylish actor Sean Connery. Or Brad Pitt, for that matter. The kind of man you want to know more about … but you know he’ll never really let all his secrets out. And that’s half the excitement.

4. While Kissing, It’s More Fun to Stroke a Partner With a Beard

Think evolution. Animal instincts, the need for grooming, stroking and, yes, petting — all better with facial hair involved. You’ll start to realize that men may not be too far from house pets: They like rubbing, scratching and sometimes a bit of pulling. If you do it just right, you can spark those nerve endings for some truly pleasurable sensations!

5. Beards Can Cure Boredom

If you ever wished for a brand-new boyfriend, just to spice things up a little, look no further than your current one! Just ask him to grow a beard. And then, make sure that it’s always perfectly trimmed the way you like it. Note how different Hollywood actors often change up their look or conform to the current character they are playing by growing out a beard.

6. Sexy People Know There’s an Art to Grooming

Some guys just know how to look perfectly put together — even with all that facial hair. And when your man makes the effort to work up a lather in the morning and trim his beard just right, it’s like he’s refined a timeless art. You appreciate the effort he makes to be the best for you, and you’re happy to do the same for him. If chemistry is partly physical and partly intellect, then we are happy to report that proper grooming requires both.


3 Rules for Grooming Before a Date:

Growing out a beard doesn’t mean becoming scraggly and unkempt. And when you’re meeting someone on an initial date, first impressions do count. As noted above, you can pull off the sophisticated, sexy look just as well with a face full of hair! Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing for your important day, or night.

1. Keep it neatly trimmed

Before a date, it’s essential to clean up. Good grooming gets bonus points every time!

Using special razors with precise blades will make the shaving process more efficient. Use ones that have excellent handles for concise control. You can stay elegant and luxurious-looking with the PACE6 PLUS razor.

2. Beards should be soft

It’s not just about the looks, but also how it feels.

Any facial hair should be smooth to the touch and not feel prickly. You may already be applying conditioner to your beard when you wash, but give it extra care with vitamin E. Try razors with vitamin E strips if you can’t get the conditioning or oil needed.

3. Style—not irritating stubble

Stubble is prickly, and an actual turn off.

When styling your beard, you may need to go to a salon for your first stylish cut. After that, simply use the right tools. A razor with a pivoting head can help you reach all the right places and make sure your beard is always attractive.

Advice for Partners Who Love Men With Beards

If you experience “beard burn,” an irritating spot above your lips, simply soothe the skin and condition it with aloe vera gel. You can also apply chamomile tea bags to help with any irritation. Always let your partner know how you like him to trim (or not trim) his facial hair. Honesty is the best policy!

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How To Get Your Skin Bikini-Ready for Summer Holidays

Before going on holiday, we all plan the necessities for our trip: what to wear, what sights to see, and what we’ll eat and drink. But for an excellent holiday, there’s something just as important as picking out a great bikini to wear to the beach: making your skin look great with your bikini. There’s no point in having a sexy new bathing suit without smooth, sexy legs to match. Here’s how to get your skin bikini-ready for summer holiday.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin will give you a better, smoother shave and allow moisturiser to sink in more deeply to your skin. There are several ways to exfoliate. One way is to manually exfoliate your skin with a loofah, which uses rough natural fibers to brush away dead skin. Loofahs can be picked up at most drug stores; you can find it located near the body wash and other bath supplies. You can also use a salt or sugar scrub to exfoliate. Salt and sugar scrubs work by scrubbing away dead and tired skin with salt or sugar grains, and they may contain some moisturising properties as well. These are also available at drug stores and beauty shops. Pick the exfoliating method of your choice and, after undressing, use it to scrub away all the rough skin on legs and body. You are now ready to move on to the next step, which is shaving.

2. Shave

Apply a good, moisturising shaving cream to your legs before starting to shave. And most importantly, use a sharp, good-quality razor: Razors that are dull or poor quality will make shaving harder and more painful, and the results will be not be as smooth. Shave in the direction that hair is going to avoid irritation, and keep a firm hand so that you cut the hair away at the skin. Make sure to get those hard-to-reach places like the backs of the legs and bikini area. Take care on the knees and other areas not to nick your skin. When you’ve completed your shaving and all the hair is removed, rinse off in the shower. Make sure to rinse away all the shaving cream from your body.

3. Moisturise

While your skin is still wet and warm from the shower, apply a rich lotion to your skin to lock in moisture and leave the skin feeling fresh and smooth. Coconut oil and similar oils make great moisturisers for beach-ready skin. You can also use a moisturising lotion. Some lotions come infused with scents: Pick one that puts you in the mood to relax and enjoy your holiday. Good scent options for the beach are sandalwood, coconut and vanilla. Rub lotion into the skin to allow it to really penetrate and deliver smooth, lasting moisture.

4. Tan and Shine (optional!)

If you like the sexy, tanned look, apply a self-tanning lotion to the skin or Visit a spray tanning parlour. After a few hours, your skin will be not just smooth, but glowing and bronze.

5. Head to the Beach!

You are now smooth, moisturised and ready for a brilliant day at the beach. Before you head to the sand, throw a Bottle of moisturiser in your beach bag to bring with you so you Can stay moisturised in the sun. And don’t forget sunscreen — all that freshly shaved skin can be slightly sensitive, and you want to avoid getting a sunburn. Add a hat, some sunglasses, a bottle of water and a good book. You are now fully prepared to have a fantastic holiday. Time to hit the sand!