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Valentine’s Grooming Disasters to Avoid

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The only day of the year when our significant others buy our affection with chocolates, flowers and jewellery – and, if we’re lucky – a fancy date night to boot. It’s sort of like a second Christmas.

Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t Valentine’s Day unless we’re reminding our significant others how gorgeous we are. So it’s the perfect opportunity to get preened and pampered to perfection. Unfortunately, female grooming is awash with pitfalls: a burnt top lip and a rosy red razor burn can transform your date night from a romance novel-worthy dream, to a cringy romcom disaster. 

So, ladies, here’s a heads up on some of the most common grooming mishaps, and how to avoid them.

Razor burn, baby burn

Roses should be red, not your pegs. You don’t want to have to cover up your luscious legs because they’re inflamed or covered in itchy bumps. So avoid razor burn by using a fresh blade, taking plenty of time, and pampering your skin afterwards. The Dorco Eve 6 offers a lubricating strip packed with calendula extract and argan oil, so it pampers your pins as you go. Lovely.

Hair removal scream

For most of us, date night means smooth legs. While hair removal creams can be a lazy lady’s best friend, they can also be the reckless lady’s worst nightmare. If you ever find yourself skim reading instructions, then it’s probably better you avoid hair removal cream altogether. No one wants to be nursing chemical burns in strange places on Valentine’s Day. If you dare to go bare, this is one occasion when it’s worth seeking out a professional.

The Mask

Valentine’s beauty maintenance means finally using that fancy facemask you got for Christmas, right? Not necessarily. It’s suggested by some beauty pros that you should use a facemask 10 days or so before any special occasion. That way, if you have a reaction, your skin has plenty of time to calm down and recover – and you won’t meet your date looking like your filter fell off. 

Hairy situations

If you’re planning to shake things up with a new hairstyle, then go for it – so long as you’re turning to professionals to get the job done properly. Trimming your own fringe, attempting a DIY dye job, or trying that elaborate up-do you saw on YouTube can all result in dodgy ‘dos – and you’ll be bewildering your beau for all the wrong reasons.

Make-up mishaps

Valentine’s Day make-up is all about keeping it alluring – and for most women that means a smoky eye, a slick of kiss-proof lippy, and flawless skin. But if you’re experimenting with a new look or a new product, make sure you test it out prior to date night. It’s amazing how you can quickly go from red carpet glam to a black-eyed racoon when an eyeshadow is way more pigmented than you expected it to be.

Have fun getting prepped, primed and smooth for your special Valentine’s day. And remember: if your date turns out to be a disaster, at least you’ll have that box of chocolates to come home to.

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