The DORCO EVE 3 features three precision blades allowing for a smooth, comfortable shave - making it perfect for daily shaving.

Get closer to the science

Three Blades

Precision blades designed for smooth, comfortable shaving every day.

Curved lubricating strip

A protective lubrication strip to allow a smooth glide and less irritation over every curve.

Open-Flow Cartridge

For easy to clean blades and extended blade life.

Rounded Head

‘Hugs your curves for a comfortable shave.

Non-slip ergonomic design

Gives you full control for a comfortable shave.

Wide moisture bar

A soothing blend of Avocado oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to comfort the skin.

Common docking system

An exclusive DORCO feature, you can use this handle with any refill cartridge from the DORCO EVE range.

Rubber Fin guard bar

A built-in rubber comb prepares hair before blades touch the skin, delivering a clean, smooth shave.

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