Shaving Tips When You Travel For Work

Travelling for work can be a chore. Frequent airportdelays, cramped flights and overcrowded hotels are just a few of the challenges that stand between you and a successful trip. With all those troubles, many men could be forgiven for not looking their best, but not you. Here are a few tips to make sure you look clean, crisp and professional when you land.

1. Never Use Low Quality Razors

A good travel kit should contain all the things you need to look your best. You don’t need to pack your entire medicine cabinet, but you will need shaving cream, a good razor, aftershave and maybe a trimmer (if you don’t plan to be completely clean shaven). Resist the urge to purchase a flimsy travel razor; most are only two blades and will give you an uneven shave. Instead, try a six-blade Dorco disposable razor. You’ll get the same smooth skin you get back home, and if you lose it, there are two more in the pack!

2. Shave the Night Before (Play It Safe)


You want to look your best at that big meeting you flew halfway around the world to attend. Common sense would dictate shaving in the morning, right? Think again. You’re groggy, sleep deprived and not paying attention, and that can mean razor burn or even cuts if you’re not careful. Play it safe and shave right before you go to bed; if you need to shave again in the morning, your skin will still be smoother and less prone to irritation.

3. Be Resourceful


Everyone wakes up in a hotel room after a long flight and realises they forgot to pack something. More often than not, it’s shaving cream (or if you didn’t read the travel restrictions, it was taken from you at the airport). Fortunately, shaving cream is pretty easy to make in your bathroom. Take a bar of soap and lather it in the sink until it’s good and frothy, then cake it across your face. If you can’t get the right consistency, add a bit of shampoo for thickness. Voila! A nice clean shave, and clean skin to go with it.

These are just a few tips to make sure you start and end a business trip with buttery smooth skin. We’re not saying that a little stubble will mean the difference between success and disaster, but it can’t hurt to sport a perfect shave either. Pack smart, play it safe and be resourceful on the go, and pretty soon you might see a fancier title on your business card.


5 Tips for Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair is a great way to boost your self-esteem. In fact, studies have indicated that your hair is linked to your happiness, confidence and even

your self-perception of social hierarchy.

That’s why it’s worth taking the necessary steps to get and maintain healthy hair. Here are five tips to get you started.


1. Exercise Your Way to Healthy Hair

When you exercise, you enhance the flow of blood that stimulates hair follicles and promotes growth. Exercising also helps to alleviate stress, which can contribute to stunting hair growth. That’s why it’s worth having a workout plan. Include intense cardio that can help you work up a sweat or try briskly walking four times a week. This can help discharge any toxins in your body that may be interfering with the production of sebum — your scalp’s natural conditioner that keeps your hair healthy. You can even try back bending exercises or upside-down poses for improved blood circulation to your scalp.

2. Use Clarifying Shampoos Not Too Often

Shampoos that clarify your hair are great for removing debris and buildup that can come from the outdoors or an oily scalp. However, deep-cleaning your hair with these types of shampoos too often can strip your hair of the important oils that naturally give it body and keep it shiny. Your scalp’s natural defence is to overcompensate for the natural oils that have been removed, which may leave it too oily or too dry, depending on your hair type. That’s why you should refrain from the frequent use of these purifying shampoos.

If you use a lot of styling products such as hair spray, gel and mousse, you may use a clarifying shampoo once a week but otherwise, you may only need to use it once a month when your hair looks dull or still feels oily after washing. You’ll be able to still deep-clean your hair without risk of removing your natural oils.


3. Don’t Overwash Your Hair

It’s tempting to wash your hair multiple times, especially if you exercise at the gym, live in a humid climate or are prone to sweating out your straight hairdo into curls. Technically, it is not necessary to shampoo the hair daily unless sebum production is high. Shampooing is actually more damaging to the hair shaft than beneficial, says Dr. Zoe D Draelos. Overwashing your hair can leave it dry and brittle, especially if you fail to replenish it with a good moisturising conditioner, have naturally dry hair or coloured hair, or live in a dry climate. Instead of washing your hair too frequently, aim to wash your hair with shampoo no more than three times a week unless you exercise (and sweat) a lot or live in very humid places.

4. Hydrate Your Hair With the Right Conditioner

Moisturising your hair with the conditioner made for your hair type is key to maintaining healthy hair. For example, if your hair has tight curls or if your hair is coloured, it will be more prone to drying out or losing its colour vibrancy and may require a deep conditioner in addition to a daily moisturising conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Moisturising conditioners can also help replenish your hair to a healthy state after using a clarifying shampoo.


5. Keep Heat to a Minimum

Too much heat can damage your hair. That’s why you want to make sure you’re keeping it to a minimum. If you can avoid tools that use heat, you’ll have healthier hair. However, if that’s not an option, limit the amount of heat that hits your hair by using the lowest setting on your hair dryer. You can also opt for towel drying your hair with a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt and air-drying your hair to prevent heat-induced hair damage, such as split ends and frizz.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your hair healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. By following these tips, you can maintain flourishing hair.