Best Date Night Ideas for Busy Men

When you don’t have time to plan a fancy date, that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special.

Here are six great ideas you can either throw together last minute or plan way in advance. Make your special evening fantastic, romantic and memorable.

1. Hire a Home Chef

When you are running late at work, no need to cancel on your date! Dial up a home chef to come to your place and give you both the special treatment! If you plan this in advance, you can request the chef to prepare her favourite foods for a full-course meal. If you have kids, just plan a sleepover. Send them to your friends and have a cosy night in. Some catering companies or home chefs come complete with fancy dishes and candles to set the mood.


2. Visit a Neighbourhood You’d Both Love to Live in

Whether you’ve been together three months or three years, there’s no harm in making fantasy plans for the future. Go for a drive to a neighbourhood where you could see yourselves living together. Have fun conversations about which types of houses you’d buy, and where. What renovations would you make to which homes? Which gardens inspire? Have fun being creative while getting inspired. If it’s an evening drive, you’ll get specially lit houses for a different effect. Plus, this requires no dressing up so it’s all less hassle.

3. Try to Get Out of An Escape Room Together

If you haven’t tried Escape Rooms yet, you’re missing out! They will test your problem-solving skills as well as teamwork! It’s an adventurous date that’s sure to be fun and exciting. Besides the friendly competition, you get to have lots of conversation and test each other to the limit –literally. Great for both first dates, long-term partners or married couples wanting to up the excitement level.


4. Take an Evening Course Together

Nowadays, there are all kinds of offers: DJ-spinning classes, sushi-making, painting, language learning classes… choose one skill you would both like to learn together and mark one night on your calendar to make it happen! Of course, if it’s something like a cooking lesson, then you’ll both benefit from your new skills.


5. Stay-In Date Night Ideas

Could be simple board games, puzzles or even something kinkier. Having a night in is a great chance to plan a date where you can both relax, sip wine on your favourite couch and enjoy each other. And, there’s no need to get dressed all fancy to go somewhere. Simple, smart grooming and wearing your favourite chilled-out clothes will do. Set up some mood music or plan a movie marathon.

Just remember: whatever type of date you plan, how much cash you spent or how expensive the evening was isn’t a gauge to go by.

The important thing is to leave the daily anxieties behind, take it easy and enjoy each other’s company. We only live once. Cheers to health, life and happiness with your loved one!


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