Easter Legs – Achieving Perfect Pins for SS19

It’s spring! The sun’s coming back out, fashion stores are stocking leg-bearing arms, and it won’t be long before we’re going on holiday, enjoying BBQs, and basking in the balmy weather with a cocktail or two. If you’ve neglected your leg-shaving this winter, then you’re certainly not the only one.

But with summer rapidly approaching, it’s probably high time we got back into the swing of things. While we all know the importance of regularly replacing your razor blade, here’s some little-known shaving tips for getting your legs on fleek – and they might just surprise you.

Give your legs a drink

It goes without saying that you should never dry shave anything, anywhere. But did you know you shouldn’t start shaving the moment you step in the shower either? Hair reaches its optimum condition for shaving after three minutes of bathing or showering. So it’s good practice to have a bit of a soak before getting to work with your razor. This is because well-soaked hair is around 60% easier to cut, making for a quicker, easier shave.

Smooth things over

If you’ve got sensitive skin, exfoliating in-between shaves (as opposed to immediately before) can really help you achieve a perfect, irritation-free result. Exfoliating removes dead cells, cleans up the follicle and smooths the surface of your skin, helping your razor work more effectively and lessening the chance of razor burn and ingrown hairs. So include it in your weekly pampering sessions.

No pressure

Pressing your razor hard into your skin doesn’t equal a closer shave: it usually equals more irritation instead. For best results, use plenty of lubrication and let your razor glide over your skin. If it snags, then you probably need to replace your razor blade, or use a little more shaving gel. The pressure you use should be equal to stroking a small kitten – gently does it!

Know your knees

There are few places as awkward to shave than the knees (well, for us ladies anyway). How can deal with this tricky bit of your body? By bending your knee. That way the skin becomes taut, allowing you to glide over it nice and slowly.

The right gear

We’re all guilty of substituting other bathroom products for shaving gel: shampoo, soap, and maybe even one or two kitchen products when times are tough. But for a perfect, 5-star shave, you need to use the right gear. A proper razor, such as the Dorco Eve 6, is essential. As is a proper shaving gel. Take a look at our very own Dorco Shave Gel. As well as being the perfect pairing for our blades, it’s packed with hydrating aloe vera, glycerin and betaine, and smells absolutely delightful too.

Post-shave pamper

Many of us are guilty of the ‘rinse and go’ technique, especially if we’re shaving in a rush. For best results though, it’s important to give your legs a bit of a post-shave pampering sesh. Rinse them with cold water to close your pores, then butter them up with your favourite moisturising lotion to replenish the skin and avoid any dryness. If you have particularly sensitive skin, it’s also a good idea to let your legs breathe and settle down for a while, so they’re not irritated by jeans or leggings.

And that’s it. Now’s the time to chuck your tights and get ready to (Easter) parade your legs!

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