Extreme Manscaping: How to successfully shave off your body hair!

When most men pick up a razor for the first time it’s usually an attempt at ridding those first few hairs off your still youthful teenage face. Perhaps you were shown from a parent, or maybe even a YouTube video these days, but when it comes to hair from the neck down, it’s not quite as straightforward.  A little more time and care is required to make sure you don’t end up with an unwanted injury…


Tip 1: Never shave dry.   You wouldn’t shave your face dry so don’t even think about shaving your body without any protection either. Shaving foam or gel helps the razor glide over your skin and will help to avoid any nasty little nicks or cuts.  A razor with lubricant like the Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender Oil infused moisturising strips on the Dorco Pace 6 Plus will help to calm the skin too.



Tip 2: Don’t rush it.   The body has lots of grooves, crevices, sticky out bits and lots of things that you don’t want to cut so make sure that you take your time.

Take a shower or bath first as this helps to soften the hair and open the pores.   Much like you would use warm water on your face before shaving, the same rules apply here.   Stretch the skin as you go just like you would on your face and be extra careful around sensitive areas like your nipples.  You don’t want to end up with a bathroom that looks like a horror movie set by the time you’re finished.



Tip 3: Avoid cheap, single blade razors. More blades, like the six you’ll find on the Dorco 6 Pace helps you to achieve a smooth and irritation free finish, especially on tricky areas like around your knees and ankles.   A razor with more blades usually helps to achieve a smooth result more quickly, so you can spend less time going over the same area.


Written by John Robertson
Visit blog: http://theeverydayman.co.uk/blog/shave-body-sport

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