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A New Year provides a chance to shake things up and make 2017 your best yet! Whether it’s starting a new well-being regime or saving up for something big – let this be the year you focus on making more ‘me’ time. From taking time to soak in the tub, giving your legs some TLC post work-out or getting your hair glam ahead of a new job interview – Dorco has some tips to help you get off to the right start.

  • 1. Make a 12 month plan so you can set out all your goals. Set aside time every week to enjoy some ‘me’ time. Why not treat yourself to a pedi post leg shave so they are a picture of perfection?
  • 2. Embrace a new look. Try a different hair style or nail colour – see in the New Year with a fresh look and attitude!
  • 3. Invest in things that save you time and money so you can focus on getting that new job or zipping into shape. Give the Eve 6 a try with its Vitamin E moisturisation band, ensuring super smooth pins for days. With the current BOGOF Jan offer from Dorco – make sure you stock up!
  • 4. Keep a good sleep routine. Sleep is essential to looking and feeling good. Start your bedtime an hour or two before you want to sleep, so you begin to unwind. Try having a warm bath and a cup of camomile to feel uber relaxed.


The Dorco Eve 6 razor for women, from £5.45*, promises some of the best razor technology around.  With an incredible 6 blades split into a unique double 3-blade format to contour to your body shape, say goodbye to annoying cuts or nicks on those hard-to-shave places like kneecaps.

Not only do Dorco offer exceptional value including free delivery and a free handle with every subscription plan, the shaving pros also bring over 60 years of expertise – so you can focus on achieving all your New Year milestones.

Order from Dorco UK’s online shop at as a one-off purchase, or be your most organised self in 2017 by arranging delivery to your new door via the flexible online subscription service.

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*Current offer price on

About Dorco EVE 6

  • A double 3-blade format with bendable cartridge follows body contours for the perfect shave
  • Innovative brush finger for body massage and raising hair for a closer shave
  • Moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender calms and protects even the most sensitive skin
  • Multi-flex pivoting head for every contour of your body
  • Non-slip ergonomic rubber handle to provide excellent control
  • Moisturising band containing:


Vitamin E: Anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits Moisturizes for more vibrant skin

Aloe Vera: Moisturises and soothes sensitive skin, calms allergies and skin irritation

Lavender Extract: Rejuvenates collagen to reveal younger looking skin, relieves any possible skin irritation



DORCO is an expert in razor innovation, providing millions of customers in over 130 countries worldwide with premium shaving products.

Razors by DORCO is proud to introduce its shaving innovation to the UK market, including an ultra-sharp six-blade shaving system, as well as DORCO’s innovative and patented common docking system.

With over 60 years of expertise in offering advanced blade technology, DORCO offers a flexible subscription service on their superior quality razors and replacement blades.

For more information please contact:
Rupert Esdaile – 7067 0288
Sara Hailan – 020 7067 0784
Laura Sharkey –

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