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8 Amazing Body Facts

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We all know that the body performs certain functions on its own that help us to stay healthy, grow and thrive. The body can repair itself, and needs the basics like food, water, exercise and fresh air to stay in top shape. But what about the more mysterious, crazy or
things that the body is capable of?

Of course there are thousands of fascinating facts, but we’ve rounded up just eight that every man should know. Memorize this list next time you need to impress a friend or two.


1. Your Individual Fingerprints Can Improve Your Sense of Touch

The tiny ridges on the pads of your fingertips are there for a reason: they can help you to hold wet things with better grip and allow our skin to stretch more easily, which protect it from damage and help prevent blisters. Researchers found that one of the reasons our hands are formed this way is to give us a better sense of touch; Fingerprints help improve our ability to feel texture and they make our sense of touch more sensitive.

2. There Are Muscles Wrapped Around Your Testes

Have you ever wondered why the area below your lower knee cap involuntarily jerks up when you hit it? That’s because of cremaster muscles, which also control reflexes. The National Cancer Institute says they are the same muscles responsible for activating the body when sexually aroused.


3. It’s Possible for Your Feet to Grow Bigger with Age

If you spend a lot of time doing sports, or on your feet, your tendons and ligaments are subject to wear and tear. Sometimes, your arches can flatten. You may notice your feet getting longer or wider. If you have excess weight, this is a good reason to keep your diet in check: Medical conditions can cause swelling in your feet, which, when weighted down by your body, becomes quite uncomfortable.


4. You Can Eat for Better-Quality Semen

A study by the Journal of Human Reproduction conducted in 2012 found that men who ate greater amounts of healthy fish fat, which is rich in omega 3, had better quality semen than those who did not. This is a great reason to eat out at a sushi bar now, isn’t it?

5. Men’s Bodies Can Produce Milk

You probably didn’t know you have mammary glands, too! While you may not be able to produce enough milk content to feed and sustain a child, explains Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg in their book “Why Do Men Have Nipples?”, changes in your hormones or even certain medications can cause your breasts to make milk.

6. You Have the Same Number of Hairs on Your Body as a Chimpanzee

Our body hair isn’t as visible as our furrier friends, just because the individual strands are finer. But there’s still a substantial amount on our body. Losing our thick hair generations ago may have had some evolutionary reasons, but no one knows for sure why.

7. Male Foetuses Can Get It Up

Okay, this one is a little strange, and no one knows why. But the Journal of Ultrasound Medicine showed proof of 16-week-old foetuses still in their mothers’ wombs being able to have tiny protuberances. Throughout the pregnancy, they continue to fall and rise. No one has figured out the point of this, but one thing is for sure: the male body is both amazing and extremely peculiar!

8. There’s a Good Scientific Reason Why Your Testicles Hang Low

Every body part is as it is for a reason. Your testes hang below your body because of the cool temperature they can access down there. And this is, in fact, the perfect body temperature for producing healthy, lively and strong sperm.

Enjoyed reading these facts or know someone who should know about them? Share this post and come back for more fun facts, tips and ideas for keeping in top shape and grooming well.

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