shaving chest hair

Shaving chest hair like a pro in 5 very simple steps

Shaving chest hair isn’t as uncommon as you might think. In fact, research by Mintel says that as many as 30% of all UK men have removed hair from their chests. So, if you’re considering it, you’re not alone. 

There are many reasons why you might choose to shave your chest hair. To highlight tattoos, to boost performance as a swimmer, or perhaps it’s simply the preference of you or your partner. 

If you decide to try it, then we’ve got your back (and chest!). Read the five simple steps below to enjoy a seamless chest shave from the first attempt.


Just as you would when shaving off a large beard, make sure you use scissors or clippers to trim down your chest hair before you even consider picking up your razor.

Not only can this save time, trimming excess hair will help achieve the smoothest shave possible.


The hot water will help to soften the chest hairs, making them less wiry and easier to shave, and helping to reduce irritation.

Also, it will make things easier when you get to the end and need to rinse off (see step 5).


Apply a generous amount of shave gel to the chest area to help your razor glide more smoothly over the chest and reduce irritation. 

Make sure you pick a shave gel that is suitable for body shaving. Dorco Shave gel offers a great solution as it contains natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, glycerin and betaine, which work together to protect sensitive skin and prevent dryness. Meanwhile, the clear, non-foaming formula helps you see the area you’re shaving, and makes cleaning up quick and easy – perfect for this job.


Remember that it’s not a race – the slower you go and the more care you take, the kinder it will be to your skin and you boost your chances of coming away at the end with great results. 

Taylah Brewer from The TrendSpotter recommends rinsing blades of hair and shave gel after each stroke. Luckily, Dorco razors feature an intuitive design – our Micro Span technology –  so your razor and refill cartridges are easy to clean and rinse, maintaining effectiveness to the very end.

Also, try to repeat step three as often as necessary. The shower will rinse the lather, so keep reapplying if the area you are shaving is lather-free.


Step five is a culmination of three key mini-steps – rinse, dry and moisturise.

You have a head start already by the fact you have opted to shave your chest hair in the shower. Let the shower rinse off any excess shave gel from your chest, and from your razor. Then get out and dry off as normal, but be gentle on the chest area. 

Finally, just as you would when shaving your face, make sure you apply some moisturiser to the shaved area to help soothe the freshly shaved skin and avoid rashes or irritation.

To summarise:

  1. Trim it down so you don’t clog your razor
  2. Have a shower to soften the chest hairs
  3. Lather up with Dorco Shave Gel
  4. Shave slowly and carefully (reapply the shave gel throughout)
  5. Rinse, dry, moisturise

So, if you’re thinking about shaving your chest, make sure to follow these five simple steps for a great shaving experience and amazing results.

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