The 3 Components That Make the Perfect Razor

Let’s face it — women have a lot of surface area to cover when it comes to shaving. While men only have to worry about their faces, women shave their legs, underarms and bikini area, which means they need a tough razor that will stand the test of time while giving a close yet gentle shave. But where do you start in choosing the best razor for your needs? Get ready to learn the basics of a good razor and the three crucial elements your shaver should have.

High-Quality Blade

Chances are you haven’t touched a single-blade razor in years or possibly ever. But even double-blade razors are becoming a thing of the past, with three blades being the standard, and four, five and even six blades coming into vogue. So which blade count should you use? While generally a higher count will give you a closer shave, women with very sensitive skin may want to opt for a lower count, as more blades may actually get too close to the skin and cause irritation.

Whether you choose a high or low count for your blade, quality is the main characteristic your blade should have. A cheap disposable razor will rust more quickly and be more difficult to clean, making it prone to attracting old hair and bacteria. Invest in a reusable razor handle with disposable blades, as you’ll get more use out of the superior blades and also obtain a closer, cleaner shave.


Those moisturising strips on the end of your blade aren’t just for show. As you shave, the blades are being drawn right across your skin, essentially exfoliating the top layer. The lubricating strip is there to follow close behind the blades to give your skin a moisture boost and keep your skin from irritation. This is why choosing a blade that has a lubricating strip is critical to getting a smooth, inflammation-free shave. As a side note, this strip often shows signs of wear before the blades give out, but you can keep the lubricant fresher by adding a touch of shaving oil to your razor after you use and clean it.

Resilient Handle

If you, like most women, do your shaving in the shower, you need to be extra careful to avoid losing your grip on a slippery, water-soaked razor. Thankfully, you can find many high-quality razor handles that are ergonomic so that they conform to your hand and have non-slip texture for easy grasping. An exceptional razor handle will also have an easy-to-use latching mechanism so that the blades snap on and remove easily, and will allow the blade to pivot and closely follow your curves as you shave.


Keeping these three elements in mind makes it easy to choose which razor is right for you. But don’t forget that even the best-quality razor needs proper care to give you the best shave. Always use a decent shaving cream and shave after you’ve soaked in the bath or shower for a while to soften the hair. This keeps your blade from becoming dull too quickly. Give your razor a deep clean after each use, store it in a dry place, and then step out in your sleek skin and get ready to take on the world.


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