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Can I take my razor in my hand luggage?

If you’re a regular shaver, chances are you’ll want to take your razor on your next trip away. However, as it’s a sharp blade, you may be asking can you take a razor in your hand luggage on a plane and what the restrictions are.

Whether it’s allowed on the flight, and where to pack it, ultimately depends on the type of blades your razor has.

There are some strict rules about what you can carry in your hand luggage – and what you can’t. Strangely the most confiscated items taken from British travellers at airport security include live animals and Marmite!

Razors on the other hand are unlikely to be confiscated if you stick to the following guidelines, but always double-check the regulations specific to your airline and departure and arrival airports.

Handles, cartridges and blades

When we talk about ‘razors’ we usually mean the whole shebang – handle, cartridge and blade. However, to better understand whether you can take your razor on a plane, we need to look at these parts separately.

Handles can typically go in either your hand luggage or hold luggage without restriction.

Where you pack the blades, however, depends on how they attach to your razor and whether or not they have certain safety features.

Cartridge razors

Cartridge razors are those with a detachable head of self-contained blades. These blades are fixed in place and cannot be easily removed from the cartridge.

These razors typically come with a few replacement cartridges, with refill cartridges available when needed. For example, all Dorco razors are cartridge razors.

Both the handle and cartridges are widely accepted in both hold luggage and hand luggage.

The only condition is that you put any supplied protective coverings over the blades to protect airport staff if they search your bags.

Disposable razors

Disposable razors feature a fixed head and blades that cannot be easily removed. Users dispose of the whole product once it becomes blunt.

These are widely accepted in both hold luggage and hand luggage without restriction.

Again, it is advised to attach any protective covers that came with the blades.

Safety razors

Safety razors feature a single, often double-edged, interchangeable razor blade. The razor blade itself is widely prohibited in hand luggage because they are so easy to take out, which could be dangerous. The handle of a safety razor, however, should be allowed in both types of luggage without restriction – there’s nothing dangerous about the handle!

You should therefore always detach the blade before travel and pack it, along with any spare blades, in your hold luggage only.

Always double-check before flying

The above guidance is based on Government guidelines, so will apply to most airports and airlines. However, these can vary and be subject to change over time, so it’s worth checking both the Government’s and the Airline’s websites before you go to gain peace of mind.

If in doubt, always check with both your departure and destination airports and airlines before travelling. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that all Dorco razors and replacement blades can typically be packed in both your hand luggage or hold luggage, according to the UK Government’s own airport regulations.

For more information on hand luggage restrictions, visit the UK government website.

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