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How often should you change the blades on your razor?

How often should you replace the blades on your razor? This important question is often overlooked, but regularly changing the blades on your razor is essential not only for an effective shave, but also for protecting your health.

As a very general rule, women may change their razors less frequently than men because they shave less regularly – though conversely they are more likely to shave a larger portion of their body hair than male shavers!

The frequency that you should change the blades on your razor will also depend on things like the quality of the razor, how often you shave and how thick your hair is.

To be sure you’re not using a razor beyond its recommended limits, here are some obvious signs to watch out for that indicate it’s time for a change.

Sharp razor, comfortable shave

Dull or rusty razor blades can tug at hairs and increase the chances of shaving irritating and skin damage.

If you experience shaving irritation, cut yourself often, or it simply doesn’t feel comfortable when shaving, then your razor is probably the cause.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, razor blades should be changed every five to seven shaves to minimise irritation.

Protecting delicate skin

Shaving with a rusty or bacteria-filled razor can harm your skin, often resulting in little red bumps on the surface. If you accidentally cut yourself, then there is also a very real risk of more serious infections.

Any signs of dullness, rust or other substances appearing on the surface are therefore a clear signal to change your blades.

Even if you haven’t used it in a while, try change your razor as regularly as possible. Over time, exposure to the elements will naturally causes your razor’s blades to rust and start to harbour nasty bacteria.

Buy quality blades

A quality razor and set of blades, such as the Dorco EVE 6, can significantly affect how often you need to replace them.

Better quality razors and blades, which need to be replaced less often, should be more economical over time, and give you a consistently comfortable shave for longer.

Dorco razors use ancient blade-making techniques backed by the latest technology and expertise to give you sharp, strong, long-lasting blades.

Care between uses

How you store your razor between uses has perhaps the greatest impact on how long it will last.

Rust and bacteria thrive in warm, damp environments. Storing your razor near your bath or shower is therefore probably the worst place if you’re looking to prolong its life.

Ideally you should store razors in a cool, dry place – such as a bathroom drawer or cabinet – with the blades facing upwards.

Hassle-free replacement

To be sure your razors remain both comfortable and safe to use, why not consider Dorco’s subscription service with your first month costing you just £1!

To start saving money and take the hassle out of changing your blade, simply click here.


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