The Best Ways to Shave in a Hurry

We’ve all been there — you have an event to be at shortly but look down in horror at the fuzzy state of your legs! For many, shaving is a process that takes considerable effort and time. So, what do you do when you don’t have much time to get that perfect shave?

The good news is that it absolutely can be done. Shaving in a hurry doesn’t have to be a process marked with painful razor burn or unsightly bumps. Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for shaving in a hurry so you can make a smooth entrance into any event.

Make Sure Your Razors Are up to Scratch

Even when savouring a shave, there is nothing worse for your skin than a dull or dirty razor. Shaving in a hurry can be a hassle, but the tools you use should ensure you don’t leave the bathroom with a new collection of nicks and cuts.

Razors such as the ones from Dorco are curved, so it’s easier for the blade to move around your skin, reducing the potential for nicks. They also have moisturizing rims to soften the shaving process. Choosing a razor that has some sort of lubricating property is important, espeThe model used a bottle of Fiji water on her legs before shaving. Dry shaving is not recommended, so keep a bottle of water in your purse or car if you think you’ll be shaving outside of your home.

She also made sure to only shave the part of her leg that was visible. If your hemline covers the knee, consider shaving only from the knee down to minimise risk.

If you have a few more minutes at home before rushing out the door, you can take a few steps to make sure your fast shave goes to plan. Let’s explore some of the things you should consider with a few extra seconds to spare.

Specially if you are prone to dry skin. If you have razors with dull or rusted blades in your bathroom, toss them so you’re not tempted to use them for your next shave.

Hot Water Can Help


The best time to get in a quick shave is during or after a quick shower. The hot water will open your pores, allowing for a much closer shave. However, if you don’t have time for a full shower, you can always fill the tub with an inch or two of hot water. Stay in the tub while it fills so the warm water can do its work before you get started.

Consider Using Oils

Shaving creams and foams can be effective for all kinds of skin issues. However, natural oils are a great way to combat dry and sensitive skin, especially when time is short. Coconut oil is a favorite for getting impeccably soft legs. If you’re in a rush, rub some of the oil over the area you are shaving and get to work. The oil will moistrise and lubricate your skin as you shave, allowing the razor to glide over the area. Be sure you clean your razor property when you get some time on your hands, as oil can create buildup quicker than foam does.

The Post-Shave Step You Can’t Miss

Shaving quickly can lead to razor burn, which is why it isn’t typically recommended. However, if you have shaved an area in haste, you can follow up with a quick post-shave lotion to minimise irritation. moistrising or applying a post-shave lotion will lock in the shave and give the area an extra boost to fight dryness and razor burn. Choose a cream that is designed specifically to prevent your hair follicles from rebelling and creating red bumps on your skin.

The Bottom Line

Shaving in a hurry can be nerve-wracking, but it definitely can be done when you absolutely must be somewhere on time. With the right shaving kit and a bit of patience, you can be punctual and pleasantly smooth at the same time.


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