The Everyday Man

“I’ll be honest; the first thing that attracted me to the Dorco Classic Razor was it’s clean, vintage design. I knew that it would look great on my bathroom shelf. Thankfully there is more to this razor though than good looks, its 7 precision aligned blades ensure that I always have a comfortable and close shave too!”

Fresh and Fearless

“After using them for a few shaves, I truly realised the true quality of Dorco’s Classic razor. I don’t think I have ever had such a close and comfortable shave from any of my other razors and I have been shaving for many years now.

I am definitely a Dorco convert!”

Sahara Splash

“I had grown tired of using the same old disposable razors and was ready to try something a bit different… The pack comes with the handle and 8 replacement blades, not to mention the packaging was stunning!”

Clothes Make the Man

“.. the NEW Dorco Classic razor is looks set to revolutionise your grooming routine. To improve precision, the lubricating strip has been shortened from Dorco’s previous models, making it perfect for those hard-to-reach places..”

Get The Gloss

“the brand’s first UK razor for women is something rather special to see in action… it clings closely to individual contours to capture every hair”

Shortlist Magazine

“..the angulated blade technology used in the Dorco Classic gives slimmer, denser razors to reduce irritations to the skin.. it really is the business.”

Attachment Mummy

“Add the Dorco Classic razor for him and for her to your grooming routine and see what a difference it will make… this is the perfect addition to your wash bag this summer.”


“..the Dorco EVE 6 is perfect to keep you groomed this summer.. No more annoying cuts or nicks on those difficult-to-shave places such as knee caps. What more can you ask for?”