The Chic Geek

“Anything from South Korea always makes you sit up and take notice… I tried it on fairly long stubble and it worked well with no discomfort. It rinsed easily, even with the large number of blades.”

Lou Lou Land

“I have to say that it was one of the easiest razors that I’ve ever used. I’d never really used a razor with a head as wide as this one before but it really was a revelation… The 6 blade system meant that every stroke removed more hairs than what I was used to, making the whole process much quicker and way easier. Thanks to the pivoting and flexible head it was super easy to manoeuvre the razor across those normally awkward lump, bumpy areas like my underarms, and my knee caps. For me it felt a lot safer than some of the razors that I’ve used, and the results spoke for themselves..”

Ape to Gentleman

“Hats off to Dorco for creating not only the most stylish razor on the market today but also one that not only reduces irritation, improves comfort and closeness but also helps make your morning routine less painful and increases your chances of not missing flights, meetings and important social events. It’ll look great on any bathroom shelf.”

Reveal Magazine

“If you’re always forgetting to replace your razors subscribe to Dorco.. and choose how often you would like to receive your state of the art blades through the post.”

The Sun

“The Dorco Eve 6 razor has six blades split into a double three-blade bendable head which cuts through coarse hairs quicker and makes shaving areas like knees and ankles easier.”


“The blades are what make the Dorco Eve 6 truly special . With 6 blades, split into 2 groups of three on a hinged head the shave you get is amazing. The head is hinged and flexible. Making awkward areas like knees, ankles and underarms a doddle. Oh and there’s an Aloe and Lavender strip on them too to moisturise and protect.…These are super impressive and I think everyone needs to know about them.”

Tara’s Treats

“On initial use of the Dorco, it felt smooth and glided along my leg giving me a close and impressive shave. The more I used the Dorco I felt that it gave me confidence plus a close shave upon use.. After using for a month, I engaged with my family upon they’re[sic] views of the Dorco, they both asked where they could purchase more blades or the razor itself. It gave them a close shave but without the rash after they’d normally experience. I definitely will be using Dorco from now on and also looking into the subscription service for the blades and replacement handles..”

Charlotte Samantha

“I have to say I have really noticed a difference using these [Dorco Eve 6] razors compared to those that I would usually use. I feel as though I have had longer between when I need to shave my legs and they feel so much smoother compared to usual.”


“I’ve found Dorco Eve 6 Razor suits my skin really well and is so quick and easy to use without cutting my legs to pieces or irritating under my arms, the bendable razor cartridge literally follows and bends around my body and give me such a smooth, close shave without a cute in sight.”

Natasha Todd

“Dorco Eve the shave was so much closer and left my legs with an amazing smooth shine afterwards too, plus the price is so much better and the monthly subscription means I won’t forget to keep on top of my shaving routine!”